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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Sarah has a romantic evening planned for Xander. She gets the wine glasses but tis Phillip who has come home ... Marlena warns Kayla she is worried about John blowing up about Tripp ... John has just attacked Tripp and rages at stunned Steve tis for his granddaughter ... Charlie sighs at the closed pub sign. Claire comes along and offers to get him a sandwich from inside. He just wanted to relax after the office and happily accepts when she offers to keep him company ... Phil teases Xander is still at the office trying to outdo him. He now apologizes ... Steve stops John, whom he knows is not himself. He states Tripp did not do it so John attacks him too. Steve gets his partner under control. Horrified Kayla and Marlena arrive ... Claire sits with Charlie and updates him on her memorial service planning for Ciara the aunt who was more like a bff cousin. Hard to accept she is gone. Charlie says all the right things ... Phil was referring to the fact that he had Vic fire Xander. He wonders how Sarah could forgive him for passing off someone else’s baby as hers. He has been there with Claire but believes Xander hiding that Sarah’s child was gone was way worse ... At the apartment Nicole suggests Allie go to the crying baby but the girl sends her instead ... Marlena is appalled. John rages and calls Tripp a predator. He brings up Kayla’s past. Marlena stops him and hauls him away. Tripp apologizes. Steve assures him he knows he did nothing wrong. Kayla gets to thinking ...

Sarah primly points out Xander wanted to protect her from pain. He believed it was the right thing to do. Phil complains he also sent crazy Jan after him. Sarah adds he did try to stop her. Phil fumes t’was too late. She believes Xander is a better man than before. She wishes Phil would give him another chance as Victor did. Phil plays along and pouts he is all about what is best for the Kiriakis company. Sarah now gets a text from swamped Xander, who will have to miss dinner. She invites Phil to dine with her. He flashes a charming grin and gets the wine bottle. Tis all part of his plan ... Claire explains to attentive Charlie how she took competing with Ciara to the extreme. However, saintly Ciara forgave her. Now tis too late to prove how true a friend she is. Charlie tells her the memorial she planned is proof she is a true friend. Claire emotionally thanks him ... Back in his room, John admits to Marlena when he saw Tripp he wanted to attack him for Allie and assumes she believes the aneurism is to blame ... Steve assures troubled Tripp that John is not himself. Tripp is agitated the town is against him. Smart Kayla suggests a DNA test to do away with any doubt ... Charlie is happy to have run into Claire and wonders what she meant when she mentioned her ex doing something upsetting ... Allie admits to Nicole tis is hard for her to look at little Henry, now that she has a clearer memory of how he was conceived. Nicole probes ...

Tripp gets testy. Kayla reasons the simple test would do away with the cloud of suspicion hanging over him. She offers to get her med kit for a sample. Strangely, Tripp says no thanks and storms out. Steve and Kayla seem surprised ... Phillip is attentive post dinner and teases Sarah about her country past while they drink their wine on the couch. He calls this evening the best since he has been back in Salem. She agrees it is not good to eat alone. He grins it is good to be here with a beautiful woman. When she asks if he is seeing anyone, he acts like a lonely heart. He and Chloe were together a while in New York but not now. He pours more wine and lies his work obsession is the result of him not having the right woman. She places her hand on his arm and smiles anyone would be lucky. Xander growls is that a fact and glares daggers at the scene. WOT the hell! Phil roguishly drawls they only had ... dinner. Xander sneers to stop hitting on his girl. He scoffs when Sarah insists it was an innocent dinner and goes to clean the wine stain from her dress. Xander follows. Phil finishes his wine. Worked like a charm ... John informs Marlena that he was in full control when he attacked Tripp and has no regrets. Marlena warns fighting is not the answer ... Kayla is baffled by Tripp's extreme reaction. Steve suspects he was hurt she still did not believe him. She suggests he might have something to hide. The DNA test could prove his innocence ... Allie admits perhaps a small part of her wanted the baby, but they needed a stable home. The only reason she returned was to stop Sami and make sure Nicole and Eric raised her son. Nicole is sorry he is away in Africa and smiles they are doing a fine job. Allie sighs only Nicole cos seeing Henry reminds her of that horrible night with Tripp. Strange music plays ...

Back outside the closed pub, Charlie acts shocked about what Claire told him concerning Tripp her ex. She admits she almost felt a connection again before. Charlie hopes he has a chance. Tripp interrupts the moment to talk to Claire. She turns him down ... Marlena admits she is worried about Allie but also John. He wants Steve to deal with how rotten Tripp really is. He reminds her of his past. She points out Kayla had forgiven him. She adds John has defended Brady, but he reasons Brady never raped anyone ... Steve bags Tripp’s toothbrush and hands it to Sweetness. Now all she needs is DNA from the baby. She warns he was against it, but Steve knows they need the truth ... Charlie gets in Tripp’s face and growls to back off. Claire just lost someone. Tripp was close to her too and tells the stranger tis not his biz. Charlie is making it his biz. Tripp tries to appeal to Claire, but she wants him to go. Offended Tripp takes off ... Allie hates feeling this way. Nicole wants her to give it time. She is here to help so she is not alone. Allie thanks her and agrees to go feed Henry this time. Kayla now comes by asking for a favor ...

Xander follows Sarah to their room and apologizes. Sarah sighs she and Phil were just chatting. He doesn't buy it. Phillip always has an agenda ... Downstairs Phil calls his contact and boasts about making Xander blow up. He will keep poking the tiger until he does something stupid enough to make father fire him for real ... Claire thanks Charlie. He now needs to return to the office. She smiles and they go their separate ways. He hopes to speak to her soon ... John is ready to go. Marlena hopes at home they can have a calm conversation. She would hate for him to lose his friendship with Steve. He suggests the ball is in Steve’s court ... Steve is staring into space when Tripp returns. The young man is embittered no one else in Salem believes him. Steve still has the toothbrush ... Kayla explains to Allie that Steve believes the DNA test will clear his son. The girl wonders what she thinks. She is after the truth. Allie agrees and approaches with the baby ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, October 16, 2020