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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Uninvited Sami insults Eric and Nicole’s wedded bliss but they are already husband and wife. Allie gasps in horror. Marlena too. Sami leers her invite must have been lost in the mail … Viv is elated to see loyal Ivan …Gabi is horrified Jake injected himself with the serum … Lucas starts to text Allie that he wants to talk. Enter Bonnie, who assumes he wants to talk to her … Marlena wants no scene but Sami wants to talk to Allie. Eric explains not now. Sami feels betrayed. Eric reminds her she was against their engagement and notes Nicole initially wanted her here. Allie admits she was the one who did not want Sami here … Ivan holds Madame’s hand, having returned from the Himalayas. She needs his help. He wonders what happened. She tried to kill a bride but she had her reasons. He accepts that but pauses when she points out Stefan is in the land of the living … Jumpy Jake waits with worried Gabi. Still no memories of being Stefan. He insists if he is not him the game is over. Gabi sarcastically suggests they speed up the process the way it was for Jack, who got whacked on the head … Bonnie came to apologize. Lucas is not interested as she impersonated Adrienne and broke his heart. She hands him her book and begs him to read the inscription. Only then shall she leave … Allie wants her distance from Sami, who worries she is partying and plans to haul her home. Allie would rather stay with Nicole and Eric. Sami makes a snide remark about Nicole. Not even Roman can get her to leave. Not without her daughter …

Ivan hopes Madame still is taking her meds. She is indeed. He reasons Stefan was brain dead when his heart was donated to Julie. Viv declares the DNA did match Stefan. Ivan suddenly gets serious and solemnly states she should get that young man here. He hands her a phone. Vivian senses something … Jake is not interested in getting a head hit. Gabi gets a call from an unknown caller … Lucas sits on the sofa and reads Bonnie’s flirty apology, which ends with an invitation to another night of passion. She urges him to read on but he ends the visit – until she claims she could help him with his daughter. Lucas stops and gives her a suspicious stare … Allie talks back to Sami and notes she cannot make her decisions as the guests watch. Sami sighs her life is a mess. Allie snaps her own life was a mess. Sami gets mad when Nicole tries to stop her and Allie praises Nicole as someone she trusts, now her family. She blurts out she is preggers and Sami is stunned … Gabi takes the call. Vivian asks her to bring her son back to the station. Gabi reveals he injected himself and the serum is not working yet. Viv states someone at the station has something to say and urges her to come with Stefan. Ivan wants to wait for them before he makes his major reveal … Bonnie greedily gets herself a martini. Lucas is waiting to hear her idea. Bonnie babbles about Mimi being mad when she had her daughter’s ears pierced at the mall. Lucas grows impatient. Bonnie keeps going by boasting that Mimi came around after she realized her daughter loved the earrings. She argues grandparents who know best like them must be persistent. She suggests he do what he must to make Allie keep her baby. Lucas sighs …

Sami hyperventilates. It cuts like a knife that Nicole and the family all knew. Abe hugs the bride and groom farewell and admits to Sami he know not Allie was with child. John takes Holly out for some ice cream. Roman hugs the bride and groom, reminds Sami he loves her, and follows John out for ice cream as well. Sami suggests Nicole leave but she stands by Allie, who needs her now. Sami orders her daughter to explain … Jake and Gabi join Vivian and a very intense Ivan. Vivian makes the introductions. When she airily alludes to Ivan being her faithful manservant, he proudly points out he is now a man of independent means. Ivan was the man who told her that Stefan was stillborn and sent him to an orphanage. Jake is miffed. Ivan repeats what he told Stefan – that Stefano abandoned Madame after he seduced her. Ivan did not want her to be burdened by his child. Vivian already told Stefan. Ivan confesses the whole story has never been told – until now. Eerie music plays … John and Roman enjoy ice cream at the square with Holly. They discuss the drama after the wedding. John suggests Marlena will calm Sami down but Roman has his doubts about his wild daughter. John muses karma that is Allie seems to be hitting Sami … Sami shouts at Marlena for hiding Allie was preggers. Allie explains she insisted and tells her to stop shouting. Sami sobs she is shocked. Why did she leave with her secret? T’was irresponsible. Allie sighs she sounds like Lucas. Sami replies he is right and warns her whole life will be changed by this. Allie now reveals she is not keeping her baby …

The lights of the city illuminate the window behind Ivan as Viv wonders what else. The elegant European fears she will not easily forgive him. The birth was long and hard and she was passed out after. During that time they discovered the labor was not over. Madame and Stefano DiMera made two babies … Bonnie gets another martini and slurs their kids will appreciate them when they realize they are right. Lucas realizes he needs an ally and that would be Sami … Allie talks adoption. Sami does not accept it and disagrees when Marlena suggests she listen. Allie reasons Nicole made her realize she was not ready for motherhood. Sami can help. Allie screams she does not want her help and runs off. Marlena follows. Sami hisses tis all Nicole’s fault. Eric stands up for his wife. Sami insults her. Nicole hits back by blurting out if she were a better mother Allie might not have approached her. Sami snaps and tackles her right into the wedding cake … As Bonnie tries unsuccessfully to insinuate herself Lucas calls Sami at home. Unseen unheard Sydney reveals she is in Salem … Eric pulls Sami off caked Nicole who is now a mess. Meanwhile Roman jokes to John and Abe he hopes his pub is still standing … Nicole shoves broken cake right back in Sami’s face. Eric breaks it up … Marlena consoles crying Allie on a park bench. She hates her mom making everything go to hell … Nicole and Sami insult each other … Vivian is bewildered. Ivan admits there really was another baby. Gabi gasps twins! Jake soap stares at villainess Viv, who raises her head at the second DiMera son that was snatched from her womb that fateful day …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, July 15, 2020