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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the Kiriakis mansion Will and Sonny toast to their new child. Sonny is surprised Rafe withdrew. Will remembers Sami stating she convinced him but says nothing. The guys are ready. Will gushes Allie could be signing the papers as they speak ... Nicole comes home with food and hears how Allie got the adoption papers she is about to sign. Nicole glances at Eric and admits there is something about Sami ... Sami interrupts busy Rafe for a favor. Allie cannot know she spoke to him about the adoption ... Ciara digests the update from Clyde on Orpheus being gone from the facility ... Ben hoarsely shouts who the hell as the door slowly opens ... At DiMera mansion stylish Kate is staring at her laptop when Lucas starts to say something but she blasts him, believing he slept with Bonnie ... Rafe lets Sami know he does not intend to blab. She breathes a sigh of relief. Rafe warns not so fast ... Nicole informs Allie that Rafe was not exactly truthful ... Ciara is dismayed to hear that Orpheus disappeared. The guards are all tightlipped. She is desperate to find him and wants Clyde to help ... A suited Englishman called Vincent greets Ben and politely tells him he blew up his wedding. He describes his bomb and assures Ben his bride is fine. He alone was the target ... Clyde warns Ciara that Orpheus is a lone wolf but he will put out word. He could have cut another deal with the ISA or witness protection. He urges Ciara to appeal to Rafe for information. Clyde is countin' on her to save his son agaaaaaain ...

Kate explains Harold witnessed Bonnie exiting the bedroom while buttoning her blouse. Lucas snaps she was waiting in his bed but he booted her out. He now shares that Will is adopting Allie's baby ... Will wants to make a shopping list for the new baby. Sonny states there is something important first ... Sami wonders to whom Rafe revealed her secret. He spoke with Nicole. Sami panics for she is her sworn enemy! Rafe muses she did the math anyway. Sami leaves in a huff to silence her. Rafe sighs ... Eric is confused. Nicole explains her conversation with Rafe when she was out for food. Allie is appalled to hear Sami put the pressure. The commissioner then concluded he did not need her mother as a complication. So he said no ... Petulant Ari's TV show was interrupted. She sits on the sofa with her double dads and learns she is getting a present. She hopes for a puppy. Will and Sonny pause ... Kate wonders why Rafe did not agree to adopt Allie's baby. Lucas talks timing. Kate finds it odd. Lucas airily suggests she ask Rafe and turns to go. Kate knows he is hiding something ... Allie is agitated about Sami's endless interference. Sami knocks on the door demanding Nicole open up. Allie does and gives her a death stare ...

Ciara updates Rafe on Clyde. His gift was cash in the bank. He believes the bomber could have been Orpheus wanting revenge on her and Hope ... Vincent politely reveals he purposely set the bomb so he could knock out Ben and bring him here. Ben gasps why????? He was well paid ... Rafe agrees Orpheus is a bomb master but he could have done more damage by putting it inside the church not the vestibule. He wants to talk to him. Ciara complains he was moved. The warden would not see her. Angry Rafe calls that warden now ... Will and Sonny inform Allie she cannot get a new puppy and sibling at the same time ... Kate tries to wear Lucas down. He remembers warning Sami that Allie would never forgive her and acts innocent ... Allie informs Sami she is staying with Eric and Nicole now. Sami wants a word with Nicole. Allie accuses her of wanting to intimidate Nicole into keeping her dirty secret - that she went behind her daughter's back to talk Rafe out of taking her baby!

Arianna wonders where the baby is coming from. Aunt Allie decided they should adopt her baby as she is not ready. Still no smile ... Back at DiMera mansion Kate teases Lucas for his terrible lying and the twitching eyebrow. He gasps he cannot share and she realizes it is about Sami ... Eric tells Sami to back off when she gets sarcastic about Nicole being busy. Allie exclaims she already knows! Sami hears Will and Sonny brought by papers she was about to sign and seems pleased ... until Allie points out that was before she knew what she had done ... Rafe is furious the feds quietly took Orpheus into custody. Ciara repeats what Clyde said about the ISA or witness protection. Rafe calls ISA Shane to find out what the hell is going on ... Ben gasps Clyde was the boss? Vincent cackles. Ben demands answers. Vincent sneers and takes out a baton to smash his knee. Ben howls in pain like a wounded wolf ... Rafe rages on the phone to Shane. Ciara is impressed. Rafe would do anything for her. She begins to worry Ben might not be alive. Rafe assures her he is and hugs her ... Sonny and Will gush Ari is going to be a big sister. She wants to go back to her show. Alone again, Sonny suggests they give her time and get the puppy. Will teases he is trying to bribe their daughter but has no objection ... Kate does some of the math and Lucas reveals the rest. He worries Sami will lose her daughter and they need one another especially now. He urges Kate to keep the secret ...

Chez Eric and Nicole, Sami admits she discussed the difficulty of the situation with Rafe. She blames Nicole for butting in and asks Allie to sign the papers for Sonny and Will aka the most loving home for her baby. But Allie too is stubborn. Meanwhile Will and Sonny excite Ari with news of a new puppy as soon as the baby is settled. She senses a bribe - a word that mama Gabi taught her that sometimes works. Family hug ... Kate complains cover for Sami? Lucas asks her to consider Will plus the mother and daughter relationship. Kate's red lips are sealed. However, the truth will come out. It always does ... Allie accuses Sami of meddling and acting like a madwoman with anyone who disagrees. This was her decision! All of a sudden she gets a labor cramp. Sami tells her how to breathe while Eric and Nicole watch ... As Ciara waits with her apple, Rafe gets a call from Shane. Orpheus is in a super max federal prison so it was not him! Then who ... Ben has been beaten and the big boss EVE DONOVAN now decides to take over. He gasps and she greets him in her red dress, her vengeful voice cold as ice ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 29, 2020