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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the station, Eli updates relieved Lani on Hope and Ciara finding Ben. Eve snatched him! Lani wonders whether she had a partner in crime. Tis not known. She talks dinner and gets a twinge ... Dr. Sarah smiles and takes Xander's call. He is standing before the Brady pub and suggests that date tonight. Inside the pub Jack gets a call from Jen and sighs cos she cannot fly home tonight. He is still holding a bouquet of flowers ... Chad sits with Kate at the square, ready to head to Florida. Stylish Kate loathes being stuck with houseguests Gwen and Jake. Gwen was on Lucas' bed! Chad shares she is spying on Gabi for him ... Gwen sneaks into Gabi's room and starts to snoop. She picks up a picture of Stefan and realizes he is a dead ringer for her Jake. Gabi enters and she is not amused ... Eli and Lani head to the hospital just in case ... Sarah smiles she can come see Xander after she showers. They agree to meet for their date at Horton square. Xander shouts with joy and updates curious Jack ... Kate gets the full story from Chad, who argues Gabi is acting entitled to a position at DiMera and has been trying to undercut him to Shin. Kate sips her martini. She assumes Gabi might use her assets to get Shin on her side. Chad explains he has Gwen spying now since she hates Gabi ... Gabi hollars Harold left the plastic on her designer dry cleaning as Gwen hides in the closet. She starts to call Shin until she gets an eyeful of Stefan in his towel. He wanted to borrow some soap. She is surprised to hear he is still working at the garage and complains about greedy Gwen getting into everything including too much soap. She calls her a cheap ho ...

Bejeweled Kate suspects Chad has been busy with the personal not biz, given he missed that big meeting. He blames his assistant. Kate coos she can help. He has other meetings scheduled and Shin knows so he will be fine in Florida. Kate knows better ... Steve and Kayla kiss on the couch. She talks dessert and they try to ignore Roman's knocking. Kayla opens the door and he heartily congratulates them on getting back together ... Jack is surprised but Xander reasons he was right and it all worked out. Things got betta after Sarah thought he was with a hooka who was really a masseuse ... Sarah stays at work when Lani and Eli arrive, to make sure she is alright. The mom to be is anxious. Eli tells her they are in it together and they hug. If only they knew ... Jack hears the whole story about Sarah coming to Xander's room cos she still cared ... Eli sits with Lani on the bed. Sarah sees something on the ultrasound that surprises her ... Jake refuses to discuss his feelings with angry bird Gabi. She argues he opened up about his mother before. That was a one off and he wants soap. Gabi shows him the way. Gwen goes downstairs to get herself a drink. Chad calls for an update. Gabi was calling Shin but she was interrupted. Chad leaves tonight and tells her to stay in touch. Kate comes back from a call with Abe and he updates her on the latest. Meanwhile Gabi calls Shin's assistant acting like Chad's assistant asking to move the meeting to tonight. She knows Shin and the big investor are in Salem now. She invites them to the mansion before the Bistro and triumphantly ends the call ...

Kayla and Steve are reunited and it feels so good. Roman believes they were meant to be. He would have come sooner but he was trout fishing. Roman starts to tell fish stories. They politely listen though they would rather be alooooooone ... Xander boasts he got Sarah to agree to be his date at the wedding. It was even betta after the church blew up. He carried Allie to the hospital and Sarah was so impressed she agreed to go out with him. Tonight ... Sarah confirms both babies are fine. Lani and Eli are officially expecting twins. Lani laughs and Eli stammers. Sarah shows baby one and two on the monitor. They are both perfect but one was blocked from view before. Lani is elated when she gets the picture. Sarah goes for her date. Eli gushes wow! Lani agrees ... Xander thinks he and Sarah might make it. Jack is happy for him but deduces he is completely counting on the dinner. Xander starts to panic ... Kate is not convinced Chad can trust greedy Gwen. He notes he can use the amateur for now. Kate offers to keep an eye on things. Chad hopes for the best and takes another drink ... Showered Jake joins drinking Gabi in the grand living room. She wishes he would quit his job and demand DiMera money. Jake would rather not. She blasts him for being half nekid in Gabi's room. That girl treats her like rubbish. Jake wonders how she even knew he was there. Gwen takes another sip to calm her nerves. Jake repeats the question. She lies she got lost while exploring and saw them walking down the hall from her room. He snaps he wanted soap. She warns she will bring her down if she backstabs her again. Jake wonders why she did not confront her. Gwen airily states she did not want to give her any satisfaction. Gabi appears and gets sarcastic about her no satisfaction ...

Roman discusses the new Brady baby from Allie. Steve suggests he go see the great grandson now and gives him a box of Havana cigars to go around. Ro thanks him and goes. Steve teases Kayla for not asking him to stay. She sighs she is bad. He grins sweet and bad and steals a smooch ... Xander admits he has no reservations or plans. Classy Jack calms him down and talks elegant dinner at the Bistro. So long as he keeps it simple. Xander thanks him for being a mate, hugs him and heads off ... Eli paces, perturbed about the two babies. Lani starts to get stressed with him, then declares they will be double everything wonderful. Eli is moved he now has three angels and they celebrate their twins with a happy hug ... Gabi plants her hands on her hips and taunts Gwen. Gwen quips she has nothing on her. Jake needed soap for he is a dirty boy. She now helps herself to champagne and breathes in grinning Jake, who smells like French lavenda. Gwen wants to get dirty again and goes upstairs with him and the champagne bottle ... Steve plans to make up for lost time and heads to the bedroom with giggling Kayla ... Kate indicates the great grandson through the window to Roman, who praises the handsome boy and offers her a cigar. They bond over the great grandson and how great they look ... Eli and Lani decide they are doubly blessed and exchange I love yous ... Dateless Jack returns to the pub with his bouquet, sighs, and sends Jen a text. She appears and announces she got the last seat, then throws her arms around her welcoming husband ... Gabi is surprised to see Chad back at the mansion, not in Florida tonight. He sarcastically brings up Shin and wishes her a good evening, Gabi frowns. Foiled again ... Xander paces outside the bistro and wonders if his dream girl is going to come. She arrives in her elegant dress and they gaze at one another, enchanted ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, August 6, 2020