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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Eli wakes up in the hospital, Lani at his side. He is flabbergasted Ben knocked him out with his gun ... Vincent has been hauled to the airstrip. He leers to heartbroken Ben he really did shoot Ciara dead. Ben blinks back his tears ... At the square Kayla sends Hope a sincere text about Ciara’s service. Steve noticed John and Marlena staying far from them. Kayla talks avoidance. John approaches ... Outside the pub, Claire sighs to Allie that Hope is not accepting Ciara is gone. New mom Allie understands ... Shawn visits Ciara’s grave with flowers. He points out Hope was not present as she is desperately searching for clues in case she escaped. Mama Hope wants a miracle. Shawn could use one too. He suddenly hears someone ... Lani prevents Eli from leaving to find Ben. She assures him the Salem PD is searching but he wants to save Ben from himself - for Ciara ... Vincent taunts Ben he offed Ciara as he did his fiancée. Ben warns he will lose his life with the same gun with which he took Ciara’s. Dastardly Vincent dares him and laughs while Ben’s hand shakes ... Allie was so relieved to have Henry back last night. Claire wants to help her feel safe and shares how she banned Tripp from today’s family events ... Steve greets John, who is sorry about Kayla’s run-in with Rolf. She is sorry about Orpheus having gotten Henry. John explains Marlena forgot her phone and went back for it. He is sorry he took a swing at Steve, who is relieved he came to his senses. John suddenly rages Tripp deserved it ... Tripp is at Ciara’s grave with a single flower. Shawn stares him down ...

Allie scoffs about Tripp wanting Claire to side with him and is relieved he did not appear at Ciara’s service ... Shawn wonders why Tripp did not attend the service. Tripp explains Claire made it clear he was not welcome cos of Allie. Shawn is bewildered ... Steve and John bicker. Kayla referees. They must remember Ciara on this night ... Ben denies Vincent is getting to him, but Vincent is positive he will not pull the trigger. He is no longer a killer which was why he could not program him to off anyone. He did not kill the cop at his cell either ... Eli stands up, determined to stop Ben. Seconds later he faints at Lani’s feet ... Kayla emotionally explains they must be there for Doug, Julie, Shawn, and Ben tonight. Steve and John know. Steve suggests they head to the pub, agreeing to not agree. He adds soon his son’s innocence will be proven. John’s eyes narrow and he wonders how ... Allie asks Claire to repeat everything Tripp said. She is pleased there will soon be proof implicating him ... Tripp starts to stammer. Shawn gets a call about Ben going rogue and hastily heads off ... Ben growls Vincent is no innocent. His hostage leers he will not do it. Ben raises his gun to his head. Vincent starts to sweat ... Allie updates Claire on Kayla coming over for a DNA sample. She insists to curious Claire she was not with any other guy that London night ... Steve argues Allie insisted she was only with one guy and that guy was Tripp. The DNA test they are having done will prove he did not do it. John doubts he will get the results he wants and departs ...

Lani has gotten Eli back into bed but wonders. He was talking in his sleep, apologizing for what he had to do ... Vincent notes now that Ben is not crazy he cannot do it. Ben rages he put out the light of his life. He now believes his dark side is back. Vincent cringes and cries to wait. He stammers he has not finished his Ciara story ... Steve is bothered by John’s doubt. Kayla deduces he is doing the same as him - trying to protect his family. He fumes Tripp is no predator. Kayla is summoned to the hospital and agrees to check the test results. They plan to meet up at the pub. She worries how Tripp will react to them going behind his back with the DNA test he did not approve. Steve will tell him soon. Kayla warns him to hurry. Strange music plays ... Tripp sits all alone at Ciara’s grave and sadly remembers how Chase hurt her spirit. He swears he would never do such a thing. He weeps Allie is wrong and raises his eyes to the dark heavens ... Allie praises Claire for what she put together. Claire also plans to sing a song she wrote for Ciara. She admits she is concerned for Shawn, who was not seen since the cemetery. Allie offers to go see if he is still there. Ooooo ... Ben is surrounded by fog and demands Vincent say what he means. Vincent starts to reply but is cut short when Shawn barks to drop his weapon. He has his own gun on Ben now!

Eli acts confused but remembers well what his guilt was about. It was about Kristen! However, he lies to Lani it was about Ben. She knows better and now reveals the rest of what he said. He said he was sorry ... KRISTEN! He counters he was unconscious and must have felt badly about being the one to arrest her. Lani is still mighty suspicious of her last-minute plea change. Her friend was strangely secretive about it. Eli lets out a stressed sigh ... Candles and pink roses adorn Ciara’s plaque. Tripp stands up and says farewell to his old friend. He will miss her forever but feels the truth shall set him free. Ring ring! Before he can take the call from Steve the truth messenger, Allie appears. Steve leaves his son a message to meet him at the square. He has something to tell him ... Outside the pub John starts to explode over Tripp again. Marlena tries to talk him down. He mutters about wanting to KILL him ... Ben slowly places his gun on the ground. He warns Shawn this is a mistake cos ne needed the truth. He was about to hear the rest of Ciara’s story ... Marlena wants to wait before going into the pub and points out their friends need them now. John agrees and they solemnly enter the establishment ... Allie was trying to find Shawn. Tripp tells her he left. She wonders why the heck he agreed to a DNA test that will show him for the liar he is! This is the first Tripp has heard of it ... Steve gets a call from Kayla, who has the test results in hand. He must tell Tripp ... Shawn orders Vincent to keep talking, his gun held high. Vincent reveals now they can both hear the rest of his story. Ben waits with bated breath ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, November 2, 2020