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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Outside Allie’s room Sami complains to Eric, who sighs she should have listened ... Nicole praises Allie for her strength as she cries out ... At DiMera mansion Jake shakes Chad's hand. Chad apologizes for staring at Stefan's identical twin. Gwen cannot wait for their room. Gabi hisses over her dead body ... Ben's Angels Claire and Ciara start with a suspects list ... Ben warns Eve not to harm his Ciara. She leers he will do it for her with his own wicked hands ... Claire wonders about Victor but Ciara knows he would not risk harming her. Claire has noticed that Sonny seems tense around Ben. Ciara argues Will was the best man plus Sonny is above such things. Then who? Ciara sighs ... Ben replies he would never cause Ciara harm. Stylish Eve has others do her dirty work. Ben blasts her for almost killing people with Vincent's vicious bomb. She coolly counters no one died. But change is a comin ... Gabi kicks the luggage and leers no room at the inn. She wants the intruders to go. Gwen argues Stefan would have shared his half with his brotha. Chad agrees but Gabi gets louder about them leaving ... Eric wants to help make things right for Sami and Allie. Sami wishes she was on the inside. He assures her Allie is aware she is here. However, she should not have gone behind her back. Sami now stops him from phoning Sonny ...

Stressed Allie feels lost. Nicole gives her a pep talk and praises her as a person. She has been there in the land of insecurity. Now Nicole has a wonderful life with wonderful Eric. Sarah counts to three and Allie howls with the last push ... Claire talks Tripp. Ciara insists he became a good guy. Besides he was more competitive with JJ not Ben. Claire now wonders about JJ ... Eve sarcastically states Ben is better now but how about Serena and the midwife, not to mention her daughter Paige! He stole her life and she wants him to do the same to Ciara. Ben says NEVER! She grabs his hair and hisses once they are through he will go back to his wicked ways and do it ... Ciara frowns not JJ but Claire thinks he might have fallen back on drugs and wanted revenge for Paige. Claire pauses and then realizes a major suspect could be EVE... Ben wants to know what they intend to do. Eve leers he will get back his dark side and declares she will make him the necktie killer once more. Ominous music plays ... Jake apologizes for giving Gabi grief. Gwen stands her ground and hangs onto his arm. Gabi taunts she was his date for the wedding. Gwen tells sweetie they have since reconciled. Chad cackles as Gabi demands an explanation. Jake confirms they talked. Gwen taunts they do much more and starts kissing him. Chad loves it ... Eric wonders why Sami wants him to wait with calling Sonny. Sami pours herself coffee and points out Allie might be keeping her baby once she meets him or her. There is no denying the power of a mother and child bond ... The baby comes out wailing. Sarah congratulates breathless Allie on the boy and she asks about him. Sarah asks if she wants to hold him. Nicole lets her know they will not judge. She weeps no and lets them take him. She now breaks down she did want to hold him as Nicole consoles her ...

Sami asks Sarah for an update and hears she has a grandson. Eric and Sami rejoice! Sami asks about Allie. Sarah smiles she would be proud of how well she did and congratulates her. Sami and Eric are on their way ... Gabi growls at Gwen not to gross her out. Jake wonders whether it was a bad idea to come but Chad decides it is a great idea and claims he would like to get to know Jake. He and Gwen can stay. Gabi snaps Chad is only her guest! Chad politely points out he can have houseguests and suggests they stay as long as they like. They go to choose a room and Gabi snaps what is Chad up to now ... Claire saw firsthand how fast Eve was to blame Ben for Claire's crimes and exclaims it would be so Eve to now set her up to take the fall for Eve ... Ben questions how Eve could make him the necktie killer. She refers to Dr. Rolf the master of potions and mind control. Ben snaps so she will brainwash him? She smiles like a cat and confirms it ... Gwen likes Lucas' room but Jake wants no more enemies. Gwen gets excited when she finds Bonnie's book on the bed and gets to reading, ignoring his view ... Gabi warns Chad that Jake poses a threat to his position of power at DiMera. He doubts it but she doubts his easygoing attitude. Furthermore, Gwen does not belong here. Chad loves her English accent, chuckles she and Jake were hot and heavy, and goes to help get his houseguests settled. Gabi looks ready to explode ...

Ciara muses Eve has the motive but would she take such extremes? Claire knows for a fact she would ... Ben grins when Eve warns Vincent can brainwash him. It sounds crazy. She will be back and taunts not to go anywhere. Then she departs ...Gwen reads about Bonnie's scams with a smile. Chad knocks and brings towels. Gwen praises Bonnie for pretending to be anotha woman. She mentions the manservant- a very old Engish expression. Chad lets her know Butler Harold will tend to her needs. She is grateful Chad is on her and Jake's side against Gabi. He blames Gabi for causing his wife hell and wonders whether she would keep an eye on her. Gwen is all for it and so a secret agent is born. Chad grins the two of them could bring Gabi down together ... Down in the living room Jake tries to make things right with Gabi and apologizes for Gwen, who wants him to have his fair share of the DiMera life. Gabi warns she really wants it for herself and will try to make him go after the family fortune. Jake runs his own life. Gabi asks if they are really together again, then stops. He admits they are attempting a reconciliation. After all he was not Stefan, the lost love of Gabi's life soooo ... Nicole hugs Allie. Here come Sami and Eric. Allie admits she did not hold the baby and asks about Lucas. She hears he is on his way and kicks Sami out. Even Eric cannot talk her out of it. Sami cries she loves her and refuses to give up, then goes. Stressed Allie cries too and Nicole strokes her face ...

Gwen seeks a seat at the DiMera table with Jake even after Gabi is gone. Chad agrees. However, she should keep her ambitions in check. He is a good ally but a bad enemy. Understood ... Gabi insults Gwen again and warns Jake to watch his back. He smiles he is no fool. He can see Chad has an agenda ... Allie is asleep. Eric thanks Nicole for helping. They kiss. Nicole promised to stay and keep Sami at bay. Eric feels sorry for his sister who means well ... Sami watches as Sarah fusses over her first grandson. She vows to be there for him no matter what, her eyes filled with steely determination ... Ciara realizes Hope knows where Eve is now so Ben's Angels take off to ask her ... Meanwhile Ben struggles and gasps in horror when Eve injects him with a mysterious serum. The fun starts tomorrow! Ben goes into a trance.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, July 31, 2020