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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Eric is emotional about Caroline’s last letter for this wedding day of his dreams. Meanwhile Marlena brings beautiful flower girl Holly to Nicole, back from her mini manicure … Kate comes to impatient Vivian at the station. Rolf shared the whereabouts of the serum. Viv is thrilled when she whips out three syringes … Jake drinks, surprised to see an article accusing Stefan of rape. At the bistro Chad stops drunken Gwen from getting another drink. They share a mutual loathing of Gabi and toast to that. Enter stylish Gabi, who leers what is Gwen gonna do about it … Viv asks to see one of the serum syringes and is grateful. Kate warns last time someone almost was killed by the stuff. Viv would need a subject to test it on and jabs Kate in the arm … Marlena and Nicole discuss Allie, who is getting ready, and then Nicole’s nerves. She wants everyone to believe in them and admits she really means Marlena. Her future mother-in-law smiles she makes her son happy and wishes them a wonderful forever … Kate is furious she might end up like Abigail. Viv cackles and taunts her. They have history … Gabi talks tough and Chad chuckles. Gwen stands up and slurs Jake cannot rememba Gabi but cannot forget her! Gabi claims he is always imagining her and acts like Gwen lost. Gwen decides to walk, calls Chad a great guy and goes, refusing his offer of a cab. Gabi muses he seems to be moving on … Abe, John and Roman greet Nicole at the pub as she arrives with Holly, Allie and Marlena. Abe assures her mama Faith would be proud. She is grateful to those who raised Eric aka the man of her dreams. She hears footsteps and goes to hide so the groom does not see her in her white dress. John and Roman are waiting when suited Eric arrives, ready as ever … Kate fibs she sees something horrible. Viv wonders. Kate quips tis her. Viv is offended. Kate is annoyed about being jabbed and then laughs as she remembers where she put something she lost last year. The serum seems to work. Vivian is over the moon …

Tipsy Gwen unhappily returns to Jake, upset he is ignoring her. He suggests they take a break and drinks his beer. She begs to differ and starts to seduce him … Chad muses he just met Gwen and they share a mutual loathing of Gabi, who wonders why he stayed in Salem. He tells her to mind her own biz but she believes there is trouble in paradise between him and the fair Abigail … The wedding starts with happy flower girl Holly. Eric smiles. Allie slowly walks down bearing a white bouquet. She sits beside Roman. Here comes Marlena bearing another white bouquet. John kisses her and they sit together. As the wedding march plays and Nicole arrives in her simple white dress, Eric looks ready to cry tears of joy. We all do. They clasp hands. Honorable and honored Mayor Abe presides. He reminds Nicole they are family, which the Brady pub has always signified in Salem. Important events are held here. John gives Marlena a look. Abe admits this is his first wedding here. Shawn and Caroline ad others they have lost are here in spirit. Nicole sheds a tear and Eric wipes it away … Chad accuses Gabi of being jealous of him and Abigail and adds Stefan does not remember her. When he does he will remember he was all about power. Gabi claims she can make him love her the way he used to …

Jake stops Gwen. He laments learning that Stefan raped his sister-in-law. Gwen gushes but this is consensual and gives him a kiss … Kate says no way to administering the serum to Viv’s supposed son. Viv threatens to out her to the cops. Kate storms out carrying the serum … As Eric and Nicole gaze at each other. Abe speaks of support of the couple. All agree they will. Eric has been on the presiding side of weddings and agrees with Abe. He lets Nicole know he loves and cannot live without her. He wants to raise Holly with her and thanks his wife, his family. He loves her and she cries tears of job … Gabi downs a shot and grumbles she will get Stefan back. She boasts she will get Jake to get the serum from Rolf. Chad warns he might not wish to be the man he was … Jake stops the almost hot and heavy session and Gwen gets mad. Who is he? He shouts he knows not and might not wanna know … Nicole dabs her eyes and acknowledges she used to be an independent loner with lofty ideas. She chose money over love and was lucky to see her sould mate again, even more fortunate for his forgiveness. He adds and she forgave him. She knows they will always overcome all odds together. John and Marlena’s eyes meet in understanding. Eric gushes he loves her. Nicole laughs she loves him more …

Gwen leaves as Gabi arrives. Jake argues to the angry girl nothing happened and he has had enough of her demands. She suggests he go get the real serum from Rolf. Here comes stylish Kate with said serum … After twenty years Nicole and Eric are really ready for their vows. Their history is shown. From photographer and lover to friend and holy father, he was her rock and she was the woman he loved. Always the one. Nicole ends her daydream and says I do. Now tis Eric’s turn. I do … Gabi is not so sure they should accept questionable Kate’s gift. Kate explains Viv made her get it from Rolf and she can attest to the fact that it works. Jake is not interested … Gwen goes back to Chad as he signs for the bill. She starts to fall, complains about having no home and he escorts her out, assuring her he is a gentleman …

Jake would rather not remember sinister Stefan. Pro Chad Kate does not blame him and waltzes out. Gabi argues he is her Stefan and his life is worth remembering. Jake gets fed up and jabs himself, ignoring her words to wait until they verify the serum is safe … Vivian wakes up from her nap at the station. She gushes thank God YOU are here … Roman has the rings. Eric and Nicole place them on each other’s fingers. They repeat when Abe announces as the ring has no end neither shall their love. He now pronounces them husband and wife. Eric kisses his bride. John and Marlena begin the applause. Abe officially introduces Mr. and Mrs. Brady. All of a sudden red leopard Sami scoffs by the door and offers her catty condolences. If looks could kill ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, July 14, 2020