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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Justin stops his wedding to Kayla with a tear in his eye. Jack and Jen watch and wait … At the pub John calls Steve nuts for wanting to take the European underground case … Justin wants to tell Kayla the truth, how he overheard Hope and Jen discussing how Steve feels. He informs honey her ex loves and wants her back! Kayla is confused cos Steve is all for her being with Justin. Justin informs nervous Jen he confirmed the convo with Hope, who confirmed Steve does want her back. Kayla argues Steve could not overcome his guilt. Justin gasps he got over it but before he could speak to her he saw him propose. Steve was trying to be noble. Kayla now gets mad at Jen … Steve deduces Justin and Kayla are already wed so Hope reveals her candid convo with Justin. John and Marlena know Justin the good guy would tell Kayla everything. Hope gives Steve a look. John is stunned to hear Jack knew too and none told Kayla. Marlena concludes it is up to Justin … Jen apologizes. Justin explains the friends felt it was up to Steve to tell Kayla how he felt … Steve suspects Justin will not give up Kayla the beautiful treasure and lies he wants it that way … Victor gets impatient when Jack continues to discuss the situation with Justin. Sonny thinks it is too important to ignore … Kayla wonders why Justin said nothing before. He was swept away by being with her but could not bear to hide the truth. He wonders whether they would even be here had Steve gotten to her before him on that fateful day he publicly proposed. Kayla admits she is confused and gets emotional about Steve wanting her back. Jack notes Steve wanted no one to say anything … John frowns when he hears Steve already has a one way ticket to D.C. and snaps he might never see him again. Marlena gently suggests honey support his friend. Hope pouts tis true he needs not their permission. Steve stands up. After heartfelt hugs he goes with Hope. Steve loves them and says so. Violins play. John and Marlena woefully weep …

Justin admits he felt Kayla has been avoiding her feelings for Steve and weeps he wants her happy. If Steve matters not then they will wed. Kayla weeps as well for she does not have the answer he was hoping for. Justin admits he visited Adrienne’s grave before. He was and will always be Kayla’s friend. They hug like there is no tomorrow. Justin politely notes no wedding and walks off after his last kiss with Kayla. He assures her tis alright … Steve packs and thanks Hope for her hospitality. She wishes he would wait cos the wedding might not have happened. One more night. No can do. Tis too tough being here. He is ready to leave like a lonesome cowboy …

Sonny goes after Justin. Kayla complains to Jen she will never hear the song Justin wrote. She is mad Steve did not say how he felt. Jack argues he was sacrificing his happiness for her. Jen suggests she go speak with him so Kayla storms off with her wedding shoes, still wearing her pretty wedding dress. Will watches with the rest of them … Back at the pub John ends a call with ISA Shane, who is elated about Steve. Marlena is sorry. John feels down about it and suggests Steve could have worked things out with Kayla the way he and doc did. She adds they have to accept Kayla’s choice and Justin is a great guy. John suspects he does not want her as much as Steve does cos she has always been his everything … Hope tells Steve to take care. They will miss one another and he suggests she move on. She is busy with the wedding of Ciara. He teases she might catch the bouquet. The friends hug farewell … Justin is packing his things at Kayla’s place when Sonny comes. Justin asks to help. He teases his dad the trend setter for his vinyl records. Justin laments he loved his jazz nights cooking with Kayla. Sonny is proud of him. Justin sadly states he lost Adrienne and then lost Kayla as well. Sonny suggests his sacrifice was noble but feels his pain. They hug … Kayla heads over to Hope’s place desperate to speak to Steve. Alas he is gone and he won’t be back …

John admits to Marlena he is worried this could be Steve’s last case. Marlena suggests darts to cheer him up and he chuckles. He had a lot of good dart games with Steve right here and thanks her for saying the right thing … Kayla is astonished to hear Steve returned to the ISA, duration and location unknown. Kayla is furious after he promised never to join the ISA again and storms off to stop him. At the airport Steve leaves good brother Jack a message and hopes he will keep an eye on Kayla. Hope calls and he ignores it as there is no time. Then he gets back in line … Justin finds the framed wedding photo of Steve and Kayla in a living room drawer. Sonny comes back as the boxes are packed. He gives his pop a pep talk about time healing wounds. Justin asks him to take the boxes back to the mansion and give him a moment. Done. Justin props up the picture of Kayla and Steve, sobs, and leaves alone … Hope leaves Steve an urgent message not to board. Jack and Jen enter as her door was open! She explains Kayla came by … Steve has his ticket and hesitates for a second before going to his gate. Then he heads to the security check … John romantically kisses the woman he loves after she offers to be his drinking buddy. They love everything about each other … Jack hears his message from Steve with Jen and Hope. Sounds like they are too late … Kayla arrives at the airport but is not permitted past the checkpoint as she has no ticket. She storms off to buy one … Sonny returns to Will at the Kiriakis mansion. Justin wanted to be alone. Will wonders where he went. Sonny is pretty sure it was …. Justin arrives at Adrienne’s grave and sighs he had to tell Kayla that Steve was not over her. He is her only one and he gets it for he would move heaven and earth to find Adrienne if she was alive. He leaves her with a kiss and is shocked when a woman in red comes around the corner looking like “ADRIENNE,” he gasps … Kayla has her ticket but the flight took off. She cries like a baby until Steve appears. Their eyes lock as romantic music plays …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 8, 2020