Days of Our Lives Daily Update!
Days of Our Lives Daily Update
Friday, March 21, 2008     All rights reserved. Link Only

Chez DiMera, Rolf practices his English diction while wearing headphones. “Gizellezeeshellzbyzezeechore …”  It’s tough, but
John insists he keep trying. New John phones corrupt customs
official Paul Hollingsworth and calls in that favor for the payment, which he refers to as Hollingsworth’s charity.
Hollingsworth gets off the phone with Don John. He is at the docks, where he orders Max to start loading stuff back onto the Kiriakis
ship – pronto. Once he is out of earshot, suspicious Max calls Phil Kiriakis to let him know their shipments just got quarantined. Phil shows up and is unable to cut a deal with H. Enter Morgan, who is there to visit her papa – none other than Paul Hollingsworth! Phil leaves. Morgan laments that her papa is not on speaking terms
with her mom. Meanwhile, Don Victor starts a session with Marlena, until he gets interrupted by a call from Phil, informing him of John’s interference. The Greek tycoon takes his leave, but now Marlena knows what John has done. Don Victor arrives at the docks and
makes Max an offer he can’t refuse. Continue to watch the docks activity and report to the Kiriakis clan. Don Vic also meets with Hollingsworth, who turns down an offer of double what John is
paying him. The Greek tycoon storms off.
Kayla has returned to the hospital. Patch consults with her secret bodyguard, who assures him nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. Patch reminds the dude to keep Kayla in his sight at all times. Enter Kayla, who wants to know who Patch is talking to. Patchman is about to come clean, but changes his mind. He convinces her to stop working so much. He just wants to protect her and baby …
Shawn and Belle drop by the DiMera mansion with Claire, to say goodbye to John. They wish to sail the world. He says he will buy
them a boat. They accept. Shawn will now have the Fancy Face IV. John is sad to see Claire go and admits he will miss her. The pair then trot off to say goodbye to Bo and Hope, as they set sail tomorrow …
Phil pays a visit to the DiMera mansion and tells John he knows what he is up to. Don John is smug. Enter Marlena, who demands answers about John’s bribery. He responds with arrogance so Marlena leaves. Phil leaves too, after he has symbolically pushed over the king on the DiMera chessboard. Don John is amused. He tells Rolf to make sure Hollingsworth doesn’t double-cross him with Don Victor …

Thursday, March 20, 2008
Tony’s minion Ethan and Morgan are super busy at Tony’s
swanky corporate HQ. Enter glamour girl Anna, who announces
she wants to steal away Ethan, as her new assistant is indisposed
at the hospital. Tony is bemused. The minion is too expensive so
Anna turns her attention to Morgan. Tony retorts that his big
agency is not a deli where one can order what – or whom – one
likes! Anna apparently needs help to snag Kate’s account. Tony
sees her portfolio for said proposal and calls it “nostalgic.” Ouch!
Tony arrogantly shows off his multi-media presentation. Anna asks
for his help. No such luck from the corporate king. Anna is incensed, takes a painting from the wall and breaks it over his head. Tony
orders the staff out of the room. The tension builds as he approaches.
Passion is in the air as Tony grabs Anna and then it’s love in the afternoon! Afterwards, they get back to reality, exchange more words, and a slightly disheveled Anna storms off …

Kate is with Chelsea, who comes to with Dr. Dan in her hospital
room. Chelsea wants Kate to leave, so she does. Dan the man calls
her brave but gives a don’t drink lecture. Stephanie shows up and
ogles as he walks out. They discuss his hotness and the fact that Chelsea might have saved Bo. In the hall, Kate tells Dr. Dan to
check on Chelsea frequently .

Family wait for Bo to wake up. Hope and Caroline are with him.
He does wake up and is not pleased about Chelsea having had the operation. Caroline smoothes things over. Dr. Dan examines Bo. Meanwhile, Patch insists on taking pregnant and tired Kayla home
for a while. Once there, she does not let him see that she is in a
great deal of pain …

Belle tells Phil how she and Shawn and Claire are leaving Salem,
though he will always be a part of Claire’s life. Phil the Kiriakis
wishes her all the best …

