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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


PR princess Kate shows Abe where to stand at the square and when to introduce Steve and Hope. The mayor drawls he has done this kind of thing before … At the outdoor café John sips his coffee and shares with Marlena his take on Steve having a hard time accepting Kayla marrying another … At the Kiriakis mansion Victor discusses the wedding with Will and Sonny. He quips Kayla is better off without Steve Johnson the one eyed wonder … Outside the pub Steve is feeling blue about the big day. Jack is with him. Meanwhile Kayla remembers their wedding vows … Justin overhears Jen and Hope discussing Steve secretly wanting Kayla back by the park. Jen goes. Justin emerges and grills Hope … Victor wants a fast ceremony so they can start drinking. Sonny and Will are amused. Victor hears them discussing Allie and asks who the father is. Sonny and Will know not and would like to adopt the baby. Victor warns they are making a monumental mistake … Amazingly stylish Kate assures irritated Abe this day will be good PR for the mayor’s office. She is irritated the paper is only sending an intern since the wedding was of more interest. Abe and Kate do agree on the fact that it is harder to say Justin and Kayla than Steve and Kayla … Kayla gets a call from son Joey and is relieved he is wishing her the best … Hope states Steve was about to profess his continued love for Kayla but then Justin proposed. Justin digests. Hope confirms Kayla is unaware of the detail. He whispers if she was it would be a game changer …

Victor warns it would be hell to have to deal with Sami so Will and Sonny should find a baby not related to her. Sonny gets miffed. Will stops the escalation and suggests they wait and see what Allie decides … John and Marlena arrive for the key ceremony. Kate hopes Vivian will stay away in the slammer and asks what John will say. How the two heroes saved Salem from Orpheus. Kate wonders where the two recipients are … Steve sighs Kayla loves Justin and said yes. Jack argues that was cos she thought she could not have him. Steve knows the dude did right by Adrienne. Jack is sorry their sister is not here. Steve emotionally states he loves Kayla too deeply to destroy her happy day and departs hanging his head … Jen returns from the jeweler only to find Kayla crying. She claims tis cos she misses Joey and sadly insists she is happy … Hope informs Justin that Steve chose not to reveal his feelings to Kayla due to the timing. She knows that Kayla does love Justin for real, wishes him a perfect day and heads to her key ceremony. Justin goes in another direction … Will goes to get his vows ready and Sonny wonders why Justin is taking so long. Speak of the devil! Sonny senses something is the matter … Kate is exasperated when Steve arrives in his leather jacket. Hope takes him aside to update him on Justin knowing he still cares for Kayla. Does Kayla not also deserve to know?

Kayla is ready in her pretty dress. She gushes Justin wrote a song for her. Jen agrees he is sweet and presents her with a blue topaz bracelet to wear for something old, borrowed and blue. It was a gift from Adrienne. She now babbles about whether she has second thoughts. Here comes smiling Jack. Kayla confesses to them both she is having some doubts … Kate stops Steve and Hope from continuing their conversation and takes them to the podium. Abe eloquently praises the pair for their decades of dedicated service to the Salem community. Steve remembers his romantic vows with Kayla when they were young. He does not hear when Abe presents him with the key to the city … Justin tells Sonny and Victor that he placed an identical bouquet from their first wedding at Adrienne’s gravestone. Victor is not surprised he looks so upset. Justin remembers the years of drama and joy. Victor notes this might not be so grand but happiness awaits and he wants a drink! Sonny pours and they toast after the patriarch paraphrases Socrates. OPA! But not quite …

Steve teases Hope they can use their keys to get out of jail one day. Kate is sorry to say there was no budget for the reception. Marlena suggests a celebration at the Brady pub. John nods. Steve has the time and sadly says so … Kayla explains she is already aware that one can feel alone in a marriage. With Steve life was like a roller coaster whereas Justin is reliable. That is what she wants. She goes to get her purse. Jen gasps to Jack she is talking that way as she believes Steve does not care. They can do nothing now unless … Kayla comes back with her glittery designer purse … Kate boasts to Abe her live stream was on social media. The mayor is amazed to hear they have over 100,000 hits … At the pub John is telling cool stories about him and his detective partner’s past. He and Hope realize Steve seems to be having a hard time now that Kayla is marrying another man. Steve blames himself for their many years apart. Marlena and John know he still cares and John suggests he listen to his heart … A wedding march and a shaky bride whose shoe breaks before she can come out. Jen gasps at Jack to stall so he proceeds to recite a poem … Steve is not about to burst into Kayla’s wedding. He thinks Kayla know how he feels. Marlena wonders whether he fears rejection. Steve denies it so John suggests he do something for he is a man of action …. The bride and her shoes intact emerge with Jen. Jack’s painful poem ends with the phrase “it might have been.” Justin remembers Jen’s words about Kayla not knowing Steve wants her back. Kayla sweetly smiles and takes his hand …

Marlena agrees with John that Steve is a man of action. She adds he will have to live for life with his decision. Food for thought … Kate gushes they have got over 237,000 likes now! The Kardashians follow her and reposted Abe’s heartfelt speech … Will begins … Steve sighs he cannot handle watching Justin with Kayla living happily ever after. Therefore he wants to take an ISA assist case that would see him in Europe indefinitely. John eyes him … Back at the fancy Kiriakis mansion Will gets to the speak now or forever hold your peace part. Groom Justin suddenly stops his own wedding to make a stunning reveal …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, July 7, 2020