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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Abe sips his pub coffee as Melinda thanks him for breakfast and making her D.A. He has concerns about her prosecuting Kristen. She snaps she offed her daughter ... Brady romantically wakes up to Kristen. She smiles he gives her strength. Brady insists Trask has nothing significant ... Eli takes Lani into a room at the station. He fears he cannot stall Melinda Trask much longer. She is awaiting the logs and footage from the day Kristen got away ... Kate sneaks into Jake’s room with her robe on. She opens the armoire and he emerges from the shower in his towel. He sarcastically asks what he can do for her. Downstairs Gwen politely addresses the portrait of Sir Stefano DiMera. She believes they are similar as both agree Abigail is a sneaky beech. She whispers she will destroy their common foe and he shall bear witness. Abigail appears and Gwen pretends the portrait is spooky since the eyes seem to follow. When she suggests she take it down, Abigail insists she leave it out of respect for Chad. Here comes suited Chad wishing his wife a good morning. Abigail admits they were discussing the unique complexity of his father. Gwen gushes she had Harold brew her a cup of decaf. Abigail wants to go straight to the Spectator and thanks Gwen for agreeing to watch the kids. Gwen grins she is going to take care of everything. Chad eyes her ... Kate sighs she was looking for a dress Harold suggested was with his dry cleaning. Shirtless Jake finds said dress and she admires the designer suit. He replies it belongs to Stefan. She wonders why he wore it ... Kristen is worried about Trask. Brady reminds her she made bail. They can have a beautiful pumpkin patch day, but Kristen wants a kiss. Rachel wakes up. Kristen has an idea ...

Eli lets Lani see the surveillance, which shows her letting Kristen leave. Oh oh! Eli complains there could be more like maybe their argument about her helping Kristen ... Mayor Abe is sympathetic about the loss of the lovely Haley, but Kristen was not charged as per the law. Trask talks justice. Abe points out she should recuse herself from the latest Kristen case, given her personal bias ... Lani looks again. Eli calls the footage a nightmare Trask could use against her bigtime ... Kristen, Brady and Rachel arrive at the nurse’s station. Kristen smiles she suggested Brady bring the baby to see grandpa John. Marlena alludes to that not being the best idea ... Jake sighs Gabi wanted him to woo Collins to invest in DiMera. Kate concludes Gabi was using him. He adds he and Collins connected and is waiting to close the deal. She tells him Chad already did that. He rages that shows no respect ... Abigail apologizes for thinking badly of Gwen before. Gwen gets she was considered a gold digger. Chad politely asks about her past. She had few advantages in life but is a good person. Stylish Kate interrupts and advises her to help Thomas find his backpack and get the gum from Charlotte’s hair instead of chatting up Chad. Gwen humbly heads to do as ordered. Abigail suggests Kate treat her like family and not a servant. Then she kisses Chad and goes. Kate questions the decision to hire nanny Gwen. Chad notes she is no freeloader like Jake. Kate warns him he is a little angry. Jake steps in, leering more than a little ... Marlena believes John might be bothered by seeing Kristen in his current state. Kristen sends in Brady and baby without her. She asks Marlena for a favor ... Trask argues she will uphold the office of D.A. Abe states she seems to have a vendetta against Kristen DiMera. Trask gets testy and tells him she is only following facts ... Lani gasps she cannot go to the slammer. Eli hugs her and assures her he will not allow it. He wants to appeal to Abe, but she disagrees. He should destroy the footage ...

Jake deserved a chance! Chad leers he is lucky he has not kicked him out of his mansion. He sweeps out with Kate ... Eli explains Melinda wants all surveillance footage this morning! Lani suggests they remove the scene where she lets Kristen walk. He gasps she is suggesting he delete it??? ... Abe suggests Trask allow an assistant D.A. to try the case if there is evidence. She thinks with her evidence she can still succeed by the book ... Marlena is still miffed Kristen allowed Brady to take the fall for her. Kristen insists it was not her idea. She will take the fall for herself if found guilty. If that happens, she hopes Marlena will help Brady raise Rachel. Marlenais surprised ... Abe talks conflict of interest but accepts the D.A. keeping to the evidence. He reminds her his daughter Lani and Kristen are friends. This is news to Trask ...

Eerie music plays as Lani asks Eli to leave her here to accidentally delete the damning footage ... Back at DiMera mansion Jake sips his coffee at the fireplace, symbolically facing Stefano’s chess set. Abigail comes back cos her car did not start. She turns down Jake’s help. He can see she is mad, so she blasts him for exaggerating Gwen’s kiss to Chad. He apologizes and warns to watch Gwen ... At the square café, Kate suggests Jake only angers Chad as he is the spitting image of Stefan ... Jake warns Abigail that Gwen’s apology to her was not real. She doubts his sincerity. Gwen listens at the door as Jake argues Gwen had no choice but to make nice, in order to stay. He defends his association with Gabi when Abigail brings it up. He wishes his brother would give him a chance. Abigail notes he reminds him of Stefan so he will need to prove himself. He wants to be part of the family. She wishes him luck and he asks her to put in a good word with Chad? He is no foe ...

Marlena believes Brady and baby have changed Kristen. She agrees to be there for her daughter if need be. Kristen gives her a bear hug. Brady returns from Rachel’s quality time with John. He suggests a stroll and lunch. Marlena wishes Kristen luck with the trial and adds she is the first babysitter to call ... Melinda is intrigued as Abe explains Kristen and Lani met in Italy. He wants both Lani and Trask to keep their personal feelings aside. Done. But she cannot wait to see the evidence she asked Detective Eli to get for her ... Eli assures Lani they will face the music together and steps out to take a call. Lani is now alone with the laptop ... Kate suspects down to earth Jake is no Stefan. Chad distrusts him so Kate offers to watch him like a hawk ... Abigail is making no promises about being able to convince Chad that Jake is no threat. Jake convinces her to at least let him have a look at her car. Gwen goes back to Stefano’s portrait and smiles they must have the same idea ... Trask returns and Eli hands her the list of all who were on duty. When she asks for the footage Lani hands her the laptop. Drums play ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, October 1, 2020