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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Justin asks Sami about John. She sighs tis touch and go. Sami has something else on her mind ... At John and Marlena’s, Eric cannot prevent Nicole from telling Belle how mean Sami was to John before he fainted. Belle cannot believe she said he was not real family ... Rafe and Hope keep kissing up a storm ... Sweet ghostly Paige greets Eve. Eve assumes she is alive and rejoices ... Stylish Ciara was ready to celebrate. That is, until Ben calmly claimed they were in the room where he strangled Paige. Why make her come here? Cos someone wanted this! Meanwhile Rafe and Hope come up for air. He feels he was not professional but she liked what just happened ... Paige points out there was no Rolf, this is Eve’s imagination. She warns her perilous plan is a horrible mistake ... Ben claims the doctor Marlena referred him to suggested he return here with her on this day. Ciara suddenly realizes the day ... Justin gets sarcastic with Sami, who hisses he wants to steal her grandson. She adds he is an in-law which means he must recuse. Justin blames her for almost breaking up Sonny and Will with her meddling. She accuses him of attempted payback ... Belle does not want to believe it. Sami is like John’s daughter now. She sits and digests. Eric asks Nicole if she is sure. When she admits it was in the chapel where she heard Sami confess Eric exclaims confessions are confidential. Nicole cares not ... Hope reveals to Rafe she has feelings but fears risking their friendship. He feels the same way. She updates him on what the family has been saying. Even Shawn suggested another shot. Rafe reveals Eli and Ciara are also on their side. But what do they think?

Ben removes his tie, sits with his understanding wife, and states he was told to own what he did that day. Ciara disapproves of the doctor. Those who helped him at Bayview would never have agreed. When Ben argues the guy said to atone she notes he is no priest. She starts to go so Ben stops her. There is something he has to do right here right now ... Back at the nurse’s station Sami and Justin continue to clash. He warns the judge will decide. He sides with Nicole for he has seen Allie’s letter. Sami gets miffed and declares her daughter was manipulated by Nicole. Justin decides he is done. She warns she will win ... Belle states Sami is stressed and maybe did not mean her words. Eric agrees and wants to stop blaming his twin. Nicole knows Sami better and argues she has been lying all along. How can Belle rep her? ... Rafe and Hope talk about how they hate talking about feelings. Rafe suggests they try again and try to get it right. Hope gets emotional with him. They really have a second chance at romance ... Paige pouts as Eve disagrees. Paige hates she had brainwashed Ben ordered to off Ciara. He suffered enough already because of Eve. Eve argues he has a future whereas her devoted daughter was robbed of hers. Paige points out Ciara is innocent ...

Ben closes the door. Ciara suggests she and sweetheart speak elsewhere. First he must do what the doctor ordered. He does not have a choice though he hates it. Ciara holds his face and argues they can talk to Marlena. What was he ordered to do? He looks down at the tie in his big hands and replies it would be easier to show her. Harrowing music plays ... Sami comes back to Belle, who confronts her for what she said to John. She heard from Nicole! Sami looks like she has been slapped a thousand times ... Eve hisses Ciara was aware Ben was evil and agreed to wed him. Paige points out he was mentally ill. Eve screams he is a psycho but Ciara is his soft spot. He will feel Eve’s pain when he offs his beloved bride. Paige reminds her there is also her mother Hope to consider. Eve cares not cos Hope forgave Ben. Paige adds and Eve married a paid assassin. She thinks her mother will end up as haunted as Eduardo ... Ben recounts how he took Paige’s life. It happened in the loo. He flashes back to her screaming and fighting back but he was stronger. Ciara wants them to go. He cries and sits down remembering her death ... Ready for the hearing Nicole urges Eric to fight for the baby. He wishes she was not all about beating Sami. She does not totally deny it but believes Allie was spot on when she selected them. They will be the best parents for the baby and she calls him the best dad. They kiss. Justin arrives ... Sami starts to snap about Nicole’s spying. Belle blasts her for her cruel words to papa John. Sami will apologize and argues Marlena explained she was not to blame for the aneurism. In fact him collapsing when Marlena was nearby was a blessing. Belle believes she does not care. Sami notes they have no time before the hearing. But Belle flat out refuses to rep her now ...

Rafe and Hope want to keep talking somewhere else. He gets a text that the alarm went off in his house. Hope offers to stay and deal with Eve. Rafe will have an officer come help her, kisses her hand and goes. Hope has stars in her beautiful eyes ... Ciara tries to drag Ben out but he refuses and shouts to shut the door so no one sees him like this. She assures him he was unaware of what he was doing but he does remember. She weeps he was unwell because of his horrible childhood but he won. He has his doubts about the real him. She suggests they continue the conversation elsewhere but he announces they are not leaving ... Nicole senses Belle might refuse to rep Sami. Justin has high hopes about having the restraining order dismissed. Nicole hopes luck is on their side ... Belle blasts Sami for her secrecy and storms out. However, Sami has always been a survivor ... Rafe slowly opens his door, gun drawn, and orders the intruder to freeze. Tis dear old dad Eduardo ... Hope puts her gloves back on and reads Eve’s old paper about Paige being found dead in her dorm room. She calls Doser and suggests he hurry. She knows where Eve might be ... Paige will pray for her mother’s soul and disappears ... Vincent’s brainwashing takes control of Ben’s beautiful mind. He weeps he does not want to and Ciara weeps what? He holds his necktie and complains he has to kill her. Ciara looks down at the tie with dread ... Sami waltzes into court, insults Nicole and announces she will win repping herself. Justin is amused ... Hope finds Eve falling apart at her daughter’s grave ... Ciara begs Ben not to as he raises the tie to her neck and gasps oh God. We all do!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday August 25, 2020