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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Marlena finds Salem patient John in tears ... Kristen begs Brady to support her decision to plead guilty as he holds her hands. Livid lawyer Belle demands an explanation ... Nicole is folding baby clothes when Allie emerges from her long sleep. The baby is napping. Allie asks if Tripp got arrested. Alas Lani could legally do nothing about him dropping by. Allie leaves Nicole to give Henry his bottle and takes off to see John, brushing by arriving Lucas ... Steve and Kayla are surprised when Tripp returns, having been gone all night ... John has just read Abigail’s article and weeps about Brady’s little girl. He is not usually this emotional. Marlena is waiting for the specialist to sign off. Then they can head home. Enter Allie with flowers. John is touched ... Lucas senses something. Nicole admits his daughter is dealing with a situation. He wants answers ... Tripp claims he was at the lake all night long. Steve and Kayla heard about Allie’s accusation from Justin ... Brady sighs. Kristen wants to take responsibility to make her daughter proud one day. Belle wishes she had let her fight for now she might be locked up for loooong ...

Allie assures Marlena that Nicole has been her rock ... Lucas argues he deserves to know what is wrong with his daughter. Nicole is so sorry to say she was raped and hopes he will not tell Sami ... Tripp knows not why Allie is wrongly accusing him. Kayla explains as per Nicole, Allie does remember him holding her down while she protested. He sighs Allie said the same to him. Steve warns the court could claim he went over only to intimidate her. Tripp insists he is innocent and truly hopes they both believe him ... Brady paces. Kristen asks if she might get a reduced sentence. Belle warns Trask is out for her blood cos of Haley. Kristen implores her to try for a lighter sentence. Belle will do her best and departs. Kristen thanks Brady for not revealing Eli made her come clean cos she could not bear to let Melinda prosecute Lani. Brady believes Belle could have used the D.A.’s unethical actions against her. Kristen is more concerned about Lani’s babies. Brady weeps what about him and Rachel ... Allie shows a few baby photos on her phone. Marlena smiles he resembles his mother. John believes she will be good with Henry cos who could resist him? The girl admits it is not easy since she remembered ... that she was raped by the baby’s biological father ... Lucas reels and learns it happened in London. His daughter only recently remembered. He could just kill the guy! Nicole tells him the rest of the story and is sorry to say the attacker was actually Steve’s son Tripp ...

Kayla wishes she could believe Tripp, but the story is complicated. He swears he is being truthful. Kayla is summoned to the hospital, so they can continue later. After she leaves Tripp is upset she does not believe him. No one is on his side! Steve assures his son he is, and he will make Kayla see the light ... Lucas is aghast it was Tripp, who used to date Claire. They met in London by coincidence and only knew each other’s first names. Lucas wants an arrest. Nicole explains Lani is looking into what she can do, but Allie might need to take legal action in London. Lucas is admittedly heartbroken for his daughter and does the baby math ... Allie admits to horrified John and Marlena that Sami is still unaware. She updates them on her returning memories. John blows up when he hears the sob has yet to be charged. Allie takes off. Marlena goes after her. Furious John throws the flowers. Marlena follows Allie to the elevator. The girl only wants to forget cos seeing Henry reminds her how the father raped her. Kayla appears and soap stares ... Tripp complains about Claire not giving him the benefit of the doubt. His dad suggests they go over his detailed story. Tripp explains the girl was wasted and he took her home to put her to bed. He stopped her from kissing him and helped her into bed. Steve asks about her clothes ...

Kristen apologizes to Brady. She will cherish their precious moments raising Rachel together. He refuses to give up. Belle returns ... Steve hears that Allie took off her dress while Tripp was turned around and went to sleep in her undies. He waited until she was asleep as he was worried about her and left a note. Steve sighs ... Kayla is sorry for Allie and assures her she has been there. Allie suggests she make Tripp confess. Marlena wonders what Tripp is saying. That he is innocent. Kayla explains they are trying to understand. Allie snaps he raped her and takes off ... Belle must meet the D.A. in judge’s chambers to go over what comes next as the trial is clearly off. Kristen wishes her luck. Belle solemnly goes and Kristen fears the worst. Brady suddenly suggests they split Salem as soon as possible with daughter Rachel. She would rather remain so the D.A. does not go after Lani. Perhaps tis time for her to pay for taking Haley’s life. She weeps one day she will be able to come back to him and Rachel to be the kind of mother their daughter deserves ... Steve believes his son but needs all the details. One little thing might be misconstrued. He makes him sit and write everything he can remember. Tripp pauses. If he gets one little detail wrong even Kayla will consider him a liar. Steve lets him know this is hard for her. Woeful Tripp wishes she would not think badly of him. Steve will appeal to her and assures his son she will also be on his side ...

Lucas wants to go kill Tripp. Nicole urges him to wait for Allie. He agrees and emotionally thanks her. He will forever be grateful she was there for his darling daughter. Enter Allie, who realizes he now knows. Nicole thought she needed her dad and discreetly departs from the room. Allie cries on daddy’s shoulder. He cries with her and promises everything will be alright ... Brady wants one last moment together as a family. Kristen agrees but Belle stops them. A guard is en route. Kristen must be taken into custody effective immediately while they await sentencing ... Lucas assures his daughter he will always believe her and they will make it through this tough time ... Marlena suspects Steve wants to support his son but she knows Allie would not lie about such a thing. Kayla agrees and sighs people will take sides. The talk turns to John and Kayla agrees to sign him out. However, when they enter his room he is long gone. Marlena fears the worst ... Seconds after Tripp complains to Steve about being unfairly accused, John appears at the door. He storms past his partner and punches Tripp to the floor before Steve can stop him!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, October 15, 2020