Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update

Friday, May 30, 2008    
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At Chez Rouge, Bo and Hope wonder where Max disappeared to
and then discuss dropping by the hospital to visit baby Joe. Enter Roman and Kate. And here come glam Anna and dashing Tony,
fresh from their Bora Bora honeymoon! The group discuss the
latest happenings. Not so shy Anna wants to know if Kate and
Roman have reconciled. Tony and Anna then take to the dance
floor, fun and charming as ever! At Roman’s urging, Bo and Hope follow suit. Roman brings up Anna and Tony being in love. Kate has her doubts. Roman and Kate dance. She confides in him about her worries concerning Lucas. He reassures her …

At the DiMera mansion, the doorbell rings and Marlena soon finds herself face to face with Ava Vitali, who says EJ recommended her
as a therapist. Marlena ain’t interested but Ava begs her to hear her
out and says she was drugged the whole time and has remorse for
what happened, not to mention that she doesn’t even have feelings
for Steve anymore. Marlena thinks that is a step in the right direction. Ava agrees to call her in the morning to get a referral to a shrink friend who will be able to help her …

At the pub, Steph pesters Max about why he took off from Nick’s celebration. Max claims he didn’t feel appropriately dressed. Steph
asks if he has issues with the Nickster. He says no, he does not. Steph wants to know how he was able to change the proposal so well. Max admits he has always had a talent for numbers. Enter Ava. Steph
orders her to get out! Ava wishes he best for Steve and Kayla and
Joe and then departs. Steph, now in a foul mood, tries to learn more about Max’s genius ability but he diverts her attention!

At the police station, John doubts it when Abe states they have
evidence against him. Marlena soon arrives to pay him a  visit and
asks if he wants to confess. He insists Phil Kiriakis set him up.
Marlena points out that his behavior of late has been that of a
criminal. However, deep down, she believes he is not guilty.
She loves him. John is moved. Exit Marlena …

Thursday, May 29, 2008


It is a double green party at Chez Rouge, to celebrate both Nick’s
green related grant and the new green Chez Rouge! Bo, Dan, and
Lexie arrive. Then we see Hope and also Nick, the man of the hour. Nick is celebrated. Chelsea pines after Dan and tells Nick she is there
as Nick’s friend.  Nick admits he had some help getting the grant and asks Steph where Max is. Steph doesn’t seem to have a clue. The
new dean of the physics department, Dean Robins, praises Nick and hands him a check. A doctor tries to hit on Chelsea. Lexie tells Hope that she and Abe are having communication problems. Bo toasts Maggie’s green success. Nick is also toasted. Enter Max, who looks
like something is wrong when he sees the dean. Nick notices. Max
says he has to leave. Dr. Dan gets a phone call and also departs …

EJ and Nicole are at the bar, as Nicole did not want to hang around
at the pub after Phil showed up with Chloe. EJ gives Nicole some
smart advice if she wants to snare Phil – she should change his perception of Chloe. EJ admits he has his own plan to win the fair Samantha. Nicole is stunned to learn it involved signing the annulment she wanted! EJ, however, intends to be the perfect man to Sami and thus get her back, while Lucas flounders by treating her like a child.
He keeps drinking and talking. Temptress Nicole suggests he make Sami jealous with another woman, one who gets to her hint hint hint! EJ admits if he did not love Sami, he would have a fling with Nicole
but says it ain’t gonna happen. However, he continues to drink and drink …

Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla are at their apartment and try to assemble a baby cradle swing for Joe - who is still at the hospital. It takes some doing cos the instructions are in Swedish, but they finally manage …

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


At the pub, Morgan and her two camera shadows get ready for
her meeting with the prof, One of the guys recognizes Max as a
racecar driver and cannot get over the fact that all he does nowadays
is work at the pub. The prof shows up with high praise for both
Morgan and Stephanie. Steph enters in time to hear the good news.
The prof also brings up the party that will be held in genius Nick’s honor. Steph notices Max seems a tad glum. He says he will not be
able to go to Nick’s party …

Also at the pub is Ava, who reads an article on the net about EJ
being indicted for fraud! At that very moment, EJ is at the DiMera mansion, looking for Sami. Marlena tells him Lucas and Sami are together and always end up together regardless. He retorts that he
will not give up on Sami, however …

Nicole shows up at the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Phil and walks in
on him in bed with Chloe. Nicole insults Chloe. Phil throws her out. Chloe is pleased he has defended her. Following more
pillow talk,
they pick up where they left off …

