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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the square phone Kate warns critical Jen no more mayoral interviews. Here comes Phillip with a greeting and a grin. She hugs him ... At the Kiriakis mansion phone Vic offers Hope ten minutes with Ben to make him remember where Ciara went but she turns him down. Outside the room Will warns Sonny tis not the best time to tell him ... Bedroom Sarah flirts with Xander who boasts about his numbers. He feels on top of the world now that he is not a thug. She thinks his thug side was sexay and starts to smooch ... Marlena ends a call with Belle in John’s room, wishing she and Sami were not at odds. She apologizes for blurting that out and pretends all is well. After the call she woefully watches sleeping John ... At the bistro Justin updates Lucas on the latest with Sami. He senses the judge will favor Eric and Nicole. Lucas sighs it never ends and blames Allie for bolting. When Bonnie walks in he tries to hide but the brassy blonde finds him. Justin sips his coffee and she gushes about the eligible guys. Lucas wishes she would stop stalking him but she came for her lawyer. Lucas sighs must be a brainless fool so Justin lets him know tis him ... Kate wishes Phillip had let her know he was coming back. She would have arranged a celebration befitting such Salem royalty. She hears her suited son has been in Salem for two days and really came to see Victor... Bearded Will agrees to bid Vic goodbye but believes Sonny should let him know they are leaving. He also has to lie about Arianna, which he laughs will be easy. Sonny walks in alone and greets the growly Greek tycoon ... Sarah and Xander snuggle in bed as the sun streams in. They discuss Victor approving of them now. She senses Maggie is concerned about him. He is having a hard time worrying about Ciara. But Sarah believes Xander will be the best Titan CEO. He makes light of Phillip the prodigal son being back.

Phil sits with Kate at the square and she makes snide remarks about Victor. He reveals he entered after Father had anointed Xander CEO. He warned Victor he would only stay in his life as CEO ... Victor gets petulant about fun Sonny, Will and Ari leaving. Sonny assures him it will be alright. He asks what Will thinks. They are looking forward to their fresh start. Victor understands. Sonny asks him to let him know if there is anything with Justin and has more peeps to go say goodbye to. Victor praises him for being just like Adrienne the great. Sonny gets emotional ... Will is in John’s room with Marlena, where she is playing a waiting game. She wishes he would wake up soon and is happy to see her grandson... Lucas tries to talk Justin out of repping Bonnie but has no luck and leaves. Stylish Bonnie sits and gushes he is jealous. Justin holds up the publisher’s offer. She is elated it is twice the amount she wanted, gets excited about the designer shoes she will be able to afford and screams when he tears it up. He wants more since they seem scared to go to trial. They will make a counter-offer adding two zeros. Bonnie yelps like a cowgirl ... Kate cannot believe Phil gave Vic an ultimatum and assumes he will not win. The son solemnly states he is taking back his Titan birthright ... As he gets dressed Xander leers lazy Phillip is a leech. Sarah suggests he not underestimate him. Xander believes he is the best man for Victa, whose offspring do not respect him. They get frisky ...

Victor sighs to Sonny he regrets not telling Adrienne how highly he thought of her. She was strong and kind just like Sonny. He is happy he is going to Arizona with Will. Sonny hopes he will visit and they hug. Victor has something to add ... Marlena sighs about feeling a little lost. She wonders what Will wanted to say. He stammers Sonny and he are moving to Arizona with Arianna. He sees Marlena’s stress and suggests he join Sonny later. Marlena believes he belongs with his hubby as she belongs with hers. She knows Sonny needs him. Will wants her to be able to lean on him. She already knows he loves her and would do anything. They emotionally embrace ... Bonnie wishes Justin would wear his hat and suggests sunscreen too. He says no thanks. She is just grateful and holds his hands to thank him. Here comes Sonny in his cowboy hat ... Phil takes coffee over a cocktail to stay on top of his game. Kate warns Xander and Victor became close after he left. Phillip is tight lipped with mother dearest, who assures him she is not after Titan. He laughs working for the mayor gives much less money. Lucas hears the laughter and hugs his brother. He wonders what brought him back to town. Phil flashes a smile. T’was family ...

Victor looks in a mood when Xander enters and talks Titan numbers. The tycoon saw them already and reveals Phillip returned to take over ... Phillip is sympathetic about Allie but Kate believes Sami is to blame. Lucas stops her. Phil finishes his coffee and tells Lucas he will call him one day for dinner. Kate warns his royal return might not go as well as he hopes. Lucas wonders ... Xander rages about being Victor’s flunky for nothing. The Greek replies he is overreacting. Xander refuses to give up his keys to the kingdom without a fight ... Bonnie and Justin had no idea Victor would give away Justin’s hat! Sonny explains it was a going away gift as he and Will are leaving. Bonnie discreetly departs. Sonny assures his dad he and Will are ready for their big move with Ari and wonders what the heck he is doing with that woman ... Marlena cries tell Sonny she loves him. When John is better they will both come visit. She suggests a nice guest room in their home. Will grins any self-respecting gay couple has a great guest room. Marlena laughs. She loves and will miss him so. They tearfully hug and he walks out as poignant music plays ...

Victor is mulling over the best outcome for the company and Kiriakis clan ... Justin claims Bonnie is a client. Sonny loathes she who harmed Adrienne. Justin just took this one case but Sonny saw them holding hands. Justin wishes he would trust him. They always make it through. He praises him for going to Phoenix to honor his mother with his work. Phoenix is just a flight away. Sonny loves him and they hug ... Will catches up with Kate and Lucas at the square to say goodbye ... Sarah checks on Salem patient John. As per Kayla, the swelling did not go down. That means they must wait a while longer. Marlena sits by her man and admits she misses him and feels alone. BRADY puts his hand on her shoulder and assures her she is not alone ... Back at the bistro Bonnie has the drinks ready. Justin sighs he will miss his son so she strokes his arm ... Will hopes Lucas will keep an eye on Kate. Here comes Sonny. Lucas is going to miss them both. Kate too. Family hugs and then the classic couple walk away hand in hand ... Hothead Xander demands an immediate answer. Will the Titan CEO be him? Enter the Phillip who arrogantly asks or HIM!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday August 31, 2020