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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Vivian reels from Ivan’s reveal of a twin son. So do Jake and Gabi. Jake probes Ivan's story that stated Viv knew not she had twins … At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny is sorry Will had to stay with him and his unhappy dad instead of attending Eric’s wedding. Tis unfair Justin had to see that beech Bonnie. She might make a play for Lucas. Sonny suggests they head to the wedding party but Will does not mind missing it … By the pretty park Allie weeps to Marlena that all gets worse with Sami. Lucas calls to warn her Sami is on her way. Too late. She showed up at the wedding and also found out about the baby … Eric rages Sami cannot ruin his life. Nicole sadly states the celebration and the cake are ruined. Allie was right about her mother making things worse. Eric stops his sister from attacking her … Will has a bad feeling about Sami, hence his wish to avoid the wedding. Sonny argues she will find out they want to adopt the baby. Will suspects she will hate them …Nicole goes upstairs so Eric can speak to Sami alone. He explains Allie threatened to run away if they told Sami she was preggers. Nicole insisted she stay. Sami is sorry but Eric doubts it. Her daughter is scared and she made her worst nightmare come true … Marlena gets Allie to admit she has anger issues with Sami and neither is blameless. Marlena patiently points out Sami wants the best for her. She should try compassion. Allie agrees and puts her head on her shoulder … Ivan explains the second baby was small and sickly. Dr. Steward placed him in an incubator and insisted he would only last a few hours. Ivan took the first baby away but the doctor did not know where he was. Gabi needs proof that baby was Jake. Jake has an idea. He will call the agency he learned was responsible for his adoption and expects answers soon …

Lucas thanks Marlena for helping Allie and escorts the remorseful girl to make things right with her mother. Marlena now calls Will. Sami came to the wedding. Will gasps oh God … Back at the pub volatile Sami apologizes and wants to make things right with Allie. She will help her raise the baby. Eric reasons it is her daughter’s decision. She argues things went well with Will then realizes Eric knows more. He knows she has plans for an adopter … Jake ends his call with a sigh. Dr. Stewart did deliver him and he was small and sickly. Vivian gushes “My baby!” Gabi breaks down as this is not the Stefan of her dreams. Jake is sorry. She wishes he were him. Jake thinks he was lucky to have her love. She cries and Vivian scoffs Stefan was braindead, now they must celebrate the second son, who needs a new name … Marlena informs Will and Sonny that Sami swept into Salem and is against Allie putting up the baby for adoption. Lucas is hoping mother and daughter will mend fences. Will has his doubts … Allie arrives at the pub with Lucas. They notices the mess. Sami wipes icing from her fingers. Eric goes to get Nicole and head home. He intends to forget the incident … Sami wants a reboot but Allie wants her nowhere near her baby with that temper… Gabi bolts. Viv stops Jake from following and giving the girl more grief. They should get to know one another. He rages she tried to shoot a lady cop at her own wedding. Viv believes she knows what is best but Jake has had enough and storms out …

Eric ends an amused call about Sami and Nicole comes out in her teddy. She teases and he kisses her with great passion … Marlena wonders how mother and daughter will work things out … Sami starts to feel like a lousy mom. Lucas stands by her and listens as Allie notes she wants no drama for her baby. Lucas regrets he was not always there. Allie understands she is stressed because of EJ and Marlena made her realize she was mean. Sami deduces she deserved it and suggests she no longer needs anyone to adopt the baby now that things are better. Alas Allie tells her tis too late …Will believes Lucas will do his best to referee. Sonny wonders whether Sami is aware of their wish to adopt her baby … Allie has had a moment of clarity and claims she lacks the maturity to be a single mom. Sami states her case but Lucas stops her and suggests she hear their daughter out. Allie praises Nicole and Sami lies she appreciates Nicole for being there. Of course they are a crazy clan but family comes first. There would be so much love. Allie wants that for her baby which is why she is considering someone in the family raising them … Eric and Nicole toast but she is a tad disappointed about the destroyed wedding cake. She wanted to freeze the top for their first anniversary. He kisses her and indicates the box nearby with said cake top. Nicole smiles again and they head to their bedroom to begin their married life together. Their love is a beautiful thing and they make good use of the bed …

Sonny argues Sami might see the baby would stay in the family with them. Will assumes nothing. Allie might choose Rafe. Marlena alludes to Sami exploding … Allie explains Will and Sonny are interested but before she knew she offered the baby to another. Sami sticks out her chin... Ivan is here for Madame, who complains about having to teach Jake about class. Ivan is more concerned about keeping her out of the slammer … Gabi addresses Stefano’s silent portrait. She lost her Stefan all over again. Jake enters, having been admitted by the butler. She wants to be alone. He peers at the portrait of papa Stefano. Gabi accuses him of coming for the money. Wrong. He is here for her …Vivian states she must be free for her son needs her. She needs to make Lani forgive her and suggests thinking out of the box. Then she gets an idea and Ivan gets a bad feeling … Jake came to realize how much Gabi loved her late husband and wants to make sure she is alright. She kicks him out, never wanting to see his face again … Will suspects Sami would push for him and Sonny. However, Sami might be lurking around their home if her grandchild was with them. Perhaps it is not the best idea after all …

Allie mentions a man who is a wonderful father. Sami poses a plethora of questions. Lucas urges her to tell her mother whom she chose. Rafe. Sami looks ready to explode … Thornbirds Eric and Nicole marvel they are really married. There is much time to make up for and they profess their love for one another, melting in each other’s arms …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, July 16, 2020