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Days of Our Lives Daily Update

Friday, March 28, 2008    
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John arrives at Chez Rouge, where Maggie has prepared a table
for him. Enter Marlena, his special dinner guest. Marlena is still
miffed about what went down at the docks. John is impressed with
her spunk. When she sits down, suave John is full of flattery and
says ‘tis his way of apologizing. He has also placed a box upon the
table for her. Marlena opens the box. Glittery diamonds! Marlena
could not care less and brings up his bribery. Furthermore, she cannot be bought. She storms off and gives the diamond necklace to Maggie, who says she cannot accept. Marlena suggests she sell the diamonds and give the proceeds to charity. Maggie then comes to John’s table.
He complains that Marlena is too high maintenance anyway …

Bo picks up his phone and Steve tells him not to get the cops involved. Bo then airily advises Abe no more cops searching for the missing Hope, but he doesn’t tell him more than that. Lexie later says hmmm his machines show his stress, so he agrees that if Hope ain’t back soon, the Marines can get involved. Meanwhile, Hope is unable to convince Ava to let her call Patch again. Hope, however, does find out from the agitated ex that her daddy is outta town and her guards hate Patch. Ava claims they actually wanna see Patchman dead for what he did to her.

Patch is still at home, where Steph has just arrived to babysit. He explains he has to go and take care of something with Bo. Enter Max. Worried Steph tells him about Ava and her crime boss daddy. Max offers more than a shoulder to cry on. Kayla interrupts their moment and reminds them folks might not remember Max was adopted, so …

Patch shows up at Bo’s hospital room and tells all. Bo freaks out
upon hearing psycho Ava has Hope and thinks she is Kayla! Steve vows to get Hope out of her clutches. Bo says he had better!

The still confined Hope tells Ava about Patch’s memory loss and
how he had been with her (Kayla) first, 20 years ago. Ava insists he
still loves her! Hope further provokes her by daring her to summon Patch once and for all, to see what he says. Ava suddenly calls the
dude and sets up a meeting in the alley, viciously adding that if he
asks too many questions, he will never see his pregnant wife again!

Thursday, March 27, 2008
At the hospital, Dr. Dan worries Chelsea that she can't  leave yet
but the joke is on her yuk yuk yuk!  Stephanie and Max await with
a girlie girl wheelchair to transport her out.  Chelsea gets dressed.
Bo is not as well off, having pulled a stitch after getting out of bed, which makes Lexie mad. Bo  has other things on his mind and asks
Abe to put out an APB on Hope. Chelsea shows up and Bo calls
Phil, to ask if the Kiriakis clan can let her stay there. Done deal.
And Phil will hire a nurse. Chelsea leaves with Steph and Max.

Chloe is dressed to kill, on her way to an audition, she tells Phil.
She will replace the lead opera singer, who is pregnant. When she returns, the diva laments to the Kiriakis heir that the opera would
not hire her, as her reputation in Austria preceded her. European
papers implied there was foul play on her part with Brady. Phil
offers his support. He will find Brady even if Interpol cannot!

Meanwhile, Ava makes Hope call Patch. Hope does just that and
calls the dude
darling, saying she is Kayla. Ava grabs the phone.
Kayla watches Steve. He tries to calm down the volatile Ava without letting his wife know what is going on. Ava hangs up. Patch is about
to tell Kayla all, but she has pain and so a doc is summoned. While
the doc is with Kayla, Patch unsuccessfully tries to trace the last number that called him. The doc says that Kayla needs to rest.

Ava still believes that Hope is Kayla and tells her and Patch’s love story. She arranged for her father to hire him and they lived happily
for 2 years, until her father forbade her to marry him. She and Patch ran away together to get married anyway, as he promised, but the wedding never took place. Ava has not been the same since …

Patch calls Bo and tells him he does not know precisely where Hope
is but he is on his way. Just then the connection is lost. After calling Steph and telling her to get home pronto, Patch tries to call Bo back.
Bo does not pick up, as he is with Abe, who assures him that they
are trying to find Hope. Little do they realize that she is still with
Patch’s unpredictable ex-lover Ava, who is convinced she will have
a happy ending with the man she believes still wants her. What will
her next move be?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

At the Java Café, Max questions Phil Kiriakis about the docks.
Phil, however, steers the  convo to Morgan! Max is suspicious
that Phil wants to use Morgan to get to her seedy father. Meanwhile, Morgan and Steph visit Chelsea, all caught up in the excitement of
their internships. They then drop by the Java Café and suave Phil
insists on paying for their lattes. He wants to apologize for being rude
to Morgan’s father, he says. Morgan says tell him yourself! Exit Phil. Enter their prof, who informs the two that their internships are going
to be filmed. At Tony’s office, Kate tells Tony that his agency is the one she has selected for her promotion. Just then Anna calls Kate,
who gives her the corporate brush-off and repeats she is going with Tony, not her. Even though Anna got a tiny part of Kate’s business, Anna’s job is now on the line and her boss tells her so, just as Steph shows up, with the camera recording. Cut! Enter Max, with flowers
for his gal. Back at Tony’s swanky office, Tony accidentally spills champagne on Kate’s blouse. He  dabs it with a napkin just as Morgan shows up, camera rolling! Cut! She apologizes. Enter Philip, surprised to see her. Kate is just as surprised to see they know each other. Phil wants to hire Tony for an ad campaign for Kiriakis Shipping. Morgan flirts. Kate notices.

