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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Phillip makes a call from his Titan office, cross Victor hired Xander back. He is peeved it affects his plans with his mysterious contact and quips he should kill the thug. Stylish Belle is standing in the doorway ... Ben darkly remembers deciding he would off Vincent if he really offed Ciara. Claire comes by and is sorry. She talks memorial but Ben refuses to believe it will be necessary ... At the park Eli has deleted Kristen’s confession and whispers thank you. Here comes suited Abe, who wonders what is going on. Eli admits he was protecting Lani ... Kristen confesses to stabbing Victor and wants to plead guilty. Lani and Brady gasp. Trask digests. Brady warns her lawyer will walk this talk back. Kristen insists. Lani begs her to stop since she just spoke to Melinda. Trask calls that convo irrelevant and scurries off to speak to the judge. Brady wonders why the hell! Kristen serenely states it was for Lani ... Eli updates Abe on Trask threatening to imprison Lani since she has proof she helped Kristen ... Belle warns Phillip his murderous talk could get him in trouble plus it does not make representing him all that inspiring ... Lani does not understand. Kristen remembers Eli warning Trask was going to go after her faithful friend. She argues she should put herself first for her babies plus she wants the mess over. Lani believed Trask was about to drop the charges. Brady sighs too late now ... Belle teases Phillip talks like a hitman. He complains about Xander getting rehired by slick Vic as co-CEO and makes light of his meaningless words. But when he hears Jan is pursuing her case against him, he angrily blames Shawn, much to Belle’s chagrin ...

Ben fumes no funeral for they do not know Ciara is gone! Claire heard about what Vincent said. Ben reasons he is waiting to hear from forensics and Hope so no jumping to conclusions. There must be proof ... Mayor Abe is appalled Melinda Trask has footage of Lani helping Kristen slip away. Eli admits he got Kristen to confess on his phone ... Kristen is not changing her mind. Lani talks Rachel and reasons she will need her friend when her twins arrive. She weeps and goes to get water. Brady refuses to buy any of it ... Phil fumes Shawn should not have arrested him in the first place. Belle argues he took an oath to uphold the law. Phil leers he is not over their affair. Belle looks a little uneasy ... Hope goes over the forensics analysis with Shawn. The melted fragment found on scene is consistent with casings of the bullet found in the weapon. She gets upset that Ciara might not have called for help cos she had already been shot to death. Shawn hugs his mother ... Brady questions Kristen’s about face and demands the truth. He repeats what Lani said - that Trask was close to dropping all charges - and begs her to explain. She woefully agrees ...

Abe hears how Trask blackmailed Eli into getting Kristen’s recorded confession and asks if he gave Trask a copy. No cos he knew Lani would never forgive him. Abe wonders how to protect her now from the angry D.A. Eli already appealed to Kristen, who agreed to confess. Abe is relieved Lani is alright. Eli still feels badly about Rachel losing her mom ... Belle insists Phil is dead wrong to think Shawn is bothered by their old news fling. He complains Xander convinced Jan Spears to make him look bad and Shawn got manipulated, hence the mess. Belle counters he should have kept his hands off Jan. Shawn was obligated to follow the law to the letter. Phil talks payback. Belle suggests he get his head on straight and get himself another lawyer ... Hope hyperventilates and wants to go over the evidence again. She cries about the casing matching and Ciara’s bag in the car. However, there is still a one in a million chance she escaped ... Ben gets the call from Hope, but she hangs up, too traumatized to talk. Shawn holds his mother, who is now close to collapse ...

Phil muses Belle is only mad about what he said about Shawn. She explains she is about to get busy with Kristen’s trial too. She tells him to hire Justin, but he wants only HER ... Hope cannot speak the words. Ben texts her. She gasps she will go tell him in person as promised and fumbles for her keys. Shawn urges her to let him go to Ben. She hopes he will come back and he promises he will. They hug and she cries she loves him. He loves her back and departs. Hope holds Ciara’s framed photograph to her heart and whimpers. No no no ... Brady is appalled by what Eli did. Kristen argues there is no good outcome. She will not let Trask compromise the safety of Lani’s unborn babies and believed it would be better if she were the one behind bars. Brady argues Lani would only get a slap on the wrist. Kristen disagrees. Brady could not bear to lose the woman he loves forever and fears Trask will lock her up for good ... Abe is enraged that Melinda forced Eli’s hand with blackmail. He had her assurance she would be ethical and professional but she pursued his daughter the whole time! He assures Eli he will keep his secret. The men hug and Lani arrives, wondering what is going on ...

Ben opens his door to Shawn, who came on Hope’s behalf. Claire cries upon hearing about the bullet casing from Vincent’s gun. Ben soap stares in silence ... Abe smoothly smiles. He was embracing his son-in-law, happy all is well. Lani senses something more ... Kristen apologizes but Brady will not lose the woman he loves again ... Slick Phil notes no other lawyer knows Jan the way he and Belle do. He reasons she is also bothering Claire. Belle grudgingly agrees to rep him, suggests no more murderous talk, and heads off ... Claire concludes they must believe the bad news. Ben says no way. Shawn talks evidence. Ben reasons they cannot be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt. Claire offers to cancel her memorial for Ciara. Ben numbly tells her to do what she believes is best and asks to be alone. Exit Claire and Shawn. Ben reaches for Ciara’s rings and clutches them, closing his eyes. Then he puts them back down, gets an idea, grabs his bag, and goes ... Phil is on another ominous call. How to launder money with Xander watching his every move? That man must be eliminated ... Abe talks blessings and asks why the long face. Lani laments Kristen changing her plea ... Kristen begs Brady to keep his silence if he loves her. Belle storms in and demands an explanation from her erratic client .. Hope lies on the floor, hanging onto Ciara’s picture and falls apart ... Ben gets back to his room and takes Vincent’s gun out of a bag, his eyes cold and deadly ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, October 14, 2020