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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Sami admits to Allie’s sleeping baby she feels badly about what she did to John. They have a secret. Belle overhears. About that secret ... Stylish Nicole gets an update from hubby Eric, who wants a word with Marlena by the nurse’s station. When he asks after John she soap stares ... Rafe and Hope’s looks of longing are interrupted by a hot lead on Eve’s location. Time to catch a loon ... Eve looks out the sunny window and announces to her daughter’s memory today Ben shall pay ... Ciara arrives home. She reveals Rafe said they are getting closer to Eve and Vincent. Vincent is standing behind the door as she asks what Ben is doing with that tie. Tis a surpriiiiiise. She seems spooked so is he sorry and hugs her while Vincent slips out. She assumes it went well with Marlena. Alas the session did not happen ... Nicole and Eric are sorry for Marlena’s news about John and offer to keep her company. Eric sighs he seemed fine when they last saw him. Nicole reveals John came home to her and Sami’s run in. Marlena notes Sami said they had a civil convo. Nicole scoffs and feels terrible. Marlena tells her she is not to blame ... Woman in red Belle grills Sami, who remembers how she raged at John, maybe causing his collapse. She now lies she just named the baby. Tis too soon so it is a secret. She complains about Eric and Nicole. Belle informs her they got an emergency hearing arranged and Justin hopes the judge will temporarily give them the baby. Sami cannot believe it could happen this afternoon ... Marlena assures Eric that John understands the situation. She herself declared to Sami that she felt the baby belonged with them. Eric and Nicole have arranged a last minute hearing. Nicole wonders whether she would be willing to testify ... Sami wants a postponement and uses John as an excuse. She is aghast to hear about the seizure and offers to go be with mama Marlena. But she refuses to believe Belle will not win ...

Ciara is concerned but Ben ominously states he feels better. He remembers Vincent’s orders and adds he is aware of what he must do ... Hope and Rafe burst into Eve’s hotel room, guns drawn. Tis empty. Rafe walks off to burst into Vince’s room but he too is gone. If only they had been a few seconds sooner ... Woman in black Eve puts a flower at her daughter’s grave and grieves. A hand from behind startles her. Back in their room Ben acts calm about coming to terms with his past for his future and asks Ciara for assistance. She smiles anything and he holds her ... Nicole suggests a written statement. Marlena has much going on at the moment so Eric tells her tis not important and escorts her to the chapel. Here comes raging Sami. The two strong women clash, call each other toxic and push comes to shove. In the chapel Eric and Marlena have ended their heartfelt prayer. He understands she cannot side with him against Sami. Marlena wishes they could find Allie and wishes Sami would not act badly. Eric firmly believes that Allie chose him and Nicole. He later arrives in time to stop Sami and Nicole, warning if they behave badly the baby will go into foster care. Sami stomps off to Marlena. Eric suggests they try to settle out of court but Nicole knows Sami would refuse. Eric wants to see Belle for he is worried. Back at the townhouse Belle tells the sleeping baby that Claire too endured custody drama and wonders whether that contributed to her sadness. Tis tragic when a child suffers ... Eve gets testy with Vincent, who proudly points out Ben is utterly programmed. He will destroy his and Ciara’s lives at the same time. Eve acts drunk with revenge. Meantime Ben slowly smiles at Ciara to put on her party dress. He plans to make this a night to remember ...

Rafe calls in the plate number of Eve’s sedan. Hope knows Eve will be back because she left her box of Paige mementos. She has been there. Rafe states Vince left his stuff in his room. When they both return they will be waiting ... Eve is grateful. Vincent talks money and muses he hopes Ben suffers. Eve wants to be alone. He heads off for his own mysterious errand ... Eric is aware he is rather breaking the restraining order by being here but had to come about John. Belle wishes they could compromise. Eric has an idea ... Sami hugs Marlena at the chapel. She stammers she has something to say. Nicole arrives outside. Sami blurts out she is to blame for John. Marlena wonders. Sami admits she and angry John argued after Eric and Nicole left. Then she lashed out and let him have it. She cries she shouted she told him he was nothing to the family. Then he clutched his head and collapsed. She cries crocodile tears and apologizes. Nicole takes off with the intel ... Belle believes the judge has to decide. Eric is concerned about her and she admits it is hard dealing with what is happening to John. However she promised to rep Sami and must do so. Eric admires the infant as Belle steps away for a bottle ... Marlena stops Sami’s endless apology ... Eve cannot stop missing Paige and what might have been. She weeps she was the best part of her and will be in her heart forever. Tis not enough!

Hope calls Ciara to warn her and Ben about Eve and Vincent. Ben takes the call as Ciara is in the shower. Hope urges them to stay put until Eve and Vincent have been picked up. He promises and puts down the phone. Ciara joins him in her little black dress. He lies t’was a robocall and they head out to paint the town red ... Rafe gets emotional holding Paige’s picture. He laments to concerned Hope she was the half sister he never knew until it was too late. Eduardo left them all. He wishes he could have helped her. Hope thinks he is a hero as do many. Matter of fact he means the world to her. They come together in a kiss ... Sami implores Marlena not to tell Belle. Marlena explains she is not to blame for the aneurism was already there. Sami is relieved and assures her mom he will make it ... Eric opens the door to Nicole, who bears new for Belle. Sami did something to John ... Eve admires the pink rose that reminds her of the one Paige had in hand at her prom. She weeps about wanting to see her. Paige smiles she is here. Eve turns around to her smiling ghost with a gasp ... Ben silently escorts Ciara into the room of an abandoned dorm. She teases about his reasons. He reveals it was in this very place that he strangled Paige. Ciara is horrified to hear it. WHY ARE THEY HERE??????? Ben is creepily calm.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday August 24, 2020