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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At DiMera mansion Jake informs Gwen he wants to try with Gabi ... Downstairs Ed declares they must depart due to the danger. Gabi talks Arianna and Ed sighs she is also in danger so she has to come too. Gabi gets madder and refuses. Rafe sighs ... At the Kiriakis mansion Will updates sympathetic Sonny on John’s state. Sonny mentions their planned move to Arizona. Chad appears, gasping Gabi was right?... Hope begs Ben to tell her he let Ciara go. He cries in confusion and Hope sobs ... Jake feels for Gabi’s tough time. Gwen scoffs she is just using him. Jake reminds her she herself was only after the DiMera riches. When he insists it was mutual between him and Gabi she throws a priceless vase and keeps going ... Sonny and Will explain their plans to Chad, who understands but will miss his best friends. Maybe they can convince Gabi to go to Arizona as well. Sonny has high hopes they will come together to at least agree on an arrangement for Ari but Will has his doubts ... Gabi complains she has to deal with Ari’s double dads who are trying to take her away. Now is not the time to give them a reason. She is in denial so Ed decides she should talk to Dario about the danger. He calls him and gasps he just got a message that the bad guys claimed they are already coming for him ... Ben insists he would never hurt Ciara but has no answers for Hope. He suggests maybe she ran away and urges her to arrest him since what Eve did to him was not undone ...

Jake blasts Gwen for breaking DiMera valuables. He declares they are really done and tells her to move out ... On come level Chad feels for Gabi since she was away from Ari so long in the slammer. Abigail is now away in Florida. She will miss Will and Sonny when she comes home. Will smiles to visit. Chad knows Will and Sonny will work everything out. The guys are grateful. Time to hug goodbye. Chad sadly states Salem will not be the same ... Rafe gets off the phone with Dario, having discussed a safe house for him. Gabi now gets the clear and present danger. Ed is sorry and suggests they get moving. Gabi emotionally goes. She knows she has to keep her daughter safe. Rafe glares daggers at his dubious dad ... Gwen gets glum about her options. Jake tells her to return to Philly but she fears retaliation from his mob enemies. She tries to make up. Jake gasps he cannot and hands her some cash. He wants her to leave Salem. She quips what a prince and refuses the money. He leaves it beside the books and wishes her a happy life. Then he walks away ... Sonny and Will discuss Gabi refusing to compromise. Speak of the stylish devil! Gabi enters with Eduardo. Will and Sonny automatically assume the worst. She fibs she found out her mom is sick so Ari must stay with them while she is in Mexico. They are sorry. Sonny sweetly suggests her mom come to Salem for treatment. Ed refuses any assistance and sternly advises Gabi to go say goodbye to her daughter. Gabi cries Will and Sonny need to know the truth. Ed cannot stop her. She gasps he made some dangerous enemies who now want the whole family dead ...

At the station Hope holds cuffed Ben back as he rages at apprehended Eve. Rafe arrives and asks Hope what is going on. Ben bellows Eve’s flunky Vincent brainwashed him to harm Ciara. Rafe wonders where Ciara is and what happened. Hope admits she has no idea, her eyes mirroring her despair. Rafe confronts Eve. Hope cries about coming across Ben but no Ciara at the dorm. Ben rages he remembers trapping Ciara in the loo with a necktie but that is all. Eve apologizes and hopes Ciara is alright. Eli hauls her to a cell. Rafe is so sorry. Hope wants the Salem P.D. to search. Rafe gives the order and then wants a word alone ... Will asks Gabi if it is a real threat. She heard so from Dario. Sonny wishes there was another way. Ed explains they will pretend Arianna is also visiting family in Mexico but she will be with her dads in Arizona. Sonny promises they will look after her and begs Ed and Gabi to be careful. Will woefully wonders when he will see her again. Gabi cries she knows not and steps away to say goodbye to her daughter ... Chad is appalled when he finds Gwen in her room with a broken vase. She sniffles Jake dumped her and blames Gabi ... Will and Sonny are concerned about Eduardo’s nefarious contacts, including Orpheus once upon a time. Perhaps Gabi needs protection from her papa! Gabi comes back and cries about leaving her little girl. Will knows it is not her fault. They hug and he tenderly tells her they will look after Ari. Sonny hugs her and adds they love her. Ed is ready to run but Gabi still wants to say goodbye to someone. She has Jake on her mind and storms off, warning Ed that Rafe too deserves to be able to say his goodbyes ... Hope is at a loss. Alas there are no leads. Ciara would reach her if she were safe. Ben told her terrifying things. Rafe believes Ben would not harm her. She wonders whether he even heard her message. Rafe remembers Ed breaking his phone and admits he was with his father. His mother is unwell and Ed wants him and Gabi to go to Mexico to see her. However, he refuses to leave Hope given the latest ...

Back at DiMera mansion Chad deduces Jake was just jealous. Gwen pouts her plan backfired and he slept with Gabi. Now he wants a relationship with her. Meanwhile Jake joins Gabi, who is holding a picture of Arianna. He laughs about Gabi breaking things and apologizes some were pricey. She wanted another chance with him so he said they were done. He would like to find out where he and new girl Gabi are headed and hopes she feels the same way. When Gabi turns he can see her tears and wonders. She woefully states mom is sick so she must head to Mexico with Rafe and Ari. That means this is goodbye ... Hope believes Rafe belongs with his mother. She has her kids and support here in Salem so she will be alright. Rafe refers to their almost reunion ... Gabi knows not how long she will be away. Jake begs to accompany her. Alas it cannot be ... Chad suspects like Gwen that Gabi is using Jake for DiMera. She complains he kicked her out. Chad chuckles. She reminds him how she helped him spy and asks to stay. He hesitates and then agrees. The grateful girl hugs him ... Gabi lies she only slept with Jake cos he looks like Stefan and wanted to use him get back on top at DiMera. That was then this is now and now she must go. He dares her to look him in the eye and deny their connection. She does, states he will never replace Stefan and suggests he make up with Gwen the mess. Then she walks out ... Hope assures Rafe she will be alright. Ciara will come back and when he comes back they can all celebrate. Rafe whispers he loves her. She loves Rafael right back. They kiss like there is no tomorrow and then he goes, heartbroken. Hope falls apart.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday August 28, 2020