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1270 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Xander and Sarah's eyes romantically lock. He gushes she is beautiful. She babbles she is late ... Stylish Gabi boasts about her big plans to Stefano's portrait and declares she shall be on top. Jake comes in and grins he likes the sound of that ... At the Kiriakis mansion Will wants to talk. Upset Sonny snaps they lost the baby because of him ... Nicole visits Allie, who sighs Sami ruined everything. Meanwhile Sami shows up at the apartment and loses her cool with Eric cos of Nicole ... Allie complains Rafe withdrew and now she does not trust Will ... Will argues he was just silent but Sonny feels deeply deceived ... Eric warns Sami not to trash talk Nicole. She was right to tell Allie the truth! He suggests Sami get mad at the woman in the mirror, meaning herself ... Gabi snaps Jake should go to his girlfriend. He is trying to find his phone and flirts about his film project. Gabi gasps in disgust. He finds his phone under the sofa cushion and she orders him out. He sarcastically bids Gabs and pops goodnight. Shin arrives with a smile, a kiss and asks where Chad is. The client awaits at the bistro. She informs him Chad went to Florida and offers to help. He turns her down as she is not the right DiMera and decides to cancel the meeting. Gabi gets an idea and suggests he sit and wait with a drink downstairs ...

Sarah sits with Xander outside, sorry she was a little late. He would wait all night for her. She updates him on Eli and Lani's twins. He realizes it cannot be easy for her. Alas she is reminded of her own loss ... Nicole had no idea Will was aware of Sami pressuring Rafe. Allie is astounded he did not tell Sonny. Nicole admits she did something similar to Eric once upon a time ... Sami shouts Nicole's big mouth is to blame. Eric has heard enough and snaps what does Sami want! Her brother's help with her kids. How can she repair their relationship? Eric soap stares ... Xander takes Sarah's hand in sympathy. He tries to distract her with champagne and she smiles ... Eric explains Sami must stop blaming Nicole and admit she herself was wrong! Sami gasps she will go and apologize to the kids. She jumps up to return to Allie. Eric stops her ... Nicole comes clean to curious Allie about saying nothing about Sarah being preggers with Eric's baby. She feared she would lose him to her and therefore understands why Will kept his silence. In addition, Sami did pressure him and he loves her. Allie understands so Nicole asks her to forgive him and give him and Sonny her baby ... Will did not want Sonny to get stuck in Sami's mess. Sonny warns Ari was also misled and how to break it to her?? ... Gabi goes to Jake's room and orders, then begs him to get dressed and do her a favor. She will owe him one. Jake agrees to the vague deal. Jealous Gwen comes out and orders him back in bed. Gabi adds in a few hours for she needs his help. Jake will be back soon for their movie. Angry Gwen storms back into the bedroom alone. Gabi wants Jake to get a suit on ...

Allie pouts she and Will are not on the same page. He seems to be in Sami's sphere of influence. She could make him hand over the baby to her ... Eric reasons Allie is extremely emotional now. If Sami really wants to help, she should go to Will ... Sonny talks trust. Will is woeful and tries to explain but Sonny cuts him off. This is the second time lately their marriage has been tested ... The champagne makes Sarah feel better and she gets a reminder that her car brakes need fixing. Xander wants to buy her a new car, then realizes he is trying too hard. He was even about to suggest she adopt one of Lani's twins. She is appalled. So is he and adds such is the extent of his desperation to make her smile. She smiles she is having a nice time and tells him to be himself. He has a big ... heart and all she needs is honesty. He gushes how about a start ova and she gazes at him with stars in her eyes. After dinner she thanks him for the wonderful time. He offers to drive her home. She notes tis not necessary and asks to spend the night together. She missed him. He feels the same way and gives her a movie worthy kiss. Time to enter the Salem Inn together ... Gabi cannot believe Jake does not even own a suit. He threatens to walk so she admits she was not rich either. She laughs when he complains Gwen burned his suit back in Philly. And so Gabi gives him Stefan's suit to wear. He suddenly looks serious ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Will apologies but argues he just wanted them to have the baby! He knew it would make Sonny so happy and implores him to forgive. Sonny's eyes soften ... Sami still has Allie on her mind and asks Eric to speak to her. He grudgingly agrees to let the girl know how much her mother loves her. He wants the best for Sami but also wants her to apologize to Nicole. Hell no! She accuses her of trying to make her look bad and storms off to do things her way! Eric raises his eyes to the heavens ...

Nicole asks about Allie's next move. She might contact an agency. Nicole wisely suggests first she go see her infant son. The young girl admits she longs to see him but holding him might be too hard. Nicole respects her choice but he will always be her son. She gushes she and Eric saw him and he is beautiful. Allie is listening ... As Will begs for forgiveness Sami sweeps in and suggests Sonny blame her for this is her fault ... Jake goes to change. Gabi texts Shin to wait a little while longer ... Xander and Sarah enter her room as romantic music plays. She assures him she is sure and she wants him. They kiss and slowly come together in love as a song plays in the background about never letting go, never being alone, giving the heart. Reunited and it feels so good ... Xander and Sarah soon bask in the blue afterglow. She whispers they feel right and he feels the same way. He swears he will never risk their relationship again and they get busy again, lost in love ... Downstairs at DiMera mansion Gabi assures impatient Shin she has a real DiMera. Enter Jake feeling mighty stylish in Stefan's suit. Shin looks him up and down ... Sami wishes Sonny would blame her instead. He sighs he has no time since he has to tell Ari she is not getting a sibling and storms out. Sami believes he will come around cos he loves Will. She now begs Will for forgiveness ... Allie gets emotional when Nicole shows her her son through the window. The blonde little baby sleeps on blissfully unaware ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, August 7, 2020