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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Gabi flounces into Jake’s room with a garment bag as he reads an auto magazine. She announces they are going to Kansas together ... Sami boasts she will rep herself and win. She accuses Nicole of poison. Eric urges her not to do this. Justin notes she needs a lawyer with experience so she insults him ... Eduardo removes the hood as Rafe points his gun. He suggests his son stop pointing. Rafe demands to know what he is doing here at his house with shades drawn ... At Paige’s grave Hope announces she has a warrant to arrest Eve for what she did to Ben ... At the deadly dorm, Ciara cries and begs Ben not to harm her. But he has been brainwashed. Crazy music plays as he pauses, feeling the pressure ... Eric tries to talk some sense into suspicious Sami. She hisses he will lose. He exclaims the baby is more than a medal. Justin feels obliged to inform her she can try for a continuance. She thinks she knows better. Nicole taunts to make a fool of herself ... Rafe rages at papa Eduardo for breaking into his house and no contact since he was released. Eduardo notes Dario was less judgmental. He casually asks about criminally inclined Gabi ... Jake is in no hurry to head to Kansas cos he and Gwen have dinner plans ... Eve taunts Hope about her old tiara as Hope cuffs and hauls her off ... Ciara weeps she wants to help but Ben hears Eve ordering him to do the deed in his head ... Stylish Gabi suggests a drive through with Gwen and be at the airstrip! Jake claims he is escorting her to an excellent stuffed shrimp buffet. She warns Chad is starting to make Shin listen so he had better step up ...

Rafe reasons Gabi's suffering changed her. Eduardo agrees not to judge. Rafe wants to return to his investigation. Eduardo hears Eve is the villain he is after ... Hope has Eve in an interrogation room. Eve denies trying to off Ben for she wanted him to live another day to do his dastardly deeds ... Ben hyperventilates he hurts people and remembers Eve cruelly reminding him what he had done to Paige. He gasps to Ciara that Eve wants him to suffer so he has to off her. Ciara wonders when exactly he spoke to Eve ... Her Honor points out to all parties this hearing is to review the restraining order and award temporary custody. The court wants the best outcome for baby. Justin stands and states he is representing Eric and Nicole. Sami is repping herself as Belle had a family emergency. She pouts and wants to proceed. Justin begins with Allie’s letter revealing her wish that Eric and Nicole have her baby. Silly Sami objects on the grounds that her daughter was on pain meds at that moment. Madam Judge gently states that would be an argument and suggests she wait until she is asked to speak. Sami argues and the judge warns contempt. Justin suggests Sami sit down so she does. She complains when he hands the judge said letter, arguing it was not notarized. Her Honor tells her she is treading on thin ice. Justin adds Allie specifically stated in the letter she did not want her mother to take her baby. Madam Judge steps away to read in peace and lets Sami know she is not pleased with her childish antics ...

Jake gets testy about Gabi’s antics and tells her to go to the BBQs without him. She believes the client bonded with Jake’s common behavior and needs him to seal the deal so put on the designer suit ... Eduardo argues Eve lost her daughter. Rafe rages she blew up a church and went after revenge on Ben. He plans to stop her. Eduardo is sorry to say he must accompany him instead ... Eve taunts Hope for taking long to find Ben. She paid to have Ben programmed to off Ciara ... Ben apologizes for not remembering more. Scared Ciara suggests he think back to when he was missing. He gasps he saw her with a necktie around her neck and it felt good. She gasps he got brainwashed but it was a lie. Eve is evil and he must fight her influence! He ignores her begging, shoves her in the bathroom and tightens the necktie in his strong hands ... Nicole gets worried while she and Eric wait with Justin. Eric fears Sami will keep fighting. Here comes the judge! She read the letter which is not legally binding but Miss Horton was clear about her wish that her uncle and his wife look after her son. Translation: no restraining order and Eric and Nicole now have temporary custody. Mount Sami looks ready to blow ... Cowboy Rafe defiantly asks his dad where he wants them to go. To Mexico with Gabi to see their mother. Rafe sarcastically asks why. He still mistrusts him ... Hope cannot believe it for Ben loves Ciara. Eve boasts she wanted Ben to suffer so she had the perfect programmer with mind altering drugs. Hope panics and makes a call. Eve leers tis too late ...

Ben is sorry and suddenly shuts the bathroom door before himself ordering Ciara to keep him out. She lets him know she locked it and cries ... Eric and Nicole are elated. Justin thanks the judge, who suggests they provide a smooth transfer and stable home. Grateful Eric gushes they will. Sami suddenly snaps Nicole is unfit ... Jake sighs why should he wear Stefan’s suit again? The dude is dead. Gabi feels he lives on in spirit and implores him to help. He suggests she start another company, forget DiMera so she admits this job is the only way she will be able to keep Ari ... Hope puts out an APB on Ben and insists Eve reveal their whereabouts. Eve leers nothing will stop Ben now. Meanwhile Ciara begs Ben to call her mom with her phone. He picks up said phone, sees their wedding pic and drops it in horror as he hallucinates. Then he howls like a wounded animal. Ciara slowly unlocks and opens the bathroom door ... Sami accuses Nicole of switching Sydney with another and stealing her. Now she is trying to steal her grandson too! Justin gives nervous Nicole a glance ...

Eduardo notes there is nothing but work keeping Rafe in Salem. Rafe remembers kissing Hope. He refuses to run from responsibility. Eduardo blames himself for not really knowing his good son. Rafe needs no trip to Mexico and admits he and Hope might be getting back together ... Desperate Hope appeals to Eve as a mother. She has felt the rage of losing a child and cries she gets it. Why make her endure such a thing for a second time? Eve has tears in her eyes as Hope implores her to reveal their location ... Ciara finds Ben huddled on the bed. He orders her to close the door as his body lunges toward her so she does and cries to please call Hope. He stares at their wedding pic again, throws the phone and pounds on the door gasping he is sorry. He punches a hole and his hand reaches in to grab the knob. Ciara whimpers ... Madam Judge waits for Nicole to respond. Justin points out she was not herself and paid for that crime. Sami triumphantly tells the judge Nicole also committed the crime of murder most foul ... Jake sits Gabi on the bed beside him and asks about Ari. Will and Sonny want her to move away with them. She fears she will have to prove in court she can look after her. She already lost ... He knows. She lost her husband. She cries she misses him and the when she sees his face ... She kisses him passionately and he kisses her back with ardor ... Ed is happy for Rafe. However, if they do not leave Salem now they will both die ... Eve apologizes to Paige’s pretty picture ... Hope arrives at the dorm door and kicks it open. She clutches her gun and stares in horror at the sight ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday August 26, 2020