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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the apartment Nicole cannot find her phone, which rings under a sofa cushion. Tis romantic Eric, who missed her last night. Ditto. The lovebirds cannot wait to wed on this fine Salem day … Ben is still on his knee when he realizes the ring is gone from the box. Ciara is standing. He wonders where it went. Perhaps his pocket? Negative. He accuses Claire … Claire nervously shuts her shiny bag and sighs on a bench by the pub … At the square Jack ends a call with Abigail, asking her to give Jen a hug when she arrives. He now thinks he sees Adrienne and races to her with joy … Steve cannot open his and Kayla’s hotel room so she does. They went through 16 hours of travel and he is grateful they are together. Her too. Alas when they enter there are twin beds … Nicole opens her door to loudly knocking Lucas, clad her red and white robe. Lucas wants to see Allie, who stepped out and Nicole is busy getting ready for her wedding. He plops on the comfy couch to wait … Claire greets Allie, astounded she is preggers. Allie changes the subject to the two big weddings … Ciara doubts Claire did anything with the ring. Ben recalls she was holding the ring box while he paid. Ciara suggests a mix-up by the salesman … Jack praises the miracle and hugs Adrienne, who gets a tad too friendly. Justin leers that is no Adrienne, that is Bonnie Lockhart! Jack soap stares in horror …

Steve and Kayla were supposed to end up at romantic Lake Louise but the plane had a problem. She is amused as he gets out the pretzels and peanuts he packed. They toast with their little liquor bottles. He thanks his true love for giving him another chance. He suggests she get outta that dress. She forgot she was still wearing the wedding dress but has no luggage. He gives her a shirt and pants to get comfortable and assures her he is all about slow. Alas she feels badly for Justin. Steve regrets not coming forward with his feelings sooner but Justin knows they belong together as did he and Adrienne … Jack wonders why Bonnie is dressed like Adrienne. She boasts about her bestseller needing a new image. Jack rages at her for making a profit from his sister’s misery. She gets testy and tells him she wrote kindly of Adrienne. Justin stops Jack from giving her more to write about and escorts him away. Bonnie gets back to her table … Papa Roman joins Eric, who is getting ready for his big day and brings up sister Sami … Nicole assumed Lucas was giving Allie space but he is against her choice of Rafe. Sami would choose Sonny and Will first. Nicole warns him not to pressure her and fears he broke his promise when he alludes to enlightening Sami … Ciara and Ben approach Claire, who innocently wonders where the ring is. Ben wishes she would let them know just that and updates her on the case of the vanishing ring. She was the one literally holding the box when he bought it!

Eric explains he and Nicole agreed to keep Allie’s secret from Sami for now. Roman warns of her wrath … Lucas admits he almost called Sami but Kate convinced him not to. However, she has the right to know. Nicole argues Allie’s rights first. Lucas teases her about all her weddings and urges her to tell Allie he came by as she shoves him out … Bonnie is signing autographs when a fan gushes about Lucas. Bonnie makes some lecherous comments. Here comes Lucas … As Steve plays his harmonica Kayla models his shirt and pants. They both remember a similar scenario when he was trying to protect her from Orpheus in Stockholm. He wishes they were holding hands, romantically strolling by Lake Louise. She agrees tis time to focus on them. He talks future, then the past comes up again. She believed in him back then and assures him she always will … At the lavish Kiriakis mansion Justin grumbles about scammer Bonnie almost impersonating Adrienne again. Jack deduces she does not have a reason to stay in Salem and they drown their sorrows together … Bonnie is elated to have the object of her obsession right before her eyes and offers to sign a book. She imagines he rips open his shirt and grabs her in a passionate kiss. But then she blinks back to reality. Fully clothed Lucas is livid she came to town and rages she made him believe Mimi’s baby was his. She begs for a chance. What can she do? He blurts out she could convince his daughter not to give up her baby …

Allie returns. Nicole warns her Lucas knows she offered Rafe the baby. Allie feels strongly about giving her baby the best life and hopes she is not being selfish. Nicole gives her a pep talk and assures her she and Eric are here for her. Always. Allie is touched and they embrace … Roman hands Eric an envelope he promised to give his son on his wedding day. Tis from the late great grandma Caroline … Outside the Brady pub, Claire pouts. Ciara insists they are not accusing her. Ben glares accusingly as Ciara wishes she could believe she did nothing. Claire denies ruining her big day and takes off. Ben stops his fiancée from following … Kayla remembers Steve, Stockholm, breakfast and a yellow rose. He smiles as she reminds him of how romantic he always was. She then berates him for believing he always knows what is best for her. He sighs he always fears he will hurt his Sweetness. Perhaps tis time to sleep. He swears he will stop trying to make her decisions. She is glad and gets into his bed. Then he kisses her, gushes she is beautiful, and does it again and again and again … Roman instructs Eric to read the letter alone, lets him know how happy he is for him and Nicole and hugs him … Allie helps Nicole with her necklace and calls her a beautiful bride. She is sorry she caused such drama. Nicole notes they will be drama free with no Sami. Allie is petrified what Sami will plan when she finds out the truth. Nicole will still be on her side … Bonnie wants to talk over beer. Lucas is off the wagon and loathes being reminded of their drunken time together … Claire pays Nicole a visit and anxiously tells her she cannot attend her wedding. She fibs she does not feel well and admires the ring before bolting. Nicole is bewildered …

Ciara feels awful but Ben really believes Claire snatched the ring. Ciara suggests they retrace his steps again … Eric reads the heartfelt letter from Caroline. She prayed after he left the priesthood he would find the profound love she had with grandpa Shawn. He weeps when he reads her wish for the woman of his life to make him happy forever. If not, she shall feel her wrath. He sighs to the heavens … Ciara wants to find the ring by the pretty park. Ben fumes to find another maid of honor instead. Woeful Claire overhears … Bonnie invites Lucas to the bistro. He hisses no way after what she did to him and the real Adrienne and leaves her in the dust … Steve loooooves sweetness now and forever. She shares the sentiment and they snuggle, finally having found their way back together where they belong. AMEN!

Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, July 13, 2020