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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Claire woefully opens the Blacks door to Ciara … Ben calls the jeweler who has not found his lost ring. Here comes stressed Jake …Gabi is miffed when Gwen walks into the grand DiMera living room and gets herself a drink. Chad confirms he invited her to stay and snatches away the drink. Gabi is aghast … Rafe ends a call with Zoe, grateful for David’s picture. Sami arrives and accuses the commissioner of trying to steal her grandbaby… At the pub Allie and Will discuss Sami’s post wedding nonsense. They know she loves her clan. Will feels for Allie. She explains Lucas led to a more polite conversation. But Sami will not get her wish. She now brings up Will and Sonny’s wish to adopt her baby. Will wonders how she reacted. Well but not about Rafe … Sami accuses Rafe of talking Allie into handing over her baby and refuses to let his adoption happen. Rafe looks tired … Ben is stunned to hear that Jake is supposedly Stefan’s twin … Claire is smarting since Ben believed she stole the engagement ring and assumes Ciara came to fire her. Ciara loves her and wants to believe in her. She asks her to look her in the eye and pinky swear she did not make mischief with the destroyed dress and disappeared ring. Claire nods … Gwen sits at the chess set and wonders why Gabi is not with her undead husband Stefan. Because Jake was not him … Jake is relieved not to be Stefan but Ben senses he would rather be the man that Gabi wants … Claire pinky swears and the girls hug. Claire has a surprise … Browbeaten Rafe denies bugging Allie for her baby. Actually Allie offered said baby after they discussed David. Sami gets sarcastic. Rafe asked Allie for time to think about it. Sami orders him to refuse Allie’s wish. Rafe is exasperated …

Will assures Allie she is blameless. She just wants her baby to have a wonderful life. Sweet Will reminds her he and Sonny are ready. She thanks him. He wonders who she favors. She reminds him she asked Rafe first. Besides her brother adopting her baby would feel odd. First she must find out what Rafe wants. Will promises he and Sonny will respect her choice … Rafe reasons all that matters is that the baby be raised in a loving family. Sami scoffs she wants Allie to raise her baby but if she does not, Sami will not let the infant go to Rafe … Back in rich DiMera world, relieved Gwen and astounded Chad react to the news that Jake is Stefan’s twin. Gabi is embittered but still a smart cookie … Jake complains about Gabi being deadly impossible. Ben is bemused and invites him to join him for drinks. Jake appreciates his friendship but goes … Ciara gets emotional when she sees how Claire had her favorite bridal gown repaired. Ciara will take it home. Claire tells her they have to celebrate her last night of freedom. They can go out for drinks. Ciara will see her at Julie’s place soon. She leaves with a smile on her face and Claire nods to herself …

Gabi’s voice trembles as she tells the tale she heard from Ivan. Chad sighs and drinks up. Gwen gushes then Jake is just her grease money Jake. She thanks new pal Chad and accepts his offer of his driver to take her home. Gabi waits for Chad to gloat her hubby is dead after all. Stefano’s portrait watches … At the pub Will and Ben toast with their ale. Ben is grateful he is a good friend unlike that saboteur maid of honor … Allie is back at the town house and wonders. Claire said she could not attend the wedding as she was sick. Claire stammers she was and is better now for Ciara’s wedding. She wonders how Eric and Nicole’s wedding went. Well until Sami came crashing … Sami calls Will the logical choice to keep the baby in the clan. Rafe is offended. Sami orders him to convince Allie it is for the best and tries to wear him down …

Chad knows not how he feels about Stefan but argues he raped his wife. Gabi counters Gabi with a Y was willing. Stefan was no saint but he was Chad’s blood. Chad decides he is glad he is gone and not conspiring with her to steal DiMera. She warns Jake now knows he is a DiMera. Tis only a matter of time … Gwen comes to see Jake and throws herself into his strong arms …Claire cannot believe what happened. Allie states she needs sleep, but pushy maid of honor Claire insists she come out with her and Ciara instead …Ciara visits Rafe on this night before her wedding. She reminds him he promised Bo to take care of his family. He has not forgotten. He and Hope are in a good place. Ciara gushes he is still special to her and asks him to officially walk her down the aisle. Rafe is much moved and accepts …Will is stunned that Ben believes Claire intercepted the engagement ring. He offers to keep an eye on her. Grateful Ben toasts. Here comes troublemaker Sami, who hates seeing her precious son with his past killer …

Chad claims the universe is correcting itself but Gabi hisses Jake is DiMera blood. He will surely be interested in trying to take his fair share of what Chad stole. The war is far from over … Will informs Sami that he and Ben bonded in the slammer, where he saved him from Clyde. Will makes his mother let Ben say something. He is sorry and ashamed of all the pain he caused when he was the necktie killer. Most did not give him a chance but thanks to Will he is moving on, marrying the woman he loves tomorrow. Sami scoffs Ciara is making a mistake … At the club, black leather outfit Claire has a couple of zombies for herself and Ciara with something nonalcoholic for Allie. She urges dubious Ciara to drink up like the good old days when they were underage … Ben excuses himself to call his fiancée and let Sami catch up with Will. He thanks Will and goes. Will glares at mama Sami for insulting someone again. She realizes he heard about the wedding. Will gets exasperated when she explains she went to Rafe to tell him not to adopt his stepdaughter’s baby. She suggests Will say nothing to Sonny and promises her plan is perfect … Rafe gets a call that shocks him to the core … Jake sighs he is just good old Jake. Gwen gushes he is a DiMera, cackles they are rich and kisses him … Chad walks away from Gabi cackling. Rafe now calls Gabi with news about Jake’s mother Vivian. She is DEAD AGAIN …. Ciara gets a call from Ben, who bids her goodnight from outside the pub. She is at Julie’s having drinks with Claire, whom she is giving another chance. Ben agrees to respect her decision. He cannot wait until they wed tomorrow. She gushes it is going to be the best day and sips her Zombie as Claire slyly smiles and sips hers. The Salem chaos clock is counting down to TROUBLE.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, July 17, 2020