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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At DiMera mansion, Jen admires Abigail’s article. Jack arrives with their daughter’s fav muffin. Jen explains the way Abigail wrote, one feels for both Kristen and Melinda. Papa is proud and agrees she is a great writer. Jen calls her strong. Gwen appears, grumbling about malarkey ... Chad is reading Abigail’s article in bed when she wakes up. He believes her story makes one see Kristen in a sympathetic light. Sis could use a break. He kisses his wife, who adds his brother could also use a break ... Stylish Kate finds Jake working at his mechanic day job ... Bathrobe Brady admires Kristen admiring their baby. She believes today is a bad day as it marks the beginning of her trial. He ordered all her faves from room service. Knock knock! Tis actually D.A. Trask, who brought sugar treats and leers tis her last meal maybe ... Eli dreams of Lani raging at him for recording bff Kristen’s confession ... Brady kicks Trask out. She leers at Kristen to kiss her daughter goodbye and will see her in court. Brady hugs the worried woman he loves ... Chad sighs the romantic mood was ruined and coldly suggests Jake go live in the gatehouse. Abigail admits he helped her with her car. He senses he wanted something and acts jealous ... Downstairs Jack hopes Gwen was not grumbling about his daughter. She was referring to the crimes of one Kristen DiMera. Two peoples got hurt in her revenge. Jen cannot convince her otherwise as she furiously folds the clothes. Jack senses a personal story. Gwen confides in them that Jake cheated, dumped her, lost Gabi but dumped her anyway. Jack and Jen politely point out they say what goes around comes around. The unhinged nanny calls karma a beech ...

Abigail was awaiting the right time to confer with Chad. He is incensed she sounds like a Jake fan. She just wants peace at the mansion and argues he is the uncle of their children. He does not consider him acceptable uncle material. She brings up the Collins deal and he snaps he conspired with Gabi. Abigail asks him to try and work things out. He sighs about being accused of only seeing Stefan when he looks at him ... Kate acts impressed with Jake’s ability and remembers promising Chad she would get to know him. She purrs Abigail recommended him as her car has been making a coughing sound. As his eyes check her out, he agrees to check the car out ... Kristen panics about Trask’s angry agenda. Bathrobe Brady tries to make it better. She concludes she cannot compete with her power and admits she made a deal with Marlena to help with Rachel if she is locked up ... Eli’s dream continues. Lani refuses to forgive him - and then wakes him up for real, with Trask on the phone. Trask demands the recording or Lani will be arrested. He alludes to not being able to talk now and agrees to call back. He then lies to Lani that she was asking for an update on the evidence against Vincent. Lani has Kristen’s trial today on her mind and thanks Eli for making her to do the right thing with the footage. She plans to go to the courthouse. Eli implores her not to attend ... Gwen primly pours the coffee and smiles she is not the hell hath no fury kind of nanny. She calls it cool Jack and Jen get to work with their daughter now. When she hears Jen was comatose for a year, she gasps bloody hell and sips her morning coffee. Jack seconds the notion ...

Jake notes the ... noise could be many issues. He is having the car towed to the shop for diagnostic tests. Kate wants to wait here. She teases he could keep his old job if it did not work out at DiMera. He sips his coffee and suggests Chad give him a chance. He did well with the Collins deal until bother ousted him. Kate reminds him he is a dead ringer for Stefan, whom Chad once caught buck nekid with the fair Abigail. Jake digests ... Chad reasons Jake could be just like Stefan, so Abigail argues they had different upbringings. He sighs tis unfair, but he keeps seeing him with her in his mind. Abigail gets it. However, they are solid as a rock. His love made her better. He brings up Gabi and she reminds him that girl is long gone. He should trust in her and trust in them. He agrees and kisses her ... Jake argues he is not Stefan the monster and grumbles about Gabi being gone. Kate tries to find out whether he will go running back to Gwen again, so he flirts how is her love life?! ... Gwen calls Jack’s devotion to comatose Jen romantic. Jack praises Abigail for helping him. The nanny sighs not everyone is so lucky ... Lani assures Eli that Trask told him she would not pursue the footage of her at the station. She kisses him and calls him the best hubby. He throws her her keys and worriedly watches her leave ...

Abigail and Chad flounce downstairs to Jack and Jen. Papa presents her with a pecan pie muffin. He talks Pulitzer so she teases he is biased. Jen praises her so she praises her parents as the best role models. They share a family hug. Gwen stews ... Jake asks Kate whether she was ever in love. She was with Stefano and tells him their wild history. He asks if she believes she will ever find it again and grins when she suggests he stop with the questions ... Kristen coos to Rachel she loves her. Suited Brady wipes away a tear. Marlena will babysit the baby while they attend the trial. He begs her to be positive and they exchange I love yous. Then he takes the baby and the bag. She gives them one long last look ... Eli calls Trask back now that he is alone. He demands she sign an agreement to not go after Lani. Only then will he give her the recording she ordered. She agrees and growls to give her the beech’s confession today before the trial ... Jake feels quite comfortable with Kate and flirts she looked pretty good in her robe the other day ... Gwen hands Abigail her special blend of decaf after Jack, Jen and Chad are gone. Abigail appreciates her parents. Gwen admits she had a hard time with her screaming folks unlike fairy tale Jack and Jen. Abigail does feel blessed despite the drama. Gwen ominously alludes to those that end up crashing and burning ... Brady with baby run into Jack and Jen at the square. She asks him to tell Kristen she is praying for her. Brady thanks her and complains about Trask coming to their door. Jack senses it will get even worse ... Eli feels torn. Either he gives Trask Kristen’s confession and Lani hates him or Lani herself gets locked up. He plays the telling tape and takes off to do something ...

Kate teases flirty Jake for sleeping with trash. He deduces she does not like compliments. She teases she has not heard one. He smiles he wanted to say ... Chad sarcastically wonders what he walked in on ... Abigail suddenly realizes in two weeks it is Jen’s wake-up anniversary. Gwen snaps her fingers with an idea on how to make it an anniversary to remember ... Melinda assumed Eli was at her door. Wrong. Tis actually Lani, who wants a word. Meanwhile Eli shows up at Kristen’s door and confesses he recorded her full confession on his phone. She lets out a sad little sigh ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, October 12, 2020