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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Replay of the romantic wedding literally exploding with Ben lost behind the doors of the inferno seconds after his first kiss with his beautiful new wife. The guests all fall as smoke streams in. FIRE FIRE! Xander threw himself over Sarah to save her and they stand amid the rubble. He goes to look for others. Dedicated Dr. Sarah searches for the wounded ... John calls out for doc with a scrape on his handsome head. Will assures him Marlena is alright. He asks Sarah to come see Allie ... Rafe and Jake assist gasping Gabi to her feet. Eli helps up Lani. She feels fine and wants to find others. Concerned about the baby, Eli ushers her out. Shawn shouts for Hope and they hug. They are horrified when they see Ciara in a heap. The battle weary bride wonders what happened. Shawn says the B word. Bomb. Ciara hobbles off to find her husband and screams for him at the inferno where he was last spotted. There is a hole in one of the doors. Shawn and Hope stop her as the area is unstable. Rafe is relieved to hear Ciara seems alright. Everyone is told to leave. Ciara cries not without Ben as Rafe and Hope hold her back from the flames ... Doug and Julie drink water outside and hope everyone is alright. She calls Gabi a roach when she limps out with Jake. Gabi blames Jake for inviting her. Lani and Eli emerge. He explains Hope and Ciara seemed find but no one has seen Ben. Lani urges him to head back and help the others. Doug offers to drive her to hospital ... Fainted Allie is carried into the hospital as John and Will stand by. Dr. Sarah goes to check on her. Marlena arrives and they hope for the best ... The fire is extinguished but there is no sign of Ben by the doors or anywhere else. Ciara falls apart ...

Outside Jake is coughing and complains the cops are not letting anyone else in to search. He and Gabi bicker about who is to blame. Jake calls her a pain. She wants to be left alooooone. Alas she cannot stand with her wounded ankle so he carries her home ... Allie wakes up to Will, John and Marlena by her hospital bed. She hears hot Xander carried her out. Sarah is doing tests and so far all seems well. When Marlena wants to phone her folks Allie protests ... In Lani’s room Julie worries for the searchers still inside, including Hope, Rafe and Eli. Doug wonders how to help. Lani asks him to call Abe. Julie steps out when Sarah arrives to check on the baby. Lani senses something ... Back at the church the remaining men call out to BEN while Hope bandages Ciara's scrapes. The firemen arrive with axes. Ciara points them in the last direction where Ben was spotted. Hope cannot stop her strong willed daughter from following ... At DiMera mansion Jake gets impatient Gabi ice for her foot. She apologizes for earlier. She confesses she was cross at him cos he is not her Stefan. He admits he has more questions than answers about his infamous family. She offers to answer anything. He worries about Ben but Gabi argues Ciara's clan and Rafe have it covered. Jake sits beside her and asks about the DiMeras ... Sarah mentions spotting but the monitor looks alright. Lani gasps she cannot lose this baby. Sarah calms her ... John patiently points out Allie cannot push away her parents forever. Will argues Sami will go nuts if they do not contact her. She begs them to wait until she gets the all clear. Marlena reluctantly agrees. The girl asks about Ciara and Ben. John drawls the fire department is still searching with Ciara at the church ...

The men are moving boards as Ciara and Hope woefully watch. Ciara gets to the hole in the door but sees no sign of Ben ... just his shoe amid the smoke and rubble. The men get in and Rafe shouts his name. Hope holds Ciara, who worries he is under all the heavy debris. Hope reasons he made it through worse to be with her. Ciara wants to pray and so they do while holding hands ... Searching Eli gets a nasty cut on his hand. Shawn and Rafe tell him to go to Lani and the baby. They keep digging ... Back at the hospital Julie bears pudding but Lani panics about the spotting. Julie gives her granddaughter-in-law a very Horton pep talk. On her watch nothing will happen to that unborn baby ... Allie asks attentive Will for a cheeseburger. He got gummy bears from the vending machine. She thinks he is the best brother and always was. She also praises him as a perfect papa. If she had not asked Rafe first ... Will is going to respect her decision and loves her. They hug ... Devoted Xander has coffee for swamped Sarah, who shares that Allie seems alright. She praises him for the heroic way he picked the girl up and walked her all the way to the hospital. He was reminded of Mickey. Sarah emotionally thanks him for that and the caffeine. He will keep the coffees coming and refuses to leave her side when she suggests he head home. After all, they were getting somewhere. Sarah has stars in her eyes ... Jake cannot fathom being in a family with so many siblings not to mention servants. Gabi confides the mansion makes her feel close to Stefan. They had such high hopes to raise their family here. Jake now gets a text and is disappointed it was not about Ben. Gabi can see how worried he is and he does not deny it. Matter of fact he fears he is to blame for the church blow up.

John drawls to doc he is fine but if anything had happened to her ... She whispers she feels the same way. He kisses her and she cries as he holds her close ... Gummy bear girl Allie is impatiently awaiting her test results for the unborn baby she is feeling closer to. Will warmly smiles. She wants to make sure they have a wonderful life, hence the adoption. Will calls her wise. Here come John and Marlena. John jokes his head is harder than ever. Marlena has the results and all is well so her folks can be contacted. Allie groans... Eli joins Julie and Lani. He holds his wife's hand and makes light of his hand injury. Julie wonders about Ben. He was believed to be under a pile of rubble. Julie prays he will be alright. Sarah arrives and Lani awaits the verdict ... Gabi disagrees with Jake but he warns the Philly mob might still be mad. She laughs they would leave a horse head. Jake laughs too and asks then who? Gabi lowers her voice. The clans in that church had countless enemies ... Ciara looks down when they lift the last board and cannot believe it ...

Back at DiMera mansion Gabi's ankle is better. Jake hopes Ben, his only friend in the world, got out alive ... Sarah smiles baby is alright. Lani and Eli breathe a sigh of relief. Doug arrives ... Sarah is elated to see Xander again and updates him on both babies being well. She suggests he head home. Only after she promises dinner together. She gushes in agreement ... Will assures Allie he will be at her side. They wonder about Ben ... Ciara stares at the strange sight. The heavy church chandelier fell but Ben was not under it. Where oh where did her groom go?!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, July 23, 2020