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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Steve and Sweetness are home from their adventure. He sits her down at the square and steps away. Kayla has stars in her eyes ... Lucas wakes up in his bed - to Bonnie ... Sami informs tired Allie she gets out in a few hours. She wonders what Rafe said. He said no. Sami acts surprised ... At the Kiriakis mansion Will assures stressed Sonny he is alright as is Allie. But the bomb led to Ben going missing. Sonny hopes for news soon. Will whispers Claire seems to be a suspect ... At the station as Shawn stands behind his daughter, Rafe tries to interrogate her. Was she responsible for the explosion? Belle insists she was with her but Claire wants to make an admission. Rafe asks if she planted ... She exclaims she was away from the house for half an hour getting fresh air at the park. He wonders whether anyone witnessed it and argues to dismissive Belle that she was fired from the wedding not to mention her history. But legal eagle Belle knows her rights. She orders him to charge her girl or let her go ... Sonny asks if Claire could be culpable. Will points out her parents, grandparents and preggers women were present so probably not. Sonny has Allie’s baby on his mind. Will just saw Rafe heading to her room. Sonny sighs he probably said yes ... Allie suspiciously asks Sami if she is sorry. Sami was against her giving up her baby but the blast at the church made her see the light. She wants her daughter happy and slyly asks what Rafe said. That it is too soon for him to be a dad again. Sami proceeds to pressure her to keep the baby. Allie gets annoyed. Sami wishes Lucas were here ... Bonnie could not resist when she opened the door and saw Lucas lying asleep. She tries to get frisky and he threatens to call the cops. The full clothed siren saw her book on his nightstand and offers to rock his world ...

Steve bears yellow roses for his rose. They hold hands and enjoy remembering their romantic reunion. They made it to Lake Louise with its snowy mountains and bright blue waters though the only thing he saw was the power of her beauty. She gushes they were like a dream so he kisses her to make it real. Suited Justin comes around the corner and freezes. He tries to act jovial about them getting back together and turns but Steve stops him. He thanks him for revealing the truth to Kayla ... Pink blouse Bonnie has to accept Lucas' no and changes the subject to their daughter drama. She is smug she gave him advice and admits she is lonely too ... Rafe concedes Claire can go. Huffy Belle takes her home after Shawn hugs his girl. Rafe apologizes for giving her a hard time. Shawn wants to be involved in the investigation ... Allie wishes Sami would go back to Europe but Sami wants to discuss her decision. Allie is fatigued so Sami gives her space. Allie starts to call ... Will answers the call from Allie. She invites him and Sonny to her hospital room. She needs to say something in person. Sonny sighs it must be bad news. Will pauses ... Back at the townhouse, Claire worries no one saw her on the park bench. She hyperventilates she could get locked up again. Belle offers tea. She would rather withdraw to her room. Belle starts to text Shawn, wondering where he is. Here comes sister Sami with a sympathetic word and a hug for her stressed little sister ...

Lucas blasts Bonnie and snaps to stop bugging him for good! He boots her out of his bed ... Sami warns Belle that Rafe might still throw the book at Claire and suggests she take her out of the country fast ... Shawn is convinced Claire is not to blame for the bombing. He and Rafe could solve the case faster for Ciara ... Sonny and Will arrive at Allie's room. She is relieved Sami is not around and announces she would like them to adopt her baby. Happy days indeed! Will assumed she wanted Rafe. She reveals he was not ready for fatherhood again. Will is still uncertain but not Allie. The church blast made her see the light. Her baby having a good home with the best life is now the answer to her prayers. The fact that she knows them is the icing on the cake. Will and Sonny are moved. Sonny hugs her and smiles let them know if she needs anything. Will concurs. Enter Lucas. Sonny and Will leave for a lawyer. They let Allie explain ... Belle insists Claire is innocent and would look guilty going on the run. Sami warns her to whisk her fragile daughter away before Rafe does something to stop them. Claire emerges in a robe and Belle panics. She tells Claire to pack ...

Justin sighs he is happy to see Kayla with Steve. She thanks him for everything. He thanks her for helping him realize he could be happy again. Steve hopes he will find someone to brighten his days as did Adrienne. Bonnie appears. She explains to Kayla she is not Adrienne. Steve growls and wants the imposter gone. She hates being hated but plans to stay as long as she wants. Steve warns he is watching her. Bonnie makes a snide remark. Justin woefully informs Kayla he moved completely out of her condo. She appreciated their relationship. Justin too. He watches her walk away arm-in-arm with Steve. Bonnie notices ... Lucas is pleased he still gets to be grandpa to Allie's baby and hopes she will have no regrets ... Rafe reveals the church was without security cameras. Shawn checks the footage from the park to find Claire. Rafe notes if she was not there, she could be facing charges ... Sonny is in seventh heaven. However, he senses something with Will, who remembers Sami swearing him to secrecy. Will decides to check with Rafe. Surprised Sonny will get the paperwork started by Justin ... Justin holds a railing at the square and stares up at the sky. Bonnie complains about Lucas kicking her out of his world. She sighs Steve and Kayla the super couple got together again and suggests they drown their sorrows ... Steve and Kayla are at the pub. They both feel badly about Justin being hurt but ... She suggests Steve move in with her ... Will approaches Rafe at the station, asking about Ben. Rafe has nothing so far and Ciara is with Hope. Will asks if he really is alright with Allie giving him and Sonny her baby because he knows all about Sami putting pressure. Rafe praises him and Sonny as parents. Will suddenly sees the Claire dossier on the desk ...

Stylish Claire protests but Sami and Belle believe it is best she leave the country with her mother. Claire does not want to go on the run. Here comes Shawn announcing she is in the clear. Happy hugs time ... Back at the pub Steve lets Sweetness know he will live anyplace with her if they are together. They kiss in bliss ... Justin dismisses Bonnie. Sonny approaches with an announcement. He and Will are adopting Allie's baby. Big congratulations. Sonny is so glad to have a reason to smile ... Lucas runs into Sami at the hospital. Allie is about to be released. Sami admits she put the squeeze on Rafe. Lucas warns that was a mistake but she argues Allie will never find out. Here comes her dressed daughter, suspiciously wondering what she did ... The footage showed Claire at the park. She breathes a sigh of relief. Belle still wants them to head to Hong Kong. Shawn agrees. Claire, however, refuses to leave Salem ... Rafe is relieved for Claire and asks what best man Will noticed that day. Will recalls Ben did hear from Clyde, who had wanted an invitation and was disappointed. Rafe takes notes and asks what else he alluded to. That he would send him a gift to remember!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 27, 2020