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Days of Our Lives Daily Update

Friday, March 14, 2008    
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Victor sees an unhappy Caroline at the park and does his best to console her. The Greek tycoon points out he himself would give
his own life to save their son Bo …

At the hospital, Patch tries to offer Hope words of hope, but it
ain’t easy for the dude. Bo seems to be on his last leg. Meanwhile, Shawn heads to the lab with Kayla and wants ta know the identity
of the donor, which, as it turns out, will be withheld ‘till they find
him or her. Lexie calls to leave a message for the unnamed donor. Shawn heads back to Bo, and announces to all that a match has
been found. Kayla tells Bo and Hope the big news and informs
them that it is Chelsea. Bo says he does not want Chelsea to go
through with it. Hope and Caroline attempt to change his stubborn mind. The gang regroup and set out to locate the missing Chelsea.
Time is running out …

Chelsea drowns her sorrows at the Cheatin’ Heart and is soon
joined by a concerned Kate. The now drunken Chelsea blames
herself for all of the Bradys’ misfortunes and calls herself a jinx.
Kate orders her coffee. Chelsea angrily throws it and staggers out.
Kate hastily pays the bill and follows Chelsea into the alley, but
oops has lost her!  Chelsea winds up on a park bench, about to
check her many phone messages, and then passes out, stone cold drunk. Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle show up at the Cheatin’ Heart
and learn from the bartender that she’d been there earlier with Kate.
As it turns out, Kate is still looking for Chelsea, unable to find her. Shawn calls Kate, who fills him in on her lack of success. Shawn
calls Chelsea’s phone. Kate hears it and thus locates Chelsea. Shawn also calls Dan to give him the news. Shawn and Belle and Kate are unable to wake her. Shawn tells Kate that Chelsea is the donor. Moments later, Dan the man arrives to take her to the hospital in
his manly arms …

Thursday, March 13, 2008
Hope prays as Bo struggles to survive. Shawn and Belle drop by
and Bo asks Belle to always be there for his son Shawn. Patch and Kayla return to the hospital from their lunchtime lovefest. Bo wants
to see Patch alone. Bo asks him, as his best friend, to be there for
Hope and the children if he doesn’t make it. Next up is Shawn. Bo reminds him that he might end up the man of the family. Shawn tells him to fight and says he has plans to sail around the world with his family, just like Bo did. Once outside the room, Patch and Shawn
are both prodded by Hope, but try to cover up the details of the
convo. Hope sort of realizes Bo was preparing them for the worst
and heads back to Bo’s room, unable to accept what now seems inevitable. Bo loses consciousness …

Eddie tries to tell Ava that he thinks she is mistaken, and Steve’s
wife is da blonde. Ave gets mad and continues to obsess over a
picture of Hope and Steve, certain she is right. She lashes out at
Eddie for causing the plane to crash when all she wanted was to
prevent it from taking off so she could talk to Patch. Eddie has had enough and leaves. Enter George, who informs Ava that Eddie has
just quit. He later brings the shrink, whom Ava tells to go to h*ll …

In the lab, Lexie is still stressed out but thinks she may have found something. Daniel peers down the microscope. Tis indeed a match! Enter Kayla. Daniel reaffirms there is a match and says it is time to
prep Bo for surgery! He wants the donor found ASAP. Kayla rushes off, sees Shawn, and tells him that they have found a donor. Shawn wants to know who …

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 
Kayla checks up on Bo, Hope wakes up. Meanwhile, Lexie and
Dr. Dan are hard at work in the lab. Lexie is stressed out. She loses
it and Surferdoc Dan comforts her. Abe sees and tries to help out by suggesting she pick up Theo. Lexie refuses to budge, determined to save Bo, to make up for Stefano’s past wrongdoings.
Also still at the hospital are Patch and Stephanie, who lets him know she got rid of her guard. The guard calls Patch and he fires him on
the spot! Patch humors the self-absorbed Steph, agreeing no more guard, yet once she has left, calls and hires another guard to tail her.
Chelsea visits Bo. Bo is grateful for having had the chance to say farewell to everyone but Hope will have none of that kind of thinking. Kayla tries to be encouraging, too. Moments later, Kayla runs into Patch, who insists she take a break. Dr. Dan agrees. Patch takes
Kayla home for lunch.

