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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Sami advises laboring Allie after upsetting her. Nicole and Eric stand by ... Stylish Gabi invites Shin into the grand DiMera living room for a vintage DiMera toast to today's success. Enter suspicious Chad ... Jake comes home to worried waiting Gwen ... At eight months Sami decides t'was false labor. Allie's water breaks ... Ciara is on the phone with Hope when she returns to her room. Stylish serious Claire is waiting ... Eve eerily states long time no see, sounding like she is in a trance. She approaches bewildered Ben in her glittery red dress and taunts the captive. Vicious Vincent works for her. Ben is relieved to hear Ciara is alright. Eve hisses he will not have his happy honeymoon ... Ciara is still suspicious and angry with Claire, who argues the cops cleared her cos she was nowhere near the bomb ... Jake knows not Ben's whereabouts. He momentarily suspected his old mob contacts, but they did not need to blow up a church. Gwen frowns when she hears he was busy helping Gabi ... Lee greets Chad with a strong handshake. He is miffed he missed him when he needed to introduce him to a key client. Chad was in Florida and left word with his assistant, who evidently did not relay the message. Lee gushes Gabi stepped up and she smugly smiles ...

Eric runs out to get the car ready. Sami snaps tis too soon. Allie wishes she would not shout. She accuses her of causing her early labor and then cries out in pain ... Gwen gets agitated hearing how Jake saw Gabi and her sprained ankle home, not to mention he also made her his wedding date ... Chad reminds Lee that Gabi is no longer on team DiMera. Smitten Shin still appreciated her assistance. She adds she is a DiMera by marriage and sweetly suggests Chad focus on his Florida world with his unwell wife while she helps the company ... Sami gets Allie to squeeze her hand. Nicole and Sami help her stand up. Sami tells Nicole hands off and takes her daughter out the door. Nicole complains to returned Eric while they follow ... Claire points out the past is the past. This time she was set up by someone and vows to expose them ... Eerie Eve calls the wedding and bride beautiful. She could see how happy Beeeeeeen was but left before it turned into a blast. Ben shouts he should have known! Eve uses the G word. Grudge for him strangling her sweet Paige. Alas his execution never came! Now she shall have justice for Paige. There is no way out ... Claire argues someone who was aware of her every move set it up to make her seem guilty. Ciara is listening … Gwen reminds Jake SHE is the girlfriend. Jake never said that so she adds they are sleeping together. He hates being pressured from all sides. Gwen declares he is not Stefan DiMera so Gabi means nothing. Jake defends her, declaring they are friends. Gwen grills him ...

Chad reminds Shin that Gabi made his wife unwell. Lee argues she was found not guilty. Gabi agrees. Chad apologizes for dropping the ball. Shin kisses Gabi's hand and leaves with a smitten smile. Chad warns her it will not work ... The gang are in Allie's hospital room. Dr. Sarah states it will soon be time to push. Sami insists on staying as coach. Allie turns her down. Sami looks like she has been slapped a thousand times. Then she insists she is the coach. Allie gets annoyed. Sarah leaves to prepare. Desperate Allie decides Eric can be her coach. Sami argues he had no kids. Allie selects Nicole to be by her side. Nicole is honored. Sami scoffs NO ... Chad warns Gabi to stop sidling up to Shin. She taunts she was at the wedding blast as brother Jake's date ... Jake gets mad. He reminds Gwen she almost got them killed and ruined their earlier relationship by being paranoid. She apologizes and sighs she is supposed to be his lady. She starts to seduce him and he kisses her. He agrees she is his woman. She wants him to prove it so they head to the bed ... Pretty Claire insists she was set up by someone who was aware of their history. Someone used her to ruin Ciara and Ben. She wants to team up with Ciara to bring them down together ... Eve hisses she has long waited for her revenge. Ben robbed her of the daughter she loved and ruined her life. She yanks his hair and he gasps to go ahead.just do it, off him! Eve pauses ... After the lovin Jake stretches with a smile. Gwen gushes they are good togetha. Then she gets dressed to get packed. He is Jake DiMera and he deserves to be at the DiMera grand mansion, his ancestral abode. Jake considers ...

Back at DiMera mansion, Gabi claims she and Jake grew closer after Vivian passed. Chad suspects she is using him to come back to DiMera. Gabi complains the man she loved is dead and she almost got killed by the crazy church bomber! Chad is amused ... Eve taunts she has long dreamt of strangling Ben with a necktie. But she has something bigger planned. He growls her bomb could have cost many lives. The only recipe she cares about is revenge. Ben meets her glare and demands to know her plans ... All Ciara wants is to get Ben back. Claire talks teaming up against their mutual enemy. Ciara still has trust issues. Claire promises to find the guilty party. Ciara stops her from leaving ... Allie wants Nicole as her coach. Sami states Chloe gave birth to Holly, not Nicole. Nicole notes she delivered Holly during a snowstorm without a doctor. Allie points out that makes her perfect for the job. Sami gives her sworn arch enemy a look to kill and whispers she wants her out. Nicole is staying unless Allie says to go. Sarah comes back. Allie confirms her coach is Nicole. Sami calls her a porn star. Eric has heard enough and ushers her out as Allie cries in pain. Nicole morphs into coach mode with her green gown as Dr. Sarah oversees. Allie breathes a sigh of relief now that Sami is not in the room ...

Gabi exclaims she was hurt in the explosion. Chad grills her. She gushes Jake carried her all the way home. He reminds her the guy has a girlfriend but would not be surprised if she made moves ... Jake gets testy at Gwen's glee about the mansion. She boasts she was a guest of Chad after she drank too much. She believes Jake deserves the DiMera life with his own valet. Jake would rather be a regular bloke. Gwen points out tis the perfect place to hide from the mob ... Ciara emotionally announces Claire is family and she needs help. She weeps she is afraid and Claire hugs her, vowing they will get Ben back. Somewhere someone must have him ... Eve whispers Ben will suffer the way he made her suffer. She alludes to making him lose the wife he loves ... Sami sulks to Eric and grumbles about Nicole. That is her grandchild coming! Eric gives his twin a talking to. Tis the time to pray for a safe labor not become belligerent. Sami sticks out her chin ... Natural birth Allie howls again. Nicole coaches her when the next contraction comes. Sarah suggests she breathe. The baby is almost there ... Stylish Gabi calls Jake gorgeous but denies wanting him. She gloats she is filet mignon unlike ground beef Gwen so there is no contest. Gwen and Jake appear with their luggage. Gwen quips they like their filet mignon medium rare. Chad wonders what they are doing at his residence. Gwen grins they are moving in and Jake grins too. Gabi slyly digests the dramatic development ... Claire gives Ciara a pep talk about saving Ben and they hug. Ben's Angels are officially on the case ... Ben threatens Eve not to touch his wife or ... Eve enlightens him. Tis Ben who will be the one to off his beloved wife!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, July 30, 2020