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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Marlena wants to head home, but John impatiently insists they stop somewhere ... Tripp comes back. Steve explains Kayla is on an errand. Tripp assumes she is avoiding him and notes no one except Steve believes him! Once alone, Steve takes out the toothbrush and sighs ... Kayla has the sample from the baby. Nicole notes they will soon know. Allie insists it will prove what she already knows. Tripp was her attacker ... Sarah tries to remove her stain. Xander suggests he help her out of her dress. Downstairs phone Phil boasts to his contact Xander is a hothead and he is close to ... Brady walks in. Phil hastily hangs up. Brady wants Victor. Phil talks appointment. Brady dismisses him and declares tis urgent ... Sarah reminds Xander he acted like a caveman. He seductively offers to make it up to her, so she seductively suggests he go apologize to Phillip ... Marlena reminds John he is not entirely recovered. Perhaps a few more days here would be wise. He disagrees and insists they depart for ... Kayla comes back to Steve with the sample in her bag. Tripp went to bed, but he did not tell him about the DNA test. Kayla wonders whether they should ... Xander refuses to apologize. Sarah snaps he can spend the night in the guestroom ... Brady needs Victor to intervene so Kristen can come home. Phil counters Kristen should pay ... John is disappointed the pub is closed. He sighs he wanted to feel normal with a beer and a burger with the love of his life. Marlena goes in and appeals to Roman, who closed cos of poker night. He heartily greets John when he walks in. Then he notices his hand. John drawls t’was about a disagreement with Steve about Tripp. Roman probes ... Steve whispers it would upset Tripp to think he suspected him. He believes the results will prove his innocence anyway. Kayla still feels wrong. Tripp emerges and wonders what is wrong ...

Back at the pub, Marlena stops John from elaborating. Roman realizes tis private and goes to get the burger and fries. Marlena informs John that Allie did not tell Roman her story and tis hers to tell. He rages and shouts Tripp is the one who should be shamed ... Pigtails Allie wonders why Tripp agreed to a DNA test that will only prove he is a rapist ... Kayla explains she meant it is wrong that John and Steve clashed. Tripp cannot find his toothbrush. Steve gets tense ... Sarah tells Xander to get a toothbrush from the guestroom. He argues he caught her having a romantic dinner with his arch enemy. She argues it was supposed to be for him, but he said he had to work late! He gets his shirt of and she teases he will be cold in the guest room alone ... Phil insists he and Maggie were devastated they almost lost Victor. Brady sarcastically states he did not even come to see him. He suspects he is playing games with the Greek tycoon and tells him he overheard him on the phone with his partner in crime. He wants a name. Phil raises his head and eyes him with arrogant defiance ...

Sarah just wants Xander to let Phillip fail while he behaves. She was trying to get to know the enemy better. He is still mad he made moves. She orders him to the guestroom. He smirks she will miss his caveman arms ... Phil claims t’was a biz contact. Brady threatens to reveal what he heard to Xander unless he helps him keep the mother of his baby out of the slammer. Xander appears, demanding a word alone with Phillip ... John complains about Steve protecting his punk son and slams his fist on the pub table. Roman appears and announces the burgers are cooking. When he suggests John get the hospital to have a look at his hand John exclaims he was just there. He then apologizes, admitting the aneurism changed him. He and doc hope it is temporary. Roman is sympathetic. John believes having a good meal and being at home with his beautiful wife will make him better ... Nicole wonders whether Tripp really believes he is innocent. She has heard that some people believe their fake version of events. Allie insists this will prove SHE is blameless ... Kayla claims she was cleaning and must have thrown out Tripp’s toothbrush. When he goes to get another, she stops him. Steve soap stares. Kayla stammers she is sorry things seem tense and suggests they talk. Tripp scoffs no DNA test cos he already told the truth. He is highly offended she does not believe him ...

Allie is anxious about the test results. Nicole tells her to wait until tomorrow. Allie sighs Ciara’s memorial is then. Nicole points out how precious is time with a loved one. Allie asks how she can stay so strong being apart from Eric. Eerie music plays ... John just loved the burger. Roman grins it was on the house. John insists on paying as the pub has bills. Roman tells him to take care of the hand and gets going. Marlena sees the swollen hand is hurting and suggests a painkiller. John marvels Marlena is his best medicine. The blonde blushes ... Brady agrees to go but first blasts Xander for his and Victor’s dastardly deception that made Kristen snap. He storms off to speak to Victor directly, having decided these two are nothing but losers. Phil taunts Sarah must have kicked Xander out of bed and boasts he is now her confidant. Xander growls to stay away from his woman. Phil taunts she told him she was sorry for his caveman behavior. Xander boasts they made up and she thinks Phillip is a failure. Philip suggests he scram. Xander hisses to leave Sarah alone. Phil senses his insecurity and leers he is out of his league ...

Nicole misses Eric as does Holly. However, having Allie and Henry around made it less lonely. Henry cries and Allie goes to him this time ... Kayla worries this will not end well. Steve asks her opinion. She sighs someone will be devastated by the DNA test results regardless of what they are ... Sarah runs into enraged Brady, who wonders how she can be with Xander. She sighs she sometimes also wonders ... Downstairs Xander points out he and Sarah are in passionate love. Phil warns he will lose her. Xander wishes he would go to hell ... John wants to walk stylish Marlena home in the romantic moonlight. Ring ring! She answers the unknown caller, but no one is there. John longs to hold her all night long. She smiles Amen ... Nicole admires Allie holding her baby. The girl admits she still remembers what Tripp did though it is starting to feel easier since people will soon know it was not her fault. Henry has his mother ... Kayla departs with the samples and suspects they will get the results tomorrow. Steve and Sweetness exchange another I love you. Time to wait ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, October 19, 2020