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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Gabi and Jake kiss in his DiMera mansion bedroom. He suddenly stops ... Rafe wants an explanation from Eduardo ... Sami accuses Nicole of murder but she denies it. Sami talks Deimos. Eric and Nicole are rattled ... Hope finds Ben huddling in the corner crying he is sorry with no sign of Ciara ... Jake explains he is involved with Gwen. Gabi knows he wants her and is in denial ... Ed is in trouble. He got into biz with some bad guys who want his blood. Rafe blasts him so he warns he is also in danger ... Justin accuses Sami of a last minute mayhem attempt but the judge gives her the floor. Sami recounts that Deimos was found dead with a knife in his chest and the detail never revealed is that Nicole did it at the Marton house! Meanwhile Hope screams for Ciara and demands to know where she is. Ben weeps he knows not. Hope finds her phone and asks why the screen has a crack. Ben knocked it from her hand. Hope urges him to remember more ... Rafe is not afraid of danger and suggests Eduardo scram and let him handle the bad guys. Ed warns they are after the whole family and tis too late ... Gabi admitted her attraction but Jake believes she really wants Stefan. She insists she does not care he is not Stefan so he grabs her and they give into their passion ... Her Honor is aware the murder of Deimos was never solved. Sami continues her tale. Nicole was blackmailed into marrying Xander as the bad guy had her taped confession she had killed Deimos. The judge asks Nicole if it is true. Justin tries unsuccessfully to object. Nicole denies killing Deimos but does not deny being blackmailed by Xander, who threatened to make her lose her daughter. She accuses Sami of a smear campaign. Justin calls his client a model citizen. Sami protests. Eric solemnly stares, his arm around Nicole. Sami suggests the court call upon him ...

Ed explains the bad guys almost got to Dario but missed. They made threats against Gabriella so they must get her safely out of Salem ... After the lovin Gabi and Jake giggle. He wants confirmation she does not care he is not Stefan. She knows they were different but they cannot deny their connection. Jake warns girlfriend Gwen could catch them. Gwen walks in and goes wildly jealous ... Hope begs Ben to come clean. They are family. Can he tell her what he did? He reveals what he remembers, how he made Ciara lock him out in his strange state. Then she urged him to call Hope for help. He could not stop and opened the door. Hope hangs her head when he admits he went in. She asks if he tried to strangle her with the necktie and he replies he does not know. She screams Ciara is not here and cuffs him. He gasps he is sorry ... Rafe’s phone rings. Tis Hope but Ed breaks his phone and orders him to come find his sister ... Stylish Gwen is enraged. Gabi scoffs she kissed Chad and does not deny they had an amazing time her and Jake. Gwen tries to attack so Jake stops her ... Nicole protests. The judge warns her to stop and asks Sami to explain. Sami sarcastically states Eric and Nicole reunited in Nashville where Nicole was later believed to have perished in a fire. Eric blamed Xander. Sami explains Xander got Nicole’s confession of killing Deimos on tape. Nicole told Eric who told her after the tragedy of losing the woman he loved. She knows he remembers. Eric looks ready to explode, his eyes filled with tears of torment as the judge asks him to confirm ...

Hope leaves Rafe a message weeping she needs his help. She has Ben but Ciara is missing. Ben wants to help. She snaps like hell and storms out ... Gabi grabs her clothes, calls Gwen a beech and taunts Jake was amazing. She leaves and Gwen leers how could he ... Sami suggests a bible so the former father tells the truth. The judge notes tis not necessary. Sami orders Eric to admit that discussion but he denies everything! Sami screams he is lying. The judge tells her to sit down but Sami cannot stop and turns her rage on Nicole. She screams she is a toxic beech and offers to take a lie detector test. Eric accuses Sami of inventing conversations that never happened. The judge asks if Sami has any proof like the tape. Silence. The judge will share her decision tomorrow and departs. Sami rages and storms off. Justin warned her not to try to play lawyer. Nicole thanks Justin, who feels all will be well tomorrow. Sami comes back to confront Eric, He accuses her of stooping to a new low and apologizes to Nicole. Sami growls they will not get her grandson. Tomorrow morning she will tell the judge about this conversation. Nicole snaps like hell ... As Jake gets dressed Gwen gets mad about Stefan’s suit. Jake explains it was originally all about business to help Gabi. Gwen gets mad he did not cancel the Kansas trip. He tells her she needed him to nail the deal. She suspects him of a revenge affair for the Chad kiss. He emotionally explains this is really about him and Gabi ...

Downstairs as Stefano’s portrait watches, Rafe and Eduardo arrive for Gabi. She fumes her father did not call when he was already a free man and decides she is too busy with her life. Ed warns her life is at risk as they speak. Rafe confirms he caused a hellish situation for all of them and she needs to get out of here sooner rather than later ... Hope comes back and informs Ben the security footage is being checked. She urges him to focus. He tries and remembers entering the bathroom, finding frightened Ciara behind the shower curtain ... Nicole warns Sami to keep her silence. Eric warns she would not be believed anyway. He suggests Sami give up cos no one stands by her now. They depart and Sami becomes a blonde wolverine hell bent on beating her brother ... Gwen wants Jake to beg for her forgiveness. He refuses and decides to break up with her instead ... Gabi rages at Eduardo for ruining their lives. She refuses to leave with him. Rafe sighs ... Ciara wept and urged Ben to fight the mind control. She loved him and cried he was wonderful. He would never rob her of her life. He had looked down at the necktie in his big hands and wept he loved her as well. She hugged him. Then he numbly decided he had to do it. Back to the present. Ben breaks down as Hope watches with horror. What did he really do?!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday August 27, 2020