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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Commissioner Rafe cannot give Jack and Jen info on Eve’s whereabouts. Jen wants the witch caught before it is too late ... Eve has a blue box of Paige’s belongings. Six years ago today! Vincent comes in and notes she is in black. She declares Ben shall pay ... Ben looks at the man in the mirror. He drapes his dark tie around his neck. Sultry Ciara kisses his neck, then gets frisky about the fox and the rabbit. All of a sudden Eve chokes her. He wakes up gasping NO. T’was a bizarre bad dream. Ciara asks if he is alright and he eyes her with dread. Meanwhile Hope is sympathetic as Marlena folds John’s clothes at the hospital. In the waiting area, Steve assures phone Sami she should stay with Allie’s baby. He promises a call when they know more about papa John. Kayla comes out. He asks about the surgery. John muddled through and is in recovery. Steve hugs and thanks his baby ... Marlena informs Hope that John is alive and underwent surgery. Hope can see she has not slept and is here for her ... Kayla tells Steve tis a tad too early for optimism. They must wait until John wakes up to know the full affect of the aneurism. Hope joins them to learn the latest. Steve asks her to accompany night owl Kayla who needs to eat. He promises to call if his partner wakes up ...

Off the record Rafe reveals to Jack and Jen he has Hope helping on the Eve case. Jenny urges him to find the alley cat fast ... Ciara calms Ben about his vague nightmare and is very glad he has his appointment with Marlena today. He sighs six years ago he offed Eve’s daughter ... Eve cannot wait to get the revenge party started and has an idea for flunky Vincent, who continues to humor his cash cow ... Ben remains haunted by what he did. Ciara argues he was sick. He has come a long way since then but Ben harbors doubts. She insists Eve will be apprehended and promises to protect him ... At the pub sleuthing Jack confirms from his phone source at the P.D. there is nothing solid though there are still leads. Sleuthing Jen fears Eve will slip away again. Here come Hope and Kayla with news on John ... Marlena sits by her man, pointing out many love and are praying for him. Enter solemn Steve, who asks what he can do. Marlena asks him to sit with him so she can go to the office to cancel her appointments. Done. Steve lets his buddy know he is not buying he won’t wake up this time. All of Salem knows John Black has cheated death at least as many times as Jason Bourne ... Ciara goes to Rafe to reveal her worry for Ben. Eve must be locked up before it is too late ... Eve admires a picture of Paige and hums the song her daughter wrote. She holds her locket and closes her eyes. The phone rings and she angrily answers ...

Grateful Ben arrives for his session with Marlena, who admits she came to cancel. It is because of John ... Jack and Jen are horrified to hear about John’s aneurism. Jack decides to go be there for brother Steve after Kayla tells him he is not taking it well ... Steve insists John the hero cannot die cos he is HIS hero! He wants his partner back ... Ben is sorry about John. He agrees Marlena must be with him and asks how she fares. She replies she is alright. Ben wants to be there for the woman who made him feel like he was worthy of family. They hug ... Hope, Jen and Kayla dine at the pub. Kayla will take some food back for Marlena. No one knows where oh where Eve is. Hope is grateful good friend Rafe got her back on the force. Jenny senses romantic feelings. She and Kayla are intrigued. They proceed to probe ... Rafe praises Hope as a pro. Ciara senses there is still something there and teases the big guy is blushing ... Hope is in denial and sips her soft drink. She admits to curious Jen and Kayla about the hug and the fixed kink in her washer. They continue to tease and she admits she is heating up. However, she and Rafe must stay friends only. Hope flips her hair. Kayla and Jenny do not buy it ...

Rafe cuts the love talk short. Ciara thinks there is still a spark and asks if she is right. Rafe replies there seems to be but it might not be reciprocated by Hope. They both remember a geek that Ciara used to like in her school days. Rafe suggested she make a move. Alas he rejected her but Ciara was relieved she took the chance ... Jen and Kayla think Hope should take a chance. Kayla warns about wasted time. Jen agrees. There is no time like the present ... Jack joins Steve in John Black’s room and is sorry. He just wants to stay a while. Steve agrees. Jack knows John was just like a brother to Steve, who emotionally explains both dudes are his brothers ... Marlena apologizes for the hug but Ben believes they are friends. She asks how he fares. Alas he cannot remember what Eve and Vince did. However, he understands the good doctor must be with John. She writes down the number of someone else who could help. Ben suddenly has a flashback of his captor claiming he was in control. Marlena wonders what just happened. He just had the strangest sense of déjà vu and agrees to call her recommended doctor. He hopes the best for John and heads home ...

Rafe refuses to ruin his relationship with Hope but stylish Ciara persists. The best stepdad and best guy for mama Hope is HIM. He gets red and she gets him to agree to try. She also has her fingers crossed he will find Eve ... Eve gets mad at unseen unheard Eduardo for his inaction. She rages she will only be alright after Ben pays ... Ben returns home where an eerie visitor is waiting ... Back at the pub Jen and Kayla decide Hope and Rafe were meant to be. Kayla heads back to check on John and Jen comes with to be there for the super couple ... Jack wishes he had bore witness to Steve and brave John’s adventure that Steve has just recounted. Marlena returns. Steve wishes his Black Patch partner would wake up. The blonde blinks back the tears ... Hope waltzes into Rafe’s office to talk. He agrees ... Ben tries to stand up to evil Vincent, who leers he will listen and do as ordered ... Alone again, Marlena marvels so many had amazing adventures with her man. However, they have a wonderful life with precious memories of love. The charms she wears on her wrist prove it. She begs him to come back to her and places her head on his pillow beside his head. Outside the room Kayla and Jen approach Steve and Jack, who assure them they are all right. Time for a family hug ... Rafe gets a call informing him of Eve’s location. He tells detective Hope ... Eve leans on her blue box and proceeds to pray to Paige about avenging her death ... Ben seems to have his necktie ready. Outside her door Ciara leaves a message for Claire vowing to kill Eve and Vincent if she finds them first. She starts to open the door ... Marlena assures John they all love him and are praying. All of a sudden he seems to have a seizure and she cries NOOO! We all do.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, August 21, 2020