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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Claire has the perfect wedding dress ready for Ciara’s perfect day. Marlena is mighty impressed. Claire claims last night felt like the good old days with her bff … Hope wakes up sleeping sofa beauty Ciara, who runs to the loo to be sick … Ben dreams Jordan is wearing his beloved Ciara’s wedding dress … Jake is not thrilled to see visitor Gabi, who is sorry to say Vivian is dead … Woman in red Kate raises her glass at Viv’s casket. Kate’s leopard belt matches her wild cat mood … Ben gasps it cannot be! Jordan calls herself his conscience. She accuses him of ruining her happiness with Rafe. He stammers it was not him but she warns it would have been if it was not Christian. She warns one day Ciara will realize this was the worst day in her life … Ciara wonders why she feels badly for she had but one drink. Hope hugs her … Kate decides to lift the lid of the coffin but elegant Ivan stops her. He claims he was there when she collapsed at the station. Sadly paramedics could not save her. Death was instant. Kate curses and suspects her death was staged. Ivan does not wish to disturb her sleep but opens the casket to prove tis true. He lifts the lid. There sleeps serene Madame … Gabi explains it was her heart. Jake sighs he will never see her again. Gabi is sincerely sorry … Marlena knows about the missing engagement ring, much to Claire’s dismay, in addition to the nail polish on the dress. Claire insists she is innocent and departs with the dress in a garment bag … Dream Ben denies he would ever harm Ciara. Jordan’s ghost goads him with a necktie around her neck. Ben wakes up from the night terror and immediately calls Marlena …

Stylish Gabi thinks Jake should not be alone and asks about Gwen. He sighs she went out to shop in anticipation of the DiMera fortune. She offers to accompany him to the funeral since she is Stefan’s widow. He appreciates it but wants to be alone … Hope has something to help Ciara’s stomach and suspects the flu. Ciara thinks not. Hope wonders whether she might be preggers … Ben updates Marlena on his horrific dream of Jordan warning he would hurt Ciara. Marlena wonders what he believes. He cries. The emotional healer suspects t’was stress and explains he has everything under control. He notes not forever. Will Bad Ben always be lurking deep within? … Ciara is not preggers. Hope explains food poisoning would take longer. Ciara jumps to her own conclusion as Claire enters and demands to know what she did … Ivan stops catty Kate from pouring her champagne on sleeping Viv. Enter Jake. Ivan lets him know he added a continental name for him to her obituary that Madame would have liked. Jake sighs he just met her and now tis farewell forever … Ciara suspects Claire spiked her Zombie. Claire denies it but Ciara remembers she brought her the food and drink. She now reminds her that she had just finished doing her nails when she confronted her about the nail polish on her dress. Too many coincidences. She decides they are done for the wedding and forever and then tosses her cookies on Claire… Jake notes tis too early for champagne but Kate wants to celebrate the demise of his deadly mama. Ivan insists she was a great and wonderful woman. Kate offers to enlighten Jake on her sordid history. They leave Ivan standing alone in his supposed sorrow …

Claire cries she wanted her bff back and blames Ben for the conflict. Ciara fumes tis her fault and throws the fire in her face. Claire takes off in tears … Ben believes he is not blameless. Marlena gives him a pep talk and points out Will is even his best man. She smiles she will see him at the wedding. He smiles she feels kind of like family and asks to hug her. She thinks that would be great. He is grateful but when she goes he imagines Jordan the bride from hell standing before him. She taunts she is in his soul and dares him to kill her. She hisses his hallucinating proves he is not even sane … Ciara is convinced Claire did something. Hope offers to help and has a pill to soothe her stomach. Ciara passes out …As they walk and talk outside the pub Kate updates appalled Jake on Vivian trying to kill her. She assures him he is different and hands him the champagne bottle to celebrate he is rid of her. Gabi finds him alone with the bottle on a bench and is surprised the service is over. Jake calls the gathering small since his mother had no friends other than paid flunky Ivan …Ivan is sorry for what Madame had to endure. She sits up with her usual style and declares tis tough being dead again …

Jake remembers wishing his real parents were important people. However, he is the son of two murderers and brother of a rapist. Gabi argues that incident was Abigail’s doing and deduces Kate got to him with her sordid stories. Jake invites her to enjoy the expensive champagne with him. To Vivian. They both drink and grin together … Madame has champagne with Ivan, still in her casket, and complains about having to abandon her son. He suggests tis the drug from the good doctor making her maternal. They discuss what she did to Carly and how Ivan saved the day but he warns her not to shoot up the wedding of the mayor’s daughter again. They toast until the next time she takes action and she enjoys her champagne … Groggy Ciara wakes up. Hope calls 911, fearful she was poisoned by Claire … Claire storms home and complains to curious Marlena that Ciara actually accused her of drugging her. Marlena shakes her blonde head. Claire denies any wrongdoing and assumes Marlena does not believe her innocence. Ben gets his second chance so how about her?! She bolts … Jordan leers the dark side of Ben will always be there. Eerie music is playing when he sees he has a call from Ciara. He blinks and now sees no Jordan. He answers and is appalled to hear Ciara believes Claire spiked her drink. He gasps she has to … she already fired her as her friend and maid of honor. He hopes someone is with her. Hope is there and on the phone with the doctor. Ciara sadly states it seems their wedding is off for today. Ben takes a deep breath. But it ain't over yet ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 20, 2020