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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Dedicated Dr. Kayla sits on the sofa. Steve comes by with a smile and yellow roses. Today he moves in ... Bonnie the embittered author protests, pouts and tosses her phone at the square as coffee sipping Justin tries to have a tranquil morning. She plops down at his table ... Alas Allie is not signing. Sonny gasps is she giving Rafe the baby as Will stands in silence ... Rafe informs Sami that he told Allie the whole truth ... Ben's fallen tie leads Ciara and Hope straight to him, out cold on the floor in nothing but his underwear. Ciara whimpers ... Sami sighs Nicole already told Allie she put pressure so what else was there? Allie asked whether Rafe would have adopted had Sami not put the squeeze on him ... Allie explains Rafe enlightened her. He might have said yes if not for Sami meddling but still his answer was no ... Ciara weeps Ben is barely breathing. No cell phone service either ... Steve puts down his bag and asks about Kayla, who worked all night. He could not sleep since he missed her. From now on he is here with her. She tenderly takes his face in her hands ... Bonnie shows Justin her contract and rambles about being robbed of her royalties as her sales were not high. Justin states but she signed. T'was a classic case of bait and switch. She now needs a lawyer and eyes Justin, who says no way ... Sami is relieved Rafe said no. He realized his almost yes was for wrong reasons as he was still grieving losing little David. And then there were Will and Sonny to suddenly consider. Allie believed it was all because of Sami. But Rafe wanted to withdraw ... Sonny wonders if Rafe does not get the baby then why can he and Will not have him? Cos Will conspired with Sami behind her back ... Ciara revives Ben, who catches his breath and looks up at his angel. He whispers her name and groans as she helps him sit up. Hope is worried. Ciara wants to know what happened to her broken baby as she holds him close ...

Kayla suggests they unpack Steve's stuff in the bedroom. He happily spies their wedding picture and she assumes Justin stood it up. She kept it for he is her true love. They kiss ... Justin would never rep Bonnie but she wants the best. She apologizes for the past and gives him her book to read of her remorse. NEVER! He lost precious time with Adrienne forever cos of her ... As Ciara cuddles Ben, Hope asks who did this. He hopes Ciara is no dream and slurs where are they? Hope steps outside for cell service to call an ambulance. Ben is confused. Outside Hope runs into vicious Vincent, still without cell service. If looks could kill ... Ciara asks bewildered Ben if he remembers their wedding. He could never forget it. She took his breath away. He recalls walking ahead while she hugged Hope and reaching out, how she approached and then the whole world exploded. Ciara assures him the guests were alright but he disappeared. How did he go from the bombed church to this place ... Hope addresses Vincent by name, mentions Eve as well and demands to know what he did to Ben. He haughtily refuses to talk ... Steve and Kayla marvel at the picture that marked the beginning of their never ending story ...

Bonnie cries she is still paying cos her daughter and Lucas want nothing to do with her. She bawls the book was all she had and hands the cross Kiriakis her biz card. Justin watches while she wails ... Sami assumes Rafe said no for her. In fact, he did it for Allie, who deserved the truth ... Sonny assures Allie that Will would never scheme with Sami. Will gets nervous as she reveals reliable Rafe was her unintentional source. He assumed she already knew. Sonny does not understand. Allie accuses Will of working with Sami to make sure Rafe would not get the baby. Sonny gasps is it true? Meanwhile Sami finds out Rafe accidentally outed Will for his quiet involvement. Sami is horrified ... Allie blasts Will for his betrayal. Will whispers to Sonny he is sorry and assures Allie that Sonny had no idea. She accuses him of lying but he insists it was not like that. Both Allie and Sonny are mad now. Sonny apologizes to her and storms out. She refuses to listen to Will and kicks him out of her room ... Steve remembers when he was Stefano and Kayla sadly showed him this picture. She wondered where her soul mate had gone. He sighs he was so mean when he was Stefano. He hates whatever he did. She points out tis the past and officially forgives him with a hug. He emotionally thanks his baby ... Vincent orders Hope off his property. She has seen badly beaten Ben and threatens to make a citizen's arrest. Vincent starts to grab her but avenger Hope throws him to the ground ... Ciara thinks if Ben looks around his memory might return. He was tied up and calling for her. She whispers she is here and he asks how she found him. She had help from many and they found out this place belonged to Vincent. Ben gasps Vincent admitted he was the church bomber but he was hired by another who emerged. Ciara suspects Eve ... Hope has tied up Vincent outside ... Ciara explains there is a connection between Eve and Vincent. Ben confirms it. However, everything but her hatred and rage is fuzzy. She wanted to make him pay for Paige. Ciara worriedly wonders how. He gasps Eve jabbed him with something and then the world went dark ... until he saw Ciara, the light of his life. She cries nothing will ever come between them again. He agrees and they kiss ...

Steve wants to make his lady a lovely omelet while she puts her yellow roses in a vase. Chef Steve emotionally states from this day on he will take care of the sweet love of his life. She asks if starting again here will really work for him ... Bonnie cries she will have to become a housekeeper again so tell Maggie she is available. Justin refuses to budge ... Sonny snaps at Will to leave him alone and gets in the elevator alone. Sami asks if he is alright. No, Will is not alright and he blames her ... Steve tells sweetness they can take it slow and easy and live anywhere in the world that she wants. Home is where she is. She thanks him and they kiss ... Bonnie leaves feeling sorry for herself. Good guy Justin takes a second look at that contract ... Will complains that because he kept his mouth shut, Allie believed he was involved in Sami's bullying of Rafe. Now she hates him and Sonny feels betrayed ... Justin meets up with Sonny, who is sad to say he and Will are not getting the baby after all ... Allie is ripping up the adoption papers as Rafe enters. She complains he does not want her baby and she will not let her lying brother have him so now what?! ... Hope discovers Vincent has disappeared. Inside Ciara continues her reunion with Ben but when he spies the necktie nearby he gets a strange look in his eye ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, August 5, 2020