Max is down at the docks, where Nick runs into him. Max is in a funk about his lowly job. He used to be doing better and admits his future plans are undefined. Nick tries to be positive. Steph and Chelsea show up. Max tells Steph she can do better than him. She pouts and flounces off for coffee. Meanwhile, Nick is preoccupied helping Chelsea with a math problem and consoles her about Bo. Max seizes the opportunity
to go through Nick’s knapsack, changes something in his notebook, and slips it back in. Steph walks up and asks him what he is doing …

At Chez Rouge, Marlena discusses a fundraiser with Dr. Berman,
who is stunned when a very much alive John Black waltzes in. John smoothly asks Marlena to join him and his guest, Paul Hollingsworth,
a customs official. Marlena joins them at their table. John cuts to the chase and wants to know if Hollingsworth has ever looked the other way when a shipment went through. Hollingsworth gets uncomfortable and leaves. John is pleased. Marlena realizes he is up to something and tries, without success, to talk him out of it. She departs and calls Phillip Kiriakis, anxious to talk to him. Marlena then locates John near the docks, and warns him not to bribe anyone, threatening to turn him in! John couldn’t care less but Marlena diverts him with a
passionate kiss.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008    

Marlena takes John to the hospital, as he is half  Brady and
Bo is his cousin. Patch and Stephanie also arrive. Patch lectures
the guard he’d assigned to Kayla when he sees him standing in
the hall, nowhere near the woman he is supposed to be protecting. Stephanie takes it all in. Meanwhile, Hope urges Bo to hang on.
Outside the room, Kayla and Lexie reproach surferboy Dan for not mentioning the experimental surgery that could save Bo’s life. Dan
the man retorts it would be dangerous for both recipient and donor. Victor shows up and agrees with the gals. Phil, Chelsea, and Shawn
are soon at the scene. As Dr. Dan laments that two people could die with the risky procedure, family trickles in to visit with Bo.Ciara lifts Bo’s spirits. Phil tells him to fight, as they are brothers.

Out on the balcony, arrogant new-John smokes a Cuban cigar and meets up with the Greek tycoon, Victor Kiriakis. John declares
himself the new head of the DiMera empire and tells him the old shipyard arrangement Vic had with Stefano is off. Victor thinks John has a lot to learn and storms off. Enter Marlena, who wants John to come back inside. Already inside, Victor informs Phil they will be needing a new strategy to deal with the likes of John Black …

Spiritual Caroline is in the chapel, doing the rosary. Max joins her.
Max later tells her he has closed the pub and she thanks him.
Caroline says that in her prayers, she asked Shawn Sr. to watch
over Bo. Enter Stephanie, who fills them in on Bo’s possible
operation. They prepare to head back but not before Max sees
Steph pray for the safety of her family …
Eventually Daniel tells Bo’s family about the procedure. They agree
to get tested, to find a suitable donor, regardless of the risks. As Dan and Lexie carry out their work in the lab and Hope looks over Bo, family members slowly return to the chapel to do the only thing that
is left - to pray …

Monday, March 10, 2008
Chez DiMera, Dr. Rolf the butler tells John that dinner has
been prepared and tries to make small talk. Emotionless John
orders Rolf to move things along as quickly as possible. The
doorbell rings. Marlena, Shawn, Belle, and Claire arrive. The
mood is strained. Marlena presents John with a family photo
album. John’s memory, however, is not jogged, and he becomes annoyed after seeing a pic of himself in Stockholm in the 1980s.
He starts downing booze. Once he is out of earshot, his family
confront Dr. Butler Rolf about reversing what was done to John. Rolfski lies that he cannot and John’s condition is permanent.
Angry Shawn doubts that. Meanwhile, John is  more interested
in his new stuff than family, but continues to bond with Claire. At
dinner, Marlena chats as Butler Rolf lurks. John boasts of his plan
to rebuild Stefano’s shipping line – right in Salem!

At  the hospital, Kayla is anxiously determined to help brother Bo.
She calls a specialist in Zurich as Lexie watches. The contact directs Kayla to a website, which describes a radical procedure with living donors, the first of which was performed by Dr. Daniel Jonas!
In his room, Bo tells Hope something does not feel right and he does not know how much time he has left. He remembers the Fancy Face and his good life. Suddenly, Bo flatlines. Lexie and Kayla rush in.
Doc Lexie revives him but warns Hope he is not stable. Kayla tells Hope about the experimental surgery. Dr. Jonas is paged.  Hope is advised to assemble the family, just in case …

Patch is at the docks, meeting with a bad dude, Parker, whom
he wants to find Ava. Enter Stephanie. Patch gets rid of Parker fast.
He pretends he is helping the Salem P.D. and the bad dude was an informant. Stephanie doesn’t buy it. Patch comes clean about the
crazy ex-flame from the crime family who is out for revenge. He has secretly assigned a guard to Kayla, the woman he loves. Stephanie
wants to tell Kayla everything. Patch says no way. He wants Steph
to leave town. She says no way. He advises her he will assign a guard to her, too. They eat chips together. All of a sudden, Patch receives
an urgent phone call from Kayla, summoning him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Shawn receives an urgent phone call from Hope …
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