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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Chad is on the phone talking terms for the Collins deal when Gwen hauls him into her room. Downstairs Jake munches popcorn, loudly enjoying a loud movie, much to Gabi’s annoyance ... In the hotel Eve complains to Vince about the APB out on her because of Claire the betrayer ... Ciara is having coffee at the square with Ben when Hope calls. there are no new leads on Eve. After the call, Rafe gives Hope a look that makes her wonder ... Ben spooks Ciara when he comes up behind her with her scarf in hand ... Jake feels like the second coming of Stefano. The DiMeras deserve his gifts and Gabi should be grateful! She suggests he worry about his relationship cos she caught Gwen kissing brother Chad ... Chad gets mad at Gwen for being half undressed but she just wanted to continue their convo. She asks how the Collins deal went through. He scoffs to speak to her boyfriend ... Rafe stammers and asks Hope about any Eve leads. Alas nothing so far. He does not want Hope to get burned out on her first day back and tells her to go home. Before she leaves he gushes it was a good day. She walks away with a flirty smile. Rafe grins ... Vince reminds Eve he warned her returning would be a risk but she blames him ... At the square Ben sips his coffee as Ciara comments on his distant demeanor. He has Eve on his mind but she wants to head home and forget about her. They kiss and leave together ... Vince believes Ben will eventually off Ciara given his mind conditioning. Eve realizes tomorrow is the day Ben offed Paige so it would be poetic justice ... Ciara is happy to be home and sees Ben is stressed. He rescheduled his appointment with Marlena tomorrow but cannot shake a bad feeling. Ciara wants to make him feel better with a kiss etc etc etc...

Back at DiMera mansion Gwen gets smug when Chad reveals Jake sealed the deal. She haughtily tells him to be nice to Jake. Chad wants a favor instead – for her to convince him to cancel the ribs meeting in Kansas with the client. Downstairs Jake thinks Gabi is just trying to bug him. She insists she bore witness to his woman with Chad. He should go ask Gwen himself ... Rafe is just leaving the station when he gets a call from Hope, who has a home emergency. She invites him over. Romeo Rafe heads to the house. Her washing machine broke down. He recalls there used to be a kink in the waterline. She needs his magic touch noooooow. He hands her his jacket and his gun and gets to work ... Chad promises to repay Gwen if she agrees and promises Gabi will stop posing a problem for her relationship with Jake. Gwen gets closer and takes his face in her hands, alluding to wot she really wants in return. Jake barges in and shouts what the hell ... Gabi puts away the popcorn as Will and Sonny enter with exciting news. They are moving to Phoenix ... Ben kisses Ciara in bed and pauses. She wonders. He gasps he loves her and they get passionate ... Eve is haunted by the day she found her Paige dead just as Ben will be haunted by the day he offs his beloved wife. Vince has the final dose but would need to give it to Ben tonight. Eve is counting on it ... Ben gazes at the girl in his arms marveling he never believed he deserved someone like her. He will never give her up. She feels the same way and announces she is hungry again for a hot fudge sundae. She teases to ask room service for two spoons while she showers, unaware that trouble is on the menu ...

Rafe shouts and appears all drenched. Hope laughs he lost his magic touch and offers to dry the shirt. She tells him to take it off and he obliges. Hope hands him his beer and goes to toss the shirt in the dryer ... Gwen purrs they were only talking. Jake rages about what! Gabi told him something. Is she cheating with his brother! Gwen taunts tis true. Jake asks Chad if he cheated on his wife with his brother’s girl. Chad plays along and agrees he did ... Will and Sonny tell Gabi about Sonny’s business venture with his brothers. She is impressed but she and Ari will miss them both. Will smiles they actually wanted Ari to move with them. Like hell says Gabi! Sonny realizes this is a big request. She snaps it is not a request, they are going to make Ari start over and it will be hard. Will suggests they wait until Christmas break. No can do. Sonny and Will ask Gabi to come see Arizona with Arianna. Gabi does not want to compromise but Will tells her tis part of being a family ... Chad drapes his arm around smug Gwen and lies he felt lonely. Jake growls to keep his paws off his girl. Chad will only agree if Jake backs off in biz and lets him and him alone deal with Collins the client. He also wants him out of DiMera. Jake just laughs ... Shirtless Ben opens the door to room service. Tis Vince, who smiles strangely. He has the order for Sir and rolls it into the room. Then he jabs him in the arm with a needle. Ben the pawn nods when Vince asks if that is all, wishes him a good evening with his lady and leaves ... Gabi does not do compromise with her daughter and says so to Will. Sonny the peace lover suggests they sleep on it. Gabi is sorry she got miffed at the good guys but no one will ever be able to take her daughter away. She waltzes out ... Jake is smug he bested Chad in biz already and threatens to beat him up if he does not scram. Exit Chad. Jake now turns to Gwen ... Undershirt Rafe admires Hope’s clock that was a wedding gift from Julie. It never works well. Rafe notes they are divorced so she does not have to display it. She smiles she might miss it and the dryer finishes its cycle. Rafe gets his warm fresh shirt on and suggests a new washing machine. She smiles a fresh start and thanks him for the help. Anytime. He will see her tomorrow. She hands him his gun and his jacket as they stammer good night. When he is gone she raises an eyebrow ...

Jake orders Gwen to steer clear of Chad. She claims it will be difficult so he gets mad and jealous. She complains he keeps running around with Gabi, hence her need for attention. He growls she is just jealous of Gabi. She pouts she wants him to prove she is his top priority by canceling the biz trip to Kansas ... Gabi drinks and angrily complains to herself. Chad appears and wonders what is the problem. She accuses Sonny and Will of wanting to leave town and trying to take her daughter with them ... Will and Sonny sit on the sofa and Sonny tries to be positive. They both have time to figure out what to do and kiss in bliss ... Vince returns to Eve with news that Ben is scheduled to do the deed tomorrow. She gets emotional about her justice for Paige ... Ben looks like he is in a trance when Ciara emerges excited about the two cherries on the chocolate sundae. She pops her cherry and waits for his next move as he stares into space ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, August 20, 2020