Nicole makes her way to the pub, where she joins Ava and compliments her on her sense of fashion. Ava seems happy to have someone to talk to. After hearing her story, Nicole tells her she knows lotsa men, never mind the past. Enter legal eagle EJ, who informs Nicole a preliminary hearing for her divorce has been scheduled and tells Ava that he will attempt to plea bargain with the D.A. on her
behalf …

Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla visit their baby at the hospital just
before Steve takes Kayla home to their new apartment. All has
been nicely set up, but Kayla is disheartened by the fact that baby
Joe is not home with them …

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


John finds himself handcuffed in a chair. Enter Sami, who is
stunned when John informs her that Marlena drugged him and
even more stunned to hear what he has been accused of! Enter
EJ, who wants to know who needs a lawyer. John says he does! Roman reads John his rights. He is about to get John down to the station under guard. EJ is gonna go as well …

Sami and Lucas happily discuss the twins and then unhappily
continue to discuss EJ. Lucas says she loves EJ but Sami denies
it and insists she loves only Lucas. Enter EJ, who is there to get
his briefcase. Sami asks him for the annulment papers. He has
signed them. Now Sami signs them. Though he later secretly vows
not to give up, EJ politely says he hopes she will have a good life
and departs with his briefcase. Lucas and Sami spend time with the twins, though Lucas still cannot get the picture of Sami and EJ
together out of his mind …

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe drops by Phil’s room to say goodbye. She has decided to bid adieu to Salem once and for all. This way,
the visitor will be gone before Vic is back in town. Phil and
Chloe  kiss. Just then  Henderson arrives with a special delivery – Chloe’s divorce papers from Brady. Once she and Phil are alone,
Phil makes his move and they give into passion … So she stays!

At the police station, Chelsea runs into Ava, who is getting her
mobster father’s body released. Chelsea tells her off, finds out from Abe that Bo has gone to the pub, and departs. Bo meets with Dr. Dan at the pub and says he wants advice on how to make the place eco-friendly. Nick partakes in the discussion but takes off when Chelsea shows up. Bo must leave, too. Dan bumps into a former patient he saved and also takes off. Someone unknown calls Dan on his cell and he makes plans to meet them …

Meanwhile, a very unwilling John is hauled into the police station.
Legal eagles EJ shows up and accuses the cops of mishandling his
client and violating his rights. Ava is all ears and moments later hires
EJ to be her lawyer, too! John is placed in a holding cell, and there is nothing his beloved Blondie can do about it.

Monday, May 26, 2008


At the DiMera mansion, John and Roman face off. The intensity
builds as John is informed that a large shipment of drugs was
discovered in one of his containers. Half a million bucks worth,
in fact! John empathically denies it and accuses Phillip Kiriakis
of setting him up. He announces he is going to the docks for
himself. Roman grabs his arm to stop him. John punches Roman
in the face! The result? Roman tells John he is now under arrest
for assaulting a police officer. Marlena, fearing what John might
do next, gives him an injection to render him more manageable.
John collapses and feels betrayed …

At the pub, Salemites chatter about the big drug bust down at the
docks. Enter Max, so Steph stops worrying about him being in the middle of the mess. Enter Nicole, who saunters over to EJ and Phil
and orders a dirty martini. Enter Chloe, who gets catty with Nicole
and vice versa, leaving both EJ and Phil exasperated. Max privately asks Phil if he had something to do with the docks bust. Phil denies
it. Abe wants to talk to the Kiriakis power as well, given Vic’s
organized crime history. Phi says no way would their shipments
include drugs cos they are clean and legit! Exit Phil. But Abe still wonders.

Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Lucas and Sami have still got triangle fever! A kiss, a declaration of love from Lucas, though
Sami continues to defend EJ and point out how much he has helped her. Sami also gets a call from Uncle Mickey, who shares the news
that EJ went to bat for Lucas, willing to testify on his behalf to get
him released into house arrest. Lucas is suspicious. Sami thinks EJ deserves a second chance. Lucas accuses Sami of being in love with Elvis Jr., but Sami denies it. They argue and then seem to make up, though EJ figures into their conversation once more. Sami says EJ
was her rock. Lucas retorts that EJ is and always will be a lying, manipulative DiMera. Furthermore, he will not forgive her for
sleeping with the enemy! Lucas then storms outta the room…
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