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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Lucas sits with Allie. He feels awful about his ringer being turned off but Allie gushes she is glad to have him here. Anyone but Sami ... Outside the room Sonny vows to Will he will make Sami pay. Here she comes and he blasts her for ruining everything. They know what she did! Will gulps ... At the station Rafe gets a text from Nicole letting him know the baby came. Tis not too late to have a change of heart. Hope now calls from New York and he updates her on Allie's baby. She is happy for him so he stammers he decided not to adopt. Time to change the subject. He asks all about Eve. Hope believes they are close to a clue. Meanwhile Shawn, Ciara and Claire are sitting with cooperative Chloe. Ciara suspects Eve snatched her groom ... Ben is ordered to strangle Ciara and stares at her smiling image but hears her voice begging him not to ... Sami acts innocent. Will cannot get Sonny to stop as he rages she told Eric not to call about the baby and holds up the adoption papers Allie has not signed. Sami messed everything up by bullying Rafe! Will looks worried and adds Nicole told them about it ... Agitated Allie has harsh words about Sami putting the pressure on Rafe. Lucas goes silent and she realizes he knew. He does not deny it and she gets mad at him too ... Rafe feels for Ciara and asks Hope to send his love. She thanks him and gets back to the gang. Chloe cannot believe Eve would do something so evil. Hope begs to differ and argues she was after revenge. She perceives pretty Chloe looking like she agrees ...

Underwear Ben tightens his necktie as the Ciara he sees uses the L word. He looooves her. Eve and Vincent wait with bated breath ... When Chloe claims Eve would not bomb a church, Shawn grills how close they got. They bonded over loving music, attended shows. Hope wonders when she last saw her. A while back ... Ben cries and imagines tying the tie around begging Ciara's neck. She takes his hand in his hallucination and the phantom of the opera become a man in love again. She whispers to RUN so he bolts like a bat out of hell ... Red dress Sami blames Nicole her enemy for everything. Sonny snaps to stop and accuses her of ruining his and Will's happiness, plus she hurt Ari who might not be getting a baby brother after all. He demands an explanation. Sami insists she is innocent ... Allie is angry even Lucas was swayed by Sami with his silence. The only one in the world she can count on is WILL. She kicks Lucas out and now calls Rafe. He congratulates her on the baby and she summons him. Outside Sami argues Allie has her own mind. Sonny snaps she is having second thoughts now cos Sami bullied Rafe! Will wants to say something ... Rafe soon arrives at smiling Allie's room. She announces she knows Sami talked him out of accepting her baby ...

Back in the New York restaurant, Chloe brings up Eve's dark side seeming to have taken over the goodness within. Sad Ciara puts her head on Hope's shoulder. Claire digests ... Drugged Ben trips over a garbage bag and Vincent whacks him with his bar. Eve rages he almost escaped. Vincent has never seen such strong resistance. He must truly love his wife. Eve screams to step things up ... Chloe recalls how bitter and depressing Eve became. Shawn solemnly listens. Ciara wonders what she said about Ben. She wanted revenge for Paige. Hope can see she now suspects Eve as well. Chloe cannot deny it ... Will really wants to say something but Sami stops him. Sonny is still miffed. Sami argues she did want Allie to sign the adoption papers and offers to take them to her to have her sign now ... Rafe reveals how hard it has been letting go of David. He still has the animals left they painted on his bedroom wall and has not been able to cover that precious memory. Gabi thinks he should keep it cos it is the best room in the house. Allie holds his hand and declares she knows he would be a great dad. Rafe grins ... Chloe confesses Eve used the E word regarding Ben. Execution. She was drinking and made a scene in public. Chloe then decided to keep her distance. A few months later she saw her and happier Eva boasted she had met a man. Hope asks for a name. Vincent ... Vincent has strapped Ben back and upped the dosage. Eve hisses he was almost offed like this before but Ciara stopped it. Ben gasps he did not kill his sister. She points out he killed her Paige and deserves to suffer. Ben begs her to kill only him and let Ciara live ...

Chloe has no last name but heard Vincent worked at a clinic called Day ... Claire finds the Daybreak Clinic online and jumps up. Hope decides to go with Ciara while Claire and Shawn await CSI ... Sonny snatches the papers back. He and Will can do this themselves. Sami assures him Allie will choose wisely ... As baby music plays in the background, Allie praises Rafe as the perfect dad. If Sami had not harassed him, would he have agreed to adopt her baby? ... Eve informs Ben that the beautiful music playing was composed by Paige before he stole her voice forever. She rages the whole world should feel her pain! Ben warns her plan will not bring Paige back. She breaks down but refuses to let the man who murdered her daughter have any life with his wife. Ben feels like he is in a fog ... Sami and Lucas admire the baby from the window and she asks about Allie. He smiles to focus on their grandbaby and goes to get someone who can let them hold him ... Sonny and Will approach Allie with the papers. Sonny suggests Sami was wrong to interfere and assures her they will be the best parents. He waits for her to sign. Alas she does not ... Claire gets nervous as they wait for word. Shawn thanks kind Chloe, who offers to help Claire with her music any time before heading off to pick up Parker ... Bright lights, drugs and electric shocks are making sweaty Ben scream. Eve cruelly orders Vincent to keep going. No one can hear his cries inside the clinic ...

Sami talks to the baby behind the window. Allie will understand one day. Rafe appears. He reveals Allie wanted to discuss the baby with him. Sami smiles smugly ... Allie sighs she cannot sign the papers. Sonny looks like he has been slapped a thousand times ... Claire confesses to Shawn she fears what if it was evil Eve ... Outside the clinic Ciara comes across the tie Ben was wearing at their wedding. She and Hope slowly enter his holding room together and find ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, August 4, 2020