Bo tells Lexie he has dreamt of Hope and it wasn’t good. She was far away from him and he was unable to reach her. At Lexie’s suggestion, Bo calls Hope but there is no answer. Not a good omen. He then calls Caroline, who can’t provide more info. Enter Chelsea. He thanks her for saving his life. She wonders where Hope is. Abe drops by to see Lexie. His supercop shift is about to start. Bo eventually calls Steve to ask about Hope. Still no word …

Hope plays along with Ava and pretends to be Kayla. She demands
to be released.  Delusional Ava says no. She wants to lure Patch there so he can choose Ava over Kayla once and for all!  Hope gets her to admit to her past deeds and provokes her by calling her crazy. Ava explodes. Hope realizes Ava wants Steve back to make her well again. Hope feigns sympathy. Ava insists Patch will choose her once he sees the two women together. She then tells  Hope to call Patch now …

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Chelsea is in her hospital room. Enter Kate, who notices the
lovely flowers from the sorority sisters. She plays the good
mother with her usual panache. Dr Dan enters. Kate wants
to know when Chelsea will be out of the hospital. Not far
away is Bo, the Salem patient, in his room with Kayla. He is
now awake and in pretty good shape. He and Kayla talk about
family and reminisce. Patch arrives to take her home. Dr. Dan
then shows up to see Bo. Patch and Kayla fill him in on the
mistake the other doc almost made. Dr. Dan has been missed!
Patch and Kayla go home. Dr. Dan tells Bo how fab Chelsea is,
given how she saved his life. Bo knows it. He wants to visit her
in person but the doc wants him to rest. Bo later has a bad dream involving Hope!

In the parking lot, obsessed Ava renders Hope unconscious by
placing chloroform over her mouth just as she is finished talking
to Caroline on her cell phone!  She then transports Hope home,
though Angelo does not approve. Hope comes to, stunned that Ava thinks she is Kayla, Patch’s wife. Hope realizes exactly who she is. Once alone in her room, Hope looks around, finds some photos
of the Brady clan, and vows to escape one way or another …

Perceptive Kate tells Chelsea she knows she has a crush on
Dr. Dan. Of course, Chelsea protests too much. When Nick
sweeps in, Kate takes her leave. Chelsea tells the Nickster that
she wants to be a brand new person. He tells her he loves her.
She says she loves him too, but does she really mean it like she
used to? Once he is gone, Kate returns. Enter Dr. Dan. After giving
him more of her infamous attitude, Kate departs. Dan makes a joke about it and tells Chelsea the gusher that she is a hero …

Monday, March 24, 2008
At the hospital, Hope and Kayla are in Bo’s room when the
Salem patient has a crisis. Enter the hospital doc, whose
clipboard Kayla promptly seizes. She soon discovers the meds
he wants to prescribe for Bo coulda killed him and tells him
to get out! Kayla tells Hope she will be reporting the cowboy
doc to the medical board. Hope is grateful to Kayla.


Ava is in her room, obsessing over Hope’s photo again. She is
living in the past, haunted by memories of Steve and happy times.
Enter cousin Angelo, who blames Patch for all her psychological problems. Ava insists she needs Patch to be better. She sees a
window of opportunity with Ange’s compassion. Her 2 requests -
a grilled cheese sandwich and a walk alone for 15 minutes. The Mediterranean softie relents. OK. Once he returns with the food, however, Ava ain’t there. Enter George, who informs him that Ava
has made off with Angelo’s car. Angelo is sure she has gone to look
for Patch. Meanwhile, Patch is at the hospital, with Kayla’s secret bodyguard. Moments later, Hope comes out of Bo’s room. Patch
gives her a hug. Hope knows something is wrong. Patch tells all,
about ex-flame Ava being responsible for the plane crash, wanting
him back, and threatening Kayla. She is obsessed with their past relationship. Hope realizes who Ava is, as she met her once, and advises Patch to tell the cops. He is still doubtful they could help
against her dangerous family. Nevertheless, he saunters off to get in touch with Abe to find out if he has any news. Hope returns to Bo’s room. Kayla tells her to go home and get some rest, Bo is now fine. And so Hope heads out, unaware that Ava is right behind her …

At the Brady pub, Marlena is none too pleased to hear that Shawn
and Belle are leaving town. Enter Sami, who will also be sad to see Belle go. When Marlena hears that New John has provided the expensive boat, things get tense. Sami and Shawn scurry off with the twins and Claire, giving mother and daughter some privacy. Marlena does not hold back and points out that Belle’s father is not really present anymore. The idealistic Belle disagrees. Marlena softens.
They say their emotional farewells. Then it is a quick goodbye to
Sami, and Shawn and Belle are off to pack for their romantic trip …
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