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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Chess set Chad plans to be on a plane to Florida and says so to unseen Abigail on the phone. She seems to want him to stay. Gabi comes in a stylish red dress to serve him the DNA test results that prove Jake is really Stefan … Gwen gushes good morning as Jake wakes up in the sunlight. More loving … At the square Ciara is in seventh heaven about their perfect wedding. Ben hugs her but Claire interrupts. About the wedding dress … Lani has a nightmare about vengeful Vivian shooting her. She wakes up with a cry and Eli reminds her Viv will never reach her. She is locked away … Stylish sarcastic Kate pays Vivian a triumphant visit at the station … Gwen wants to spruce up the room. Jake hopes she does not wanna move in. She argues only she is real in his life and he chose her last night. He argues they did not discuss getting back together. She blames Gabi the “bloody stuuuuupid tart.” Meanwhile Gabi sips coffee and continues to taunt Chad … then requests he help Stefan’s memory return … Claire gushes she borrowed from pop pop and paid for the nail polished dress. She also took it to a specialty dry cleaner to have it hopefully fixed. If not they will get a better one. Ciara is thankful. Claire gushes she can get her some bling and makes fun of the big metal on her finger. Ciara explains tis her engagement ring. A frown creases Ben’s brow …

Lani enjoys her breakfast in bed with attentive Eli. He suggests they stay in bed. She points out there is rent to pay. He would rather let work wait and feeds his bride. They romantically kiss … Viv is less than thrilled to see nemesis Kate, who came to gloat. She purrs she might have a gun in her designer purse … Fed up Jake fumes he just wanted to be with the only person who knows him in his present. Gwen demands to know whether they are togetha as a couple … Chad laughs at Gabi’s audacity. She thinks Rolf would give him the serum. Chad refuses to help her return to any position of power. She warns revenge when Stefan remembers her … Lani and Eli make love in the morning sun … Ciara shares the history of the ring, which came from Bo’s bike. Claire calls it romantic. Ben also wants his girl to get a real ring and successfully saved up. Ciara gushes they are going to the jewelers. Claire asks to come with … Chad complains to Stefano’s portrait about his bastard son and crumples the test results. Jack and Jen enter, sensing bad news. He sighs brother Stefan is in the land of the living … Gwen starts to seduce Jake again. Knock knock! Tis Gabi. He wants her to hide. She hisses she is no other woman and opens the door to his missus. Gabi glares daggers …

Vivian cackles no one can get past the police metal detector with a gun. Kate talks plastic. Viv cackles with plastic bullets. Kate whips out her gun and calls her underestimation a deadly mistake. Viv’s eyes widen with horror as her arch enemy takes aim … Bemused Ben says no. Ciara explains they wanted to choose the ring as a couple. Claire talks the 4 Cs of diamonds and settings. She is well versed and argues she would make their ring shopping stress free, plus they would get a better price. Ben could get down on his knee and romantically surprise Ciara. Ciara loves the sound of that. Ben hauls her aside. He has a bad feeling … Eli and Lani snuggle in the afterglow. Eli must attend Vivian’s arraignment. Meanwhile Kate terrorizes Viv with her water pistol as she screams. She warns after the arraignment she will come back to stick a stake in her heart. Viv retorts she will lose her mayoral office position when she accuses her of murder one. Kate talks deal. She will not testify against Viv if she keeps that incident a secret. Viv wants a better deal – one that would help her get Stefan back. She smiles like the cat that just swallowed the canary …

Back at the grand DiMera mansion, Jack and Jen urge Chad to stop Gabi. He has to head to Florida for Abigail but Jack believes he'd best stay … Gabi gets upset at hubby Stefan for cheating. Jake sighs the results mean nothing to him. Gabi wants a word alone. Gwen refuses to go. Jake hands her her clothes. … Ciara believes Claire wants to help but Ben does not wish to shop with the bossy girl. Ciara feels sorry for her cos she is trying. He got his second chance. She begs and Ben caves. Ciara tells Claire to get her a winner and her maid of honor promises a prize ring. Ben bites his lip … Jack reasons Gabi and Stefan 2.0 could come after DiMera sooner rather than later. Jen argues Abigail would want Chad here to fight. Chad worries about her. Jack states he and Jen will be at her side … Jake patiently points out he will call Gwen. She indignantly gets dressed, insults him, and warns Gabi not to entrust her heart to him. Then she storms out … Jake sighs he was simply trying to forget. Gabi gets impatient. She needs the serum from Rolf to get him his memory back. She would need to discuss with Vivian but she and Rolf are locked up at different locations …

Vivian updates Kate on the DNA test and her maternal feeling that Jake is her son. She knows Kate could appeal to Rolf as Stefano’s widow to get what she wants and reminds her she shot her in cold blood. If she does not play and procure that serum, she will expose her. The mayoral PR princess realizes she has much to lose. All of a sudden Eli enters with Lani, demanding an explanation … Jen and Jack reason the kids need Chad here at home and offer to head to Florida today. Chad notes they have a newspaper to run. Jen decides she will go to Abigail and leave Jack here with Chad and the children. Family hug! … Kate pouts she came to see Viv was locked up since she once shot her. Lani is mad she used her Mayor’s press card to override protocol. Kate excuses herself to a doctor’s appointment. Before Lani leaves, Viv coos she has no cause for fear since she did not off her son after all. Lani soap stares … Gabi needs a way to reach mad scientist Rolf and wants ‘Stefan” to stop sleeping around in the meantime. He laughs … Lani and Eli are shocked the DNA test was a match. Viv airily apologizes for the wedding fiasco … Gwen is drinking at the bar as Chad enters ordering his flunky on the phone to find everything on Jake Lambert. He sits beside her and deduces she had a bad day. She complains about that beech Gabi DiMera. Chad is intrigued. grins, and offers to buy the next round … Gabi wears her wedding ring close to her heart. Stefan agrees to abstain and adds Gabi must as well. She flirts she is worth the wait … Claire gushes about the good price she helped Ben get for the perfect ring he bought and goes to give him and Ciara their magical moment. Ben gets down on a knee by the pretty park and proceeds to propose but when he opens the ring box tis empty! Poor Ciara looks ready to cry …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, July 10, 2020