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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Sarah gets Xander’s good news text and shares with Maggie at the hospital. Meanwhile handsome prodigal son Phillip greets his father who has not seen him for a long time. The Greek tycoon glowers ... Shawn sips his bistro ale as Belle enjoys her meal. They discuss Hope and Rafe ... At the pub Will takes a drink as Sonny arrives and sits at his table. Hubby bears big news ... Sami rushes to John’s side and tries unsuccessfully to revive him ... Maggie is happy to hear Xander was rehired as Titan CEO and reunited with Sarah ... Designer suit Phillip hopes it is alright he is here. The Greek tycoon gushes tis more than alright. Xander greets him. Phillip leers he last saw him when he was terrorizing the town with Orpheus. Xander claims he paid his debt. Victor wants a drink to toast to his son’s return. Phillip gets the drinks but Xander passes. Victor raise his glass. Father and son toast. Xander suspiciously suggests he share why he really returned. Phillip gives him a cold look ... Sami sobs she is sorry and calls John the rock of the clan. Here comes Marlena, who throws her bag aside and crouches down, gently calling John’s name. Alas there is no response ...

Sonny informs Will that brother Alex called from Arizona. Their idea for a biz venture to memorialize mama Adrienne was funded. Sonny would like to run the company ... Shawn grins Hope and Rafe are getting on too well but need to communicate. He and Belle talk history. She wonders whether they ever overcame his Sami indiscretion. Shawn reminds her they overcame her fling with Phillip ... Drums play as Phillip elegantly stands for another drink and dramatically declares this is his home. Xander notes he never came back to see Victa after his stroke. Phillip apologizes and wonders why his dad is giving the goon the time of day. Xander boasts he is now Titan CEO ... Sami gasps she and John were just talking about Allie when he clutched his bead and collapsed. Marlena tries to get him to breathe and tells her to call 911 ... Will is impressed. Sonny talks the revolutionary program that could detect, treat and maybe even predict breast cancer in memory of Adrienne the survivor. The facility will be built in Phoenix, the location of his brothers. If he wants to be in charge he must move to Arizona. Will worries he is leaving him ... Belle is sorry her affair with Phillip hurt hubby Shawn. He kisses her hand and grins they are golden. She regrets she ruined his and Phillip’s friendship. Shawn hopes he never sees him again ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Phillip learns Brady is CEO no longer. As of today Xander got the plum position. Phillip reminds his father he recently fired him. Xander talks extenuating circumstances. Phillip questions that. Victor asks for a word alone with his son so Xander heads to the office. The Greek tycoon wants to repair their relationship. Phillip, however, has an agenda ... Sarah gushes it was Victor who made her see the depth of her devotion to Xander. She misunderstood his moment with his masseuse and witnessed his heroic side at Ciara and Ben’s wedding. Maggie adds he has not always been a hero. Sarah mentions the mighty Victor. Maggie reasons they are both stubborn and willing to take risks others would not but love deeply indeed. Sarah cannot wait to celebrate with her man and asks mama Maggie for a favor ... Sami announces the ambulance is en route. Marlena gets her man to breath finally and promises he will be fine. Sami tries to hold it together ... Sonny gushes he wants Will, himself and Ari to go to Arizona together. Gabi can come visit and Ari can spend summers in Salem with her. Will wonders if it would work for their daughter. Sonny is mostly concerned about Will being comfortable. If he does not like the idea, he will pass. Will and Ari are his world. Will grins they have got a lot to consider. They already know Ari loves Arizona and her uncles. Sonny also believes Will would be able to find a writing job. Will sighs they must speak to Gabi. Sonny awaits his answer ... Maggie visits new CEO Xander in his office with balloons sent by Sarah. She supports his reunion with Sarah and the happy man hugs her. He will neva forget how she helped him. She reminds him he saved her life but warns him to do right by her daughter. He insists he is a new man. The redhead is about to head home and is astounded to hear that the Phillip has landed ...

Phillip felt betrayed when Victor sided with dreadful Deimos against him. Victor regrets that time and apologizes. How to make it up to him? Phillip boldly suggests he make HIM Titan CEO! Meantime Belle needs wine to tell Shawn about her day of restraining orders, the custody mess she is caught in. Shawn is sympathetic. She sighs Sami is not about compromise. Shawn suggests she try talking some sense into her sister. After a kiss for luck, she walks off in her stylish skirt to do just that ... Marlena makes Sami stay with the baby while she rides in the ambulance with John. Sami stammers he must make it ... Maggie wonders what wayward son Phillip said. Xander quips maybe he wants money. The redhead warns Victor thinks the world of his son ... Victor sighs Phillip said he wanted no part of Titan. He has changed his mind but Victor refuses to rescind his offer to Xander, who worked hard for his trust. Phillip plays the I am your son card and asks for the job. He refuses to accept even executive vice-president and threatens to leave if he does not get what he wants. He then grins tis great to be home and gives the Greek tycoon time to consider ... Belle comes back to Sami to talk compromise. Sami tells her about John ... As Sarah examines unconscious John, Marlena explains Sami said he was holding his head. They had been talking ...

Back at the pub, Will deduces they should just do it! Sonny is much moved he supports his dream. Will warns they must get Gabi to agree. Sonny wants to see her tonight ... Shawn comes face to face with Phillip. They stare each other down ... Sami gasps to Belle that John was not breathing until Marlena came. He has been taken to hospital. Belle wonders what caused it and is grateful Sami was here to save him. She takes off. Sami stammers to call, then says she is sorry, sits alone on the sofa and sobs ... Sarah suspects an aneurism. She will runs tests. Marlena sits by her man and vows to stay at his side ... Will steels himself with the rest of the drinks before he and Sonny go to Gabi ... Sami did not mean her wicked words and begs John’s picture to get better ... Belle joins Marlena while John is having tests. She is shocked it might be a brain aneurism. Mother and daughter embrace ... Maggie comes home to Victor and kisses him. She praises him for what he did for Xander. The Greek grumbles he has a new update ... CEO Xander leaves Sarah a message and muses everything is perfect. Meanwhile Shawn wants to know what Phillip is doing in Salem. Phillip raises his handsome head and boasts he is about to embrace his legacy, an arrogant glint in his eye ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, August 19, 2020