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Hope waits for things to get started in Bo’s room. She wants
him to fight. Caroline is hopeful about the outcome. Outside,
Belle mentions her and Shawn’s plans. Phillip overhears but
Belle does not come clean just yet. Max and Roman talk. Patch
tries silly medical humor on Stephanie, pretending he thought
a person had 2 pancreases. Meanwhile, Kate offers support to
a nervous Chelsea. Enter Dr. Dan, who wants to know if she is
really ready. She is and signs on the dotted line. Nick stops by
and gives her a teddy bear.
Bo is wheeled off for his turn and Caroline and Victor wish him
well, as does all the family present. The next one to be wheeled
past is Chelsea. Once in the OR, her operation gets underway.
All systems go. Family anxiously keeps vigil outside. Some play
cards. Roman and Hope head to the chapel. Roman has mixed
feelings about Victor hanging around Bo instead of pop Shawn.
Chelsea is soon done, Dr. Dan then starts on Bo, but his operation seems tougher …

Marlena talks family with New John but he clearly has other things
on his mind. John wants the world!  Kate warns him not to cross Victor. He ain’t listening and decides to leave. Marlena tags along. Down at the docks, he reiterates he does not care about anyone.
All of a sudden corrupt customs official Paul calls New John, ready
to meet. John cuts the convo short and then lies to curious Marlena
that t’was just Stefano’s lawyer calling about more papers.
Marlena decides to return to the hospital.
John follows the blonde …

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Anyone who is someone to Bo is gathered at the hospital.
Dr. Dan starts to seem lost as to what to do. Chelsea still has
too much alcohol in her blood. Perhaps it is time to say
goodbye? Dr. Dan is irate and feeling the pressure so Roman
clears the area and has folks move to the waiting room. Finally
alone with Docs Kayla and Lexie, he complains there is nothing
left to do. He wants Kayla to get him a certain article and says
they will meet up at the lab, where they continue to do research
and find there is something they can give Bo after all …

Max is down in the dumps about Bo’s predicament. Steph tries
to make him feel better by pointing out he saved her life. At the
same time, sorority sis Chelsea is wallowing in her room with Kate. When Kate leaves to fetch her a glass of water, she bails. On her
way back, Kate runs into Max and Stephanie and tells 'em Chelsea cannot yet have the transplant. They go to see her but - no Chelsea!

Marlena finds John off to the side and, like Belle, thinks he really
does care. John scoffs. Their interaction continues pretty much the same way throughout the episode.

Word spreads fast that Chelsea is missing. Kate tells Roman who
tells Patch, Hope, Phil, and security and so on and so on. However, once Hope goes back in Bo’s room, she finds Chelsea there, crying. Hope shows Dr. Dan the sad scene. Chelsea is then taken for a
blood screen, which Max and Steph help her through with a
prayer. And voila – she is now ready! Hope is hopeful. Prepare for surgery! Meanwhile, Bo’s IV has been injected with something new,
to help him hang on …

Monday, March 17, 2008
Dr. Dan arrives at the hospital with Chelsea and orders her stomach pumped. Upstairs, Bo insists he does not want her to go thru with
the dangerous operation, but his family won’t listen. Bo’s pain killer
dosage is increased. Dr Dan seems to be hopping mad at Chelsea, as her drunken condition prevents him from being able to operate. He kicks Kate and Shawn out and proceeds to provoke Chelsea, who
yells. When Dan steps out of the room, Shawn accuses him of being unprofessional. Dan explains he has to keep her heart pumping away, hence the provocation. Shawn feels the need to defend Chelsea and brings up her rough past. Dan returns to her room, informing her he wanted to make her angry to help get the alcohol out of her system
as quickly as possible. Chelsea is remorseful. Kate later tries to attack Dr. Dan for his offensive behavior so Shawn explains what is going
on. Mad Hope marches to Chelsea’s room, overhears Chelsea cry to Kate that she would trade places with Bo, and then leaves.

Down at the docks, John meets with Paul. The rat claims it is his first time accepting a bribe and complains his ex-wife needs lots of alimony, child support, not to mention that he himself has a certain standard of living. John makes no secret of the fact that he will muscle in on Vic’s shipping monopoly, and smoothly tells the customs official that if he sticks to their new understanding, he will soon be living the high life! Meanwhile, Marlena has a clandestine meeting with Philip Kiriakis at the docks. She warns him John wants to be top dog in shipping. Phil says this means war. Marlena asks him to play it cool.  Enter John,
who asks if doc is sharing his secrets with the enemy. Phil reminds him they used to have an agreement. John scoffs that it was with Stefano, not him. He will liquidate his Kiriakis competitors. Phil responds with
a threat and mocks his aspirations, telling him to read “Shipping for Dummies.” Marlena tries to intervene. All of a sudden both Marlena and Phil get calls about Bo’s condition and head for the hospital.

John too shows up at the hospital, standing off where he will not be seen by gathered family members. Belle, however, sees him and notes that she knows he too is worried. Back in the room of the now unconscious Bo, Hope learns from Dr Dan that another moment of waiting with the operation and they could really be too late …
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