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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Gabi teases Jake about that toast to his mom. He suddenly gasps and remembers Ben's wedding ... At the church, Hope and Rafe admire Ciara, who wishes Bo were here. Rafe points out he would be proud. She thanks Rafe for helping her grow into the woman she is. Hope assures her Bo is watching and keeping her safe, unaware the unseen bomb is already activated ... Gabi is sorry for Jake's loss and starts to go home alone. He impulsively invites her to be his wedding date. She asks about Gwen and teases she will be mad. Jake cares not and repeats his invitation ... Best man Will notes groom Ben is nervous as hell. Ben wonders if he is good enough and lists the names of those against him. Will gushes to give Ciara the best happily ever after and prove them all wrong. He believes in him ... Claire gets testy when Belle tells her Shawn is at Ciara's wedding. She suspects her mother is here to guard her and make sure she does nothing nutty ... Ciara is over the moon. Mama Hope loves her and wants her happy. Rafe takes her arm. Tis time. A magical harp plays as they prepare to proceed down the aisle. Anxious Julie and Ben await. All of a sudden late Lani and Eli leap in ...

The elegant guests watch the closed doors and wonder. Behind them Lani apologizes for her dress not fitting so she had to find a new one. Eli hopes they can still be seated. Jake arrives with Gabi, announces she is with him, and also goes to get seated, much to Lani's dismay. Julie sighs as Gabi sits and flips her hair. Hope comes down the aisle in her golden dress and red shoes. The very expectant bridesmaid is next ... Back at her grandparents' home, Claire gets shrill about being shut out and loathed. Belle acts sympathetic. Claire overheard her with her father and feels betrayed they believe she did those bad things. Belle patiently points out she might have put too much pressure on herself ... The harp is replaced by a royal sounding organ. The guests wait. Ciara starts to hyperventilate behind the closed doors and admits to Rafe her legs feel wobbly. He promises not to let her fall just like when she was learning to ice skate. He knows the heels are hard to walk with. She feels better and together they enter to the wedding march. Ben takes a deep breath as his eyes lock with his beautiful bride's. Ciara and Rafe glide toward her handsome groom. Shawn and Hope smile. John grins and Marlena smiles too. Ben gazes in wonder ... Claire babbles about wanting to right things but it went to hell and she was unfairly accused. Belle now realizes she knew about Ciara's wedding way before she let on. Why the lie? Claire did not want her folks to feel she was obsessed. Belle innocently asks if she is. Her daughter screams in denial ... Rafe and Hope kiss Ciara on the cheek and sit together in a pew. Ben hopes his beautiful bride feels alright now. She nods and he gallantly takes her hand. Julie emotionally begins but decides to do away with the just cause part. She rips that note in half and the crowd claps ...

Julie suddenly gets hit with stage fright ... until she sees Doug mouthing she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She gets her composure back and announces she wants to wing it. She knows more about marriage than ... John quips maybe Doug, who teases he knows what Julie tells him. Back to the ceremony. Julie recalls how when Ciara was small a furious feral tomcat move under their porch. Only Ciara could tame him and the little girl was fearless with her love. Ben romantically looks at her. Julie argues true love is always right as the couples in attendance take it all in. Sarah smiles at Xander ... Claire complains about her folks doubting her as the others do. Nothing is enough! Belle loves her and apologizes for making her unhappy. She wanted to be with her not guard her and wants a hug. In time Ciara will come around. She now suggests Claire return to Hong Kong with her parents ... Shawn is at the podium and breaks his huge fortune cookie to read the translation of a Chinese poem about never parting. Gabi dabs her eyes. Shawn wishes his sis all the happiness in the world. Ciara is sorry about Claire but big brother understands. Julie now asks Ben and Ciara to reveal their prepared personal vows to one another while everyone listens ...

Ciara hands Julie her bouquet. Ben sighs no one here would have any nice stories about him as he was the feral cat. But he has tried to change and make amends. His life only started when he met Ciara. He explains her engagement ring is a washer from Bo's bike. Her bike crash was how they met and fell in love. He alludes to being a badass and credits Ciara for the miracle of his wonderful life. Flashbacks of their story flash through his and her minds. Their love runs truly madly deeply. Ben emotionally explains he fixed Ciara's broken leg and bike but he was utterly broken until she fixed him with her pure love. Ciara now addresses Benjamin Oliver. He changed her life by making her feel safe since they met. The road ahead may be rocky but his love will help her make it through. She remembers how gentle he was with her injured leg when he rescued her. The she remembers his romantic fortune cookie proposal. She too was broken and his love fixed her. John and Marlena give each other a knowing tender look. Time for the rings. With this ring Ben thee weds and slips it on her finger, kissing her hand like a romantic hero. With this ring Ciara thee weds and slips his on his finger. The young couple has stars in their eyes. They tearfully say their I do's. Julie pronounces the pair husband and wife. Ben kisses his bride like there is no tomorrow ...

Claire agrees to join her parents in Hong Kong as ominous music plays. She admits she BLEW UP her chance with Ciara ... Back at the church the guests giggle as the looooong kiss continues. The wedding ends and all applaud. The confetti flies. Ben opens the doors to depart with his bride but Ciara stops to hug Hope. Ben holds out his hand to his wife but before she reaches him a fiery explosion rains down on him. The bride falls down with the rest of the guests as the doors of hell cruelly close, leaving Ben locked inside the inferno ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 22, 2020