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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Trask steps away to look at the laptop footage. Eli lowers his voice and asks Lani if she deleted ... Steve is pleasantly surprised Kayla stayed home. Her appointment cancelled so she cooked up his fav breakfast. Sweetness sips her coffee and tells him Tripp is out. Steve looks intense ... Tripp looks intense as remembers his recent run-in with Allie, how Steve asked him whether he was her baby’s daddy ... Nicole ends a call with Eric. The villagers love him, and she loves having a new baby in the home. Allie starts to leave, babbling about shampoo, but Nicole wants a word NOW ... Steve eats and asks if Tripp said where he would be. Perhaps the pub. Kayla senses something is troubling the young man. Steve sighs his son was sidetracked after he ran into Allie ... Nicole wonders why Allie was flippant about her London affair. Something is off. Allie points out it is the past. Nicole disagrees ... Lani denies doing any editing. Eli loves her loyalty to her friend. However, she could be in big trouble. He glances back at Trask and warns she could lose more than her job. Eli now decides to do damage control for the woman he loves and tells her to go. Suddenly, Hope hauls in Vincent and the subject switches ...

Nicole knows Allie is hurting. She asks about after Tripp took her home. She shall not judge. Allie admits she does remember her actions ... Steve solemnly sips his coffee and tells sweetness he too was surprised to hear how Tripp met Allie ... Roman greets Tripp outside the pub. The med student is so sorry about Ciara, but also heard Shawn said Hope believes she might be alive. Ro was texted by her. They caught the crazy car bomber ... At the station Hope reveals to Eli and Lani how she and Ben apprehended Vincent. Ben is coming in a different car cos he wanted to kill him! She can relate. Alas Vincent has been demanding a lawyer. Ben bursts in, grabs the creep and rages to start talking or he will off him. He does so in the presence of the police so deep is his desperation to find the woman he loves. Hope and Eli pull him back. Eli orders Hope and Ben out. She wants to stay. He suggests she takes a break from the case. Lani will call her. Hope agrees. Ben refuses to go. He is told his actions could give the creep the chance to go free on a technicality. Hope gets Ben to go with her. Beeechy D.A. Trask appears and demands a word with Eli. Once alone with him, she coldly threatens to charge his wife with obstruction of justice ...

Kayla hears Allie and Tripp met during Xmas break and now wonders like Steve whether he is the baby daddy ... Ro sits with Tripp at the pub, pleased to have family around. Tripp mentions Allie. When Roman mentions her baby, he pauses ... Allie confesses she was so drunk she passed out. Nicole too was a partier in her past. Allie breaks down. She does not deserve Henry. Nicole disagrees. Allie assures her she stopped drinking when she learned she was with child. Stylish Nicole suggests she give herself credit, but Allie cannot. Nicole insists she is not alone and wonders what the last thing is she recalls. Tripp taking her home. The next morning she woke up. Nicole asks did she agree to sleep with him? Allie suddenly remembers the guy was the one who got on top of her. Nicole gasps. Allie admits she does not know whether she invited him in. Nicole argues if she was too drunk to know what she was doing then she did not give consent ... Steve states Tripp was unaware of Allie’s pregnancy. He asked if he could be the father but before he could reply Claire came along. Kayla wonders what Steve thinks. He thinks if he is the father, he will certainly make his son step up ... Tripp hears Allie named her baby Henry and wonders why. Ro knows not nor does he know who the father is. Hope arrives with Ben and reveals Vincent is at the station. So far, he is not talking...

Lani tries to get Vincent to open up. She understands his rage about Ben offing his fiancée. Ben is now free. Vincent is only hurting Ciara's mother Hope, who has been through hell ... Trask lets Eli see the damning footage of Lani letting Kristen leave. She suspects Kristen had confessed to her and Lani broke the law to save her. Eli begs to differ. She adds the mayor told her they had become good friends at the convent in Italy. She shows him a scene of Lani holding out her hands for hubby to cuff her and deduces it was him confronting her, Lani suggesting he arrest her. However, the detective did not ... Lani warns Vincent he might be locked up a long time. At least give Hope some closure. His late fiancée Wendy the wonderful midwife would agree ... At the pub Hope complains about uncooperative Vincent. Ro knows tis tough. Hope just wants her sweet girl back. She begs Sweet Jesus and raises her eyes to the heavens ... Ben is at a table alone. Tripp tells him he is sorry. He now gets a summons from Steve ... Nicole probes Allie and points out she might not want to remember. Allie is embarrassed but Nicole senses more. When Nicole takes her hand Allie gasps no. Then she remembers the one-night stand was holding her down and she was indeed saying NO!

Trask has so much more and shows footage of Lani later meeting with Brady. Then he left and took the Titan jet to Paris, where Kristen was. She deduces Lani told him and argues this make her case against Lani strong enough to lock her up for years. Unless ... Ben is at a pub table with Hope, stressed about Vincent saying nothing. They will never know! Lani now calls Hope cos Vincent wants to see them ... Kayla goes so Steve can have his moment alone with Tripp. He asks Tripp if he could be the daddy to Allie’s baby ... Nicole wants Allie to report the assault to the cops, but she is frightened. Nicole has an idea on how to do it without presenting at the police station ... Trask leers she knows Lani is a good cop. She only wants to nail Kristen DiMera. Eli asks what she wants. Proof that Kristen is guilty as soap sin. Only then will she drop her investigation into his wife ... Lani is summoned to Nicole’s apartment. Allie is anxiously waiting ... Tripp sighs he cannot be the father since he never slept with Allie ... Lani gets introduced to Allie. The girl gasps she wants to report a rape as the tears trickle down her young face ... Hope and Ben arrive at the station, where Vincent announces he is ready to tell them everything. Emotional Hope glances at Ben, who glares daggers at him ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, October 2, 2020