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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Kate admires all her likes for Abe as she has a drink with Lucas at the square. He worries about Allie. Meanwhile nervous Allie approaches John and Marlena at the pub with Eric and Nicole. The grandparents thought she was avoiding them. She shows her baby bump … Sonny feels sorry for his dad, who did love Kayla. Will sighs that was why he let her go … Justin speaks to Adrienne’s grave and then thinks he sees her … Kayla cries her heart out at the airport about missing Steve. He appears and announces he decided not to go. She slowly stands and he asks about Justin. She is here alone as they did not wed … Justin hugs and kisses Bonnie, still assuming she is Adrienne … Allie apologizes and sighs she is like Sami. Marlena loves Sami and calls Allie unique. She and John assure her they are here for her. Eric smiles he told her so. Nicole smiles too. Allie announces she is giving up her baby. Marlena wonders whether her mother knows. No and she never will … When Kate makes light of his worry, Lucas exclaims he would never have given up Will! Cocktail Kate counters Will had a hard time so Lucas makes her admit he turned out well. They discuss Sonny and Will wanting the baby. Kate reasons at least the baby would be with family not a stranger. Rafe arrives and announces Allie is not giving it to a stranger … Justin’s face falls when he finds out he just kissed Bonnie … Kayla is miffed at Steve. Justin stopped the wedding cos he heard Steve wanted her back. She wonders whether he really does … Stylish Kate states this family matter is not Rafe’s concern so he reveals Allie actually asked him to adopt her baby … Marlena realizes Nicole is now not keen to have Sami at her wedding, given Allie’s secret, and sighs tis just as well she could not reach her. John asks the girl to explain why she does not want Sami to know. Allie assumes Sami would make everything worse … Justin notes Bonnie’s hair, clothes and makeup are more like … She knows, like Adrienne. Her agent made it clear that the paperback version of her book Love Made Me Loony would sell more copies if the author looked more conservative. Justin is less than thrilled she came to Adrienne the good’s grave. She wanted to pay her respects … Kayla rages at Steve for giving up on them. He reminds her she chose Justin. She demands to know his destination. An ISA case in Europe but he got off the plane. Patch realized he could leave the woman he loves. Smack!

Rafe assures annoyed Lucas that it was Allie’s idea. Lucas gets sarcastic about the cool doting stepfather. Kate wants him to be nice. Rafe admits he was not expecting it so Lucas warns him Will and Sonny want to adopt the baby … Will is worried as he has not heard from Allie and decides to see her in person. Sonny wishes him luck and they kiss … Elegant Marlena feels Allie is being unfair. Sami could help. Eric excuses himself upstairs with Nicole to unpack for they wed tomorrow. They leave sarcastic Allie, who asks what John was about to say. He warns Sami might find out from someone else but she does not want Sami to be the circus ringmaster. Therefore, she cannot know… Justin blasts Bonnie for claiming to respect Adrienne after what she did to her. He hates that Adrienne is dead while Bonnie the bad woman has a bestselling book tour. Why did he have to see her today! She wonders what happened. He fumes his life just fell apart and wishes she was in hell … Kayla accuses Steve of playing God again behind her back. He assumes she walked away from the wedding. She sighs it was Justin who stopped. He emotionally states she did not go after Justin, though. She came here because she loves HIM. Kayla pouts.

Bonnie suggests Steve and Kayla would have wound up together regardless. Super couples always end up together in Salem. She adds herself and Lucas to the list … Rafe had no idea and explains he told Allie he was not sure. Did she know Will and Sonny wanted to adopt? Kate confirms they spoke to her. Rafe goes to clear it up. Lucas starts to call Sami … Kayla cries she will always love Steve and complains. He can relate cos he could not leave. He insists he was trying not to hurt her but blew it like usual. She cries she is furious and feels badly for Justin but she never stopped loving Steve. He feels the same way and holds her close …Kate grabs Lucas’ phone. He wants Sami to stop Rafe from adopting the baby. Kate feels he is a great father. He argues Sami will find out. Kate warns if he tells Sami then Allie will never forgive him. Allie is half Sami and that part is unforgiving. He could lose the girl forever by betraying her confidence … Marlena will respect Allie’s decision to say nothing to Sami and assures her that Sami has a lot of love to give. Allie wants a more stable upbringing for her baby and admits she asked Rafe to adopt before Will and Sonny asked. Marlena wonders how she feels. That it is less complicated with Rafe. Marlena disagrees … Will and Rafe run into one another outside Eric and Nicole’s door. No one seems to be home. Will would like to talk …

Justin calls Bonnie delusional among other things. She even lied her granddaughter was Lucas’ child! She admits the road will be long but what she learned while Adrienne … Justin hisses she is no Adrienne. She sighs she is sorry their supercouple world came to an end. Justin wants to be alooooone. She apologizes for the fact that he mistook her for Adrienne and departs … Sweet music plays as Kayla wonders what comes next. Patch has an idea … Upstairs at the pub Eric tells Nicole it is no church but he feels his grandparents’ presence here. All he needs is her. They kiss in bliss … At the square Bonnie spies Lucas alone and imagines their romantic reunion. In reality he has not seen her yet … Marlena understands why Eric feels frustrated as Allie does not want to discuss her decision. The girl cries she feels she is letting them down. Marlena knows she needs support from the family and hugs her … Rafe assures Will he knew not he and Sonny were interested. Will and Sonny knew not Rafe was interested either and are alright with whatever he decides … Justin returns to the Kiriakis mansion to sleep. Sympathetic Sonny is here for him and goes upstairs. Justin is about to get himself a drink when he spies the bridal bouquet in the trash … Steve suavely suggests they catch a plane someplace to be alone together. Kayla agrees and they kiss like a supercouple …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, July 9, 2020