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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Phone Will updates Sonny on Allie in the hospital. He loves him. Allie suggests he head home to hubby. Will insists on staying at her side. Hurricane Sami is imminent. Meanwhile Sami rushes to Marlena, followed by Lucas and demands to know where her daughter is ... After leaving Shawn a message, Belle is stunned to see battle weary John ... At the ruined church Ciara does not understand where Ben could be ... Allie hopes Sami did not get to Rafe. Will remembers her admitting she 'got through' to him and trying to swear him to secrecy. He opens his mouth as Sami races in with Lucas, demanding answers. Will sighs all is well. Allie asks them to leave now. Sami blasts them both for being at the wedding of killer Ben ... Rafe explains there was no other way out. Hope is at Ciara's side. Shawn suggests Ben might be outside somewhere in shock. Ciara takes off in tears to investigate and they promise to call if anything. Shawn and Rafe need more clues ... Claire overhears John using the word EXPLOSION to Belle and asks if the cause is known. Creepy music plays ... Will argues Ben changed and the poor guy is missing. Sami will not change her tune. Will gets a text about Arianna waiting up for him. Allie will be alright and thanks big brother for being there. Always. He urges Sami not to be hard on her. Sami is glad he saved little sister. He admits it was actually Xander. Sami and Lucas now learn she was passed out. Will leaves and Sami concludes her daughter is reconsidering her decision to part with her baby ... John notes there is not much to go on. Claire anxiously asks about Ciara. John sighs she and a few others are trying to find Ben ... At the square shell shocked Ciara cannot reach Ben on the phone. Shawn joins her and Hope to reveal the fire department discovered a bomb. Ciara sits down and deduces she was the target. Then she takes off in her messed up wedding gown ...

Marlena assures phone Belle she will keep her posted. Belle now notices crying Claire hanging onto a picture of the unfortunate couple and hugs her ... Allie admits she was very afraid for the baby. She is giving her/him up out of love for someone who can be a better parent. Sami offers support and mentions Will again. Allie adds she witnessed at the wedding what a wonderful father figure Rafe was. Tis his decision to make for she asked him first. She wants to play fair ... At the hospital, Rafe reveals to John and Marlena that the vestibule had an explosive. Strange. The super couple noticed nothing unusual ... Ciara comes to the townhouse and Claire is relieved she is alright. With dirt still smudged on her face, Ciara accuses her of being the wedding bomber ... By the nurse's station Sami overhears Rafe raging on his phone about the bomb. Sami scoffs the world would be better without Ben, gets coffee and wants to go back to Allie. Rafe asks after her and baby. Sami states they are alright but ... Lucas sits with Allie and gets choked up about his baby girl being in a church explosion. He was so scared and wants a hug. Done. He is relieved her and baby are well and regrets missing much of her childhood. He assumes she was very afraid when the explosion happened. Yes and it looked like the world had ended. Father embraces daughter ... Claire cries she loves Ciara, who screams she tried to torch her two times before! Belle attempts to defend her daughter but Ciara knows it was no accident. She sobs she hated Ben and her being happy enough to blow up the whole dang church and looks her straight in the eye. Stunned Claire returns the distraught bride’s stare ...

Allie smiles before the sad ending the wedding was beautiful as the couple were so in love. Lucas knows she will find someone one day. She thanks him for not mentioning the baby daddy. He now brings up Sonny and Will being wonderful parents. She reminds him tis her choice to make ... Will catches up with Marlena, astounded to hear the explosion was no accident. She asks after Allie. Will is worried since pushy Sami is pressuring her ... Rafe warns Sami they divorced ages ago so he need not answer to her. She accepts that but when he wonders whether she would give her blessing to him as the baby's adopted parent she pauses ... Claire denies the 'crazy' charge. Ciara knows she is no innocent and points the finger as Claire protests. Hope holds her daughter back and Shawn tries to referee. Claire gasps she would not want to harm her own loved ones! Ciara cries but she knew she and Ben would be the first ones through the door. She considers her capable, culpable and breaks down like a bride falling from the top of a wedding cake ...

Marlena praises worried Will for his patience. She senses Allie will make her decision on her own and it will not be decided by Sami ... Lucas babbles he respects Allie but would be happiest if Will and Sonny got to adopt her baby. She asks for his support next time Sami gives her a tough time. Lucas sighs Sami is driven by regrets about her own mistakes ... Sami gets mad and then begs Rafe to reconsider if she ever meant anything to him. Rafe starts to get a headache ... Ciara wants to call Rafe to arrest church bomber Claire. Belle points out there is no proof. Ciara orders Claire to confess on the spot. She cries it was not her! Hope escorts her home but first Ciara vows to find proof and get her locked up forever! Claire is visibly shaken she acted like she was a criminal. Belle is sorry. She hopes her parents believe she was not the bomber. Shawn assures her they ... support her. Claire counters she overheard them, sarcastically suggests they talk behind her back some more, and storms into her room ...

Sami is consuming candy when Lucas rejoins her. He suggests they give Allie space. Perky Sami humors him and pops another candy ... Rafe is relieved Allie and baby are alright and takes her hand. He was honored she asked him to raise her baby but after David, he is still not ready. Allie understands ... Marlena stops John from removing the bandage on his head cut. She feels fortunate he was not hurt. John drawls Ciara and Ben were not so lucky. Ben must be found alive! They know not who the bomber was but he is mighty relieved no one can accuse Claire ... Shawn believes Belle is Claire's alibi but Belle admits she was not always with her. She slipped out for a while ... Hope sees her devastated daughter to her door and decides to stay outside. Ciara breaks down once alone in the room. The champagne and petals on the bed are untouched. Tragic music plays as she remembers their romantic vows and sobs on the bed ... Meanwhile unconscious Ben lies in darkness as a trunk is closed by his unseen enemy.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, July 24, 2020