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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Chad eyes Kate and Jake, wondering what he just interrupted ... At DiMera mansion Gwen gushes to Abigail they must celebrate the anniversary of Jen’s wake up. It will be something to remember ... At the square Brady discusses the Kristen case with Jen and Jack, who believe Trask has nothing. Meanwhile Lani surprises Trask, who was awaiting Eli. She flashes back to blackmailing him with the footage of Lani, demanding he hand over Kristen’s confession. Now she grows impatient ... Eli pays Kristen an unexpected visit and confesses he taped their conversation. He has her complete confession on his phone, and he plays it to prove it ... Kate airily explains she needed help with her car. Chad solemnly states it was the same with his wife and informs Jake they have a problem ... Brady assumes Jen has JJ on her mind given what happened to Haley. Jen, however, can imagine as a mother how tragic it would be for Kristen to be separated from her baby ... Lani came to discuss Kristen with the D.A. ... Kristen feels betrayed. Eli updates her on Trask blackmailing him. She wonders why he did not hand over the recording already ... Jen and Jack bring up Abigail’s honorable article. Brady agrees and perceives her parents are proud. Jen gushes she is doing so great ... Gwen gushes they could celebrate the coma awakening day as an anniversary and birthday. As Stefano’s portrait watches the scene unfold, Abigail adds the day of Jen’s accident was also her wedding day and smilingly suggests a reception. Gwen is all for it and offers to assist. Abigail wonders. Gwen teases she might have ulterior motives ...

Chad wanted to say thanks. Abigail made him realize he has been unfairly treating Jake like their lousy late brother. Jake heard all about him from Kate and is sorry he slept with Chad’s wife. He assures him he is no troublemaker; he just seeks his fair share of the DiMera empire ... Eli sighs if he sends Kristen to prison Lani will never forgive him. But if he does not give Trask the taped confession then Lani will be charged. He declares he does know of a third option ... Chad acknowledges Jake is entitled to part of the company, but Jake talks co CEO before he can continue. Chad scoffs ... Gwen wants to meet new people and make friends. Abigail has her doubts about the nanny being the event planner. Gwen reasons she really wants to REPAY her ... Brady gets a call from Marlena that makes him gasp ... Lani lets Trask know Kristen the almost nun is haunted by what happened. She was disconnected from reality. Lani has been there ... Kristen refuses to lose her daughter and tells Eli she is leaving town with her ... Chad quips Jake can join the exec trainee program. Just cos he ate ribs like a caveman it means nothing about his deal making skills. The argument escalates until Jake rages as the elder brother he is the real heir. Chad arrogantly smirks a la Stefano ... Gwen sweetly suggests Julie’s Place for the venue. Abigail hesitates cos the last time she was there was when Gabi spiked her champagne. Gwen remembers doing that deed herself and acts ever so sympathetic. Abigail suspects Gabi would not hesitate to attack her and Chad from afar but refuses to dwell. She is thankful they now have nanny Gwen in their lives. Gwen calls her a gem and grins wickedly ...

Brady updates Jack and Jen on the specialist flying in early to see John, who needs Marlena present. Now he has no one to watch Rachel. Jen and Jack offer to step up. He reminds them of her anti rejection medication in ten minutes and warns she might spit it up. Jen is a pro given Abigail’s bone marrow transplant and tells him to go ... Lani sadly shares the story of her stillborn baby boy to Melinda Trask, who woefully notes nothing is worse than the loss of a child ... Eli refuses to let Kristen run to Brady and run away with the baby. She refuses to sacrifice herself for him. He wonders what about Lani the good friend. Would she not want to save her? Kristen pauses ... Chad points out Abigail wants peace, and he did try! He wants Jake to know he now has hostile feelings for him too not just his late twin Stefan! Jake, who is always up for a fight, approaches and smirks they can settle this the Philly way. Chad asks if that is a threat. Kate watches the bucks about to butt heads ... Jen fusses over the cute baby as Jack flirts she is cute too. Time to give the Rachel her medication. Jen remembers baby Abigail and Jack sadly admits he does not have her precious memories as he was not present nearly enough ... Gwen smugly assures Abigail that Gabi is out of the picture ... Trask weeps she herself suffered but Haley suffered most since she had no mother. Lani appeals to her not to rob Rachel too of her mother. The cycle of pain can end with her. Trask wipes away a tear ...

Eli argues Lani has risked it all for her friend Kristen. If she flees Trask will punish Lani, who will lose her little babies. He questions the level of her friendship with his wonderful wife ... Back at the square Jen is sorry but Jack blames himself for abandoning his wife and kids more than once. She is grateful for the now and urges him to forgive himself. She has and her and Abigail love the good me-annnnn he is. Their cheeks cutely touch ... Back at DiMera mansion Gwen gets Abigail to agree to her party planning assistance and they toast. Gwen will send out invites after Abigail makes the guest list. Abagail gushes she will call Julie, calls Gwen sweet and gives her a grateful hug. Gwen is not smiling ... Kate orders Rocky Jake to take it easy. Chad starts to go and Jake taunts where he can stick his job. Chad storms off and Kate goes after him. Jake paces ... Lani emotionally insists she knows Melinda does not want to do this to a fellow mother. What would Haley say? Melinda weeps she was full of life and so good as she breaks down. Lani hugs her and Brady walks in ...

Eli emotionally hopes Lani was right about Kristen being a true blue friend for they need her help now. He offers to beg on his knees. Kristen stops him cos she is no Gabi. She cries and agrees she will do as he has asked. Eli is grateful ... Kate catches up with Chad at Julie’s Place. He is upset she shared Abigail’s history with Jake. Kate assures him it was going smoothly until he stormed in. He just wants the guy to get lost ... Abigail joins babysitting Jack and Jen. She broaches the subject of the party in two weeks. Jen is touched. Abigail smiles Gwen the great thought of it and will help ... Gwen addresses Stefano’s portrait sorry he will not be able to attend the party. It will be a night to remember. She walks away and Jake enters, having overheard ... At the park Eli listens to and then deletes Kristen’s recording ... Before Trask can tell Brady she is dropping the charges against his wife, Kristen appears, announcing she came to confess to the attempted murder of one Victor Kiriakis. Silence fills the room. Brady looks like he has been slapped a thousand times.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, October 13, 2020