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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Nicole and Eric are home, remembering their romantic hot air balloon ride. The lovebirds kiss. Holly is at day camp so she suggests home honeymooning ... Sami assures Lucas that Allie knows nothing about ... Here comes Allie wanting to know what ... At the station Rafe hears about Clyde's mysterious wedding gift to Ben from Will. Will believes a bomb sounds just like Clyde and adds Ben warned his devious dad was able to do things others could not ... Ciara dreams of her dream wedding. However, their happily ever after came to an explosive end. She also dreams of Hope sadly stating Ben was dead and wakes up with a gasp ... Ben is tied to a chair with a gash on his head. A bright light shines above him in the makeshift otherwise dark room ... Hope rushes to Ciara, who is upset about her bad dream. Hope explains Claire is now in the clear. Ciara suspects she is still responsible and cries she needs to get Ben back. Hope holds her ... Rafe and Will discuss the possibility of Ben being kidnapped ... Ben coughs and wakes up, wondering where he is ... At the lavish Kiriakis mansion Sonny ends a call with Justin, who is already working on the adoption papers. Will has come home and updates hubby on Claire's innocence ... Sly Sami lies she was referring to Claire no longer being a suspect. Allie is still suspicious. Sami praises her for choosing Will and Sonny as the adopters. Allie asks her to get gummy bears before they drive her home to Marlena's. Sami scurries off. Allie informs Lucas she cannot stay at Marlena's now that her mother is there. She leaves to catch a cab to Eric and Nicole's. Sami comes back looking crestfallen ...

Eric is energized and falls to the sofa with Nicole. They make out like newlyweds ... Ciara is desperate. Rafe arrives with a clue. Hope listens as he wonders whether Clyde sent a gift. He should speak to him. Ciara insists it be her instead ... Ben struggles with the ties that bind and shouts for help ... Eric has a souvenir for his new wife. She jokes no elephant statue and admires the earrings from Kilimanjaro. Eric wants a kiss. Enter apologetic Allie, who is now avoiding Sami. They realize she was at the hospital and ask for her story ... Sami sighs to Lucas that Allie considers her the enemy. Lucas teases Sami is like an inflatable clown that won't go away. He now wonders who caused the explosion if not Claire ... Hope is protective but Ciara points out she knows interrogation techniques. Rafe agrees. Ciara does not let Hope accompany her cos she needs to have Clyde's total trust to make him talk ... Captive Ben remembers his captivating bride and for a moment fears the worst. His last memory is of the explosion she too was caught in ... Sonny shows Will the adoption papers. They happily depart to get Allie's signature ... Allie explains to Eric and Nicole how happy she is with her choice of adopters. Nicole senses something about Rafe pulling out last minute and offers to get some food … Hungry Rafe thanks Hope for the food. She paces with her tea and admits she is anxious, wanting to do something. Rafe has an idea ... Orange clad Clyde shakes his head when angry Ciara updates him on Ben being lost under the rubble of the church explosion. He wants to know where the hell he is ... Ben cries for Ciaraaaaaaaaaa anybodyyyyyyyyyy ...

Rafe asks Hope to assist him by going through all the surveillance footage available with Shawn. She is on it. He heads back to the station. She raises an eyebrow ... Lucas feels Sami was unfair to put pressure on Rafe especially now and if Allie ever hears about it, she is in big trouble! Sami gets to thinking ... Eric is gracious about having Allie back at the apartment. She hopes Sami will back off soon. Knock knock! Tis Will and Sonny, who smile they have the adoption agreement with the terms they talked about. Allie pauses as reality sets in ... Nicole embraces Rafe at the square. He is busy on the case but asks about her married life. They just got back and Allie came to stay since she is fed up with Sami. Nicole now probes why he said no to adopting her baby. He claims he was not ready and admits being the father of Sami’s grandbaby would have been complicated. Nicole concludes Sami was hounding him ... Serious Ciara informs Clyde they do not know who set that explosive to blow. He can see she suspects him and denies doing it. She suggests he help her do the math. Did Ben have any enemies from Poplar Bluff or beyond? Crafty Clyde concludes SHE could have been the target of ... evil ORPHEUS!

Back at the square Nicole deduces Rafe decided not to adopt Allie’s baby because of Sami. He believes he made the right decision but Nicole is bothered Sami was so selfish. Rafe, however, has a case, thanks her for caring and gets back to his commissioner duties. Nicole fumes ... Sami makes light of her conversation with Rafe. Lucas repeats Allie would not appreciate her meddling. He hopes she did not tell anyone else what she did. Sami confesses she told Will but swore him to secrecy. Lucas does not approve but agrees to stay out of it. She wants the best for their daughter but he knows better. Sami wants what she wants for Sami ... Allie appeared to be overwhelmed by the long document. Will and Sonny tell her to take her time. She reads a page about having visitation rights and is grateful ... Clyde argues Ciara got Orpheus' son Christian to confess to killing Jordan. Orpheus might have wanted to make her suffer by snatching Ben. Orpheus loves a good bomb plus Ciara's mama Hope just got the key to the city. So many people that peeved Orpheus were in that place. Ciara is listening. At that very moment Ben begs his unseen captor to please release him ...

Will and Sonny return home, marveling over things happening fast. Will had Henderson leave the champagne on ice. Time to celebrate becoming dads again. They toast to baby Horton Kiriakis or Kiriakis Horton. Sonny emotionally smiles ... Back in his office busy Rafe finishes a frustrated call. Sami sweeps in and he sighs he has a manhunt on his hands. She sincerely thanks him for saying no to Allie and tries to swear him to secrecy ... Allie has no lawyer and explains to Eric that Sonny said Justin could go over everything. Nicole comes back with the food. Allie is about to sign but Nicole wants her to have all the facts first ... Ciara intends to interrogate Orpheus. Clyde reveals he is no longer there ... Ben dares the bastard bomber to show himself and a door ominously opens. Smoke flows in first and then ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, July 28, 2020