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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Newlywed Ben dreams he dreamt the church explosion and wakes up to honeymoon Ciara. It gets even more tangled when he sees a necktie. He is hit with water in the face and wakes up in his torture chamber to taunting Eve and vicious Vincent... At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny is busy with detailed adoption forms for Arianna's new dog. Will is touched. He offers to help and then gets a call from Lucas about Allie giving birth. Sonny hugs him. The moment they have been waiting for ... At the apartment Eric kisses distracted Nicole, who notes Allie did not sign the adoption papers ... Belle ends a call with Shawn and informs curious Sami that he, Claire, Hope and Ciara are in NYC to search for Ben. The sisters sip their coffees ... Stylish Claire complains about the restaurant food and Hope closes her computer. She could not find Eve on any passenger lists. Hope hugs upset Ciara. Claire warns Shawn if Ben is not found fast Ciara will snap ... Ben is all hooked up and Eve hisses his nightmare is just getting started. He gasps and sweats ... Will and Sonny cannot wait to see their baby boy! First they will tell Ari ... Nicole feels badly but coffee pouring Eric believes she did the right thing. T'was Allie’s decision. He never thought Rafe would back off. Nicole sighs Sami convinced him. Eric reasons if it is Rafe, then Sonny and Will are still going to be involved as per Rafe. However, Sami risks losing Allie and the grandson altogether. Nicole sighs she will blame her if that happens ... Sami is not surprised to hear Eve blew up the church, given what she went through. What if she is found? Belle only knows Ciara is anxious to get Ben back and Claire is on the case to help ... Ciara suggests they all head to Eve's place since they have her address. Hope begs to differ ...

Ben is warned he is being slowly administered a mind altering drug to make him the necktie killer again. There is more. Vincent opens his case and Eve hisses she will make him off Ciara as he did to her beloved Paige. He gasps and alternates between fantasy and reality. We all do ... Shawn agrees with Hope that civilians Ciara and Claire would tip off Eve. Hope promises they will contact the NYPD if they are unable to handle her and leaves with Shawn. Claire wants herself and Ciara to tail them ... Belle leaves Shawn an anxious message. Sami can see she is concerned. She is especially about Claire! Sami feels more sorry for herself and the fact that Allie pushed her away ... At the hospital Will and Sonny smile about baby names. Will gets a text from his Salem PD Source. Ben was not found but there is a lead ... Ben's Angels sit back down when Ciara suggests it. She dreads what Eve has already done to Ben. Claire thinks she would have had something in mind but maybe not death ... Ben is hallucinating and shouting. Woman in black Eve leers he loooves Ciara and will now experience the ultimate horror of losing her. Ciara must die to make her revenge complete ...

Sami sighs she is happy about the grandson but sad Allie wanted Nicole as her birthing coach. In addition, Allie has shut her out. Sami feels sorry for herself ... Will and Sonny admire the perfect baby boy from the window in the maternity ward. Will gushes they have a son. Eric and Nicole arrive. Sonny and Will are surprised they did not call them when Allie was in labor or even after. Nicole admits it was Sami's idea ... Sweaty tied up Ben hears from Eve that Vincent studied under mind control madman Wilhelm Rolf so prepare for HELL ... Ben's Angels are not happy waiting. Ciara senses the clock is ticking ... Vicious Vincent prepares Ben to be zapped by good and bad sensations and boasts he is a human behaviorist. Ben gets a bad zap and writhes in the ties that bind ... Sami suspects Nicole wanted to sock it to her but Belle disagrees. Sami states Allie heard what she did from Nicole. Belle wonders what that was ... Nicole explains Sami assumed Allie might bond with the baby and keep him if the others stayed away. Will cannot believe it. Sonny cares only what Allie wants and their deal was made. Nicole is sorry to say ... Black widow Eve warns Ben he is heading on a visual trip down memory lane that will lead to Vincent being able to control his actions. Ben is confused. We all are. He first sees an image of Ciara's ethereal face ... As Ciara weeps Claire gives her a pep talk. Ciara regrets removing her as her maid of honor. Claire assures her she is here now ... Wedding pictures flash before Ben of his beautiful bride and his face turns red from the heat. Meanwhile Hope and Shawn step into Eve's apartment. The door was left open ...

Will and Sonny wonder why Allie did not sign. Cos she found out that Sami had talked Rafe out of adopting ... Belle tells Sami she was in the wrong when she hears the whole story. Sami wants to make it right. Belle warns Allie will not want to see her for a while. Sami is not listening ... Ben gets zapped into imagining his bride lying dead with a necktie around her neck as his IV drips ... Hope and Shawn return. Eve was not there, plus her place was a mess. The rent was paid months in advance. Claire impatiently snaps where the hell did she go ... Dead Paige's picture is shown overhead as Eve weeps ... Sami primly points out Rafe already had doubts before she spoke to him. Belle laughs at her audacity. Sami snaps Allie had the right to know. Belle warns her to give her daughter space. She just did! Sami takes off in a huff to convince Allie she did it all for her. Belle is exasperated ... Nicole updates Sonny and Will on Sami bullying Rafe and trying to bully Eric into saying nothing. Eric softly suggests it might still work out. Sonny curses Sami like a Kiriakis. Will gets it. Sonny is so relieved he is not like his mother. Will soap stares ...

Shawn has arranged for NYPD CSI to scour Eve's apartment for any sign of explosives. Claire notes they still know not where Eve is now. Shawn concludes Chloe might ...Underwear Ben gasps Ciara's name in his groggy state. Eve shows him a dummy bride in her wedding dress, which she stole. She places her ipad with Ciara’s head on the top and Ben imagines her being his bride and then the necktie victim ... Sonny wants to confront Sami once and for all. Speak of the devil in the red dress ... Chloe joins Shawn, Hope and Ben's Angels, who reveal they are desperately seeking Eve ... Drugged Ben is stood up. Eve hisses tis time to kill Ciara.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, August 3, 2020