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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the grand Kiriakis mansion, Victor toasts to being back from the Greek Islands to his tranquil home. Bonnie comes in and he coughs on his drink ... At the pub Sami leaves awol Allie a sad little message. Enter Lucas, whose blue shirt reflects her blue mood. She cries and he consoles her with a hug ... Stylish Marlena leaves Ben a message apologizing for having to reschedule.Stylish animal print Kate enters the office, asking about Allie. Marlena quips Kate might hear from her when she needs cash. Kate promises no more money. They are both at a loss. Kate feels for their nameless great grandson ... Sarah updates Eric and Nicole on baby boy Horton being ready to take home. Eric and Nicole were not expecting this so soon. Sarah gets a flirty text from shirtless Xander, who asks wot she is a wearing. Alas a lab coat. He tempts her with a pic of his shirtless self. Nicole assures her they will get ready for the baby fast. Eric asks if she is alright. Sarah blushes when Xander tells her to get to his room and excuses herself. Eric wishes they had enough time to make their custody legally binding. Sami will snap. Nicole hopes he has not had a change of heart ... Sarah joins Romeo Xander in his room and talks schedule. He shows her the food spread and suggests they start with dessert. They hungrily kiss ... Lucas grins the baby gets out today. Sami gets her groove back. When Lucas muses he might give Eric and Nicole the carriage, she hisses Nicole is not getting her grandbaby ... Nicole calls Sami a bully. Eric states she is his sis and sighs she will lawyer up. Nicole believes the baby belongs to them at least for now. Belle steps up and disagrees ... Victor dabs his face with a monogrammed hankie. Brazen Bonnie breezes in and presents him with her book, having been let in by Henderson. Vic is not pleased with her presence and gives her the boot. She is here for Justin. He cackles she cannot get her hooks into him. She coos she is his client and Justin appears, agreeing, much to the Greek tycoon's irritation ... Belle confirms she is Sami’s legal eagle. She explains Sami feels Allie was being impulsive and asks the couple whether Allie even informed them of her decision. Nicole blows her off so Belle hands over a restraining order ...

Marlena and Kate disagree on Nicole being the best choice for Allie’s baby. Marlena calls her a good wife and good mom but Kate believes she was a bad wife with Lucas. Marlena insists Nicole and Eric would be ideal. However, Sami was dead set against it ... Lucas is pretty sure Sami put the pressure on Belle when he learns she is her lawyer. Sami boasts about the restraining order that will keep Nicole away from the baby, whom she will take home and then all the way to Italy. Like hell says livid Lucas ... Xander feeds Sarah a chocolate covered strawberry. She hopes for more time together next week. He boasts Victa will be back and senses he is about to make him CEO. She kisses him ... Victor blows up at Justin, who is all about justice for Bonnie and her book royalties. The Greek has heard enough ... Nicole suspects Sami is suing for custody. Eric is appalled Belle is actually doing her bidding. Belle is sympathetic and suggests Allie was impulsive. Eric is exasperated Sami did not even hear her whole letter. Belle feels her sister deserves a second lucky chance but Nicole calls Sami the same selfish beech she always was. She vows to fight with Eric ...Sami argues she has to get back fast for EJ. Lucas argues under her not so watchful eye Allie got preggers plus she has no time for her in Europe. He follows her out of the pub and blames her for pushing the girl so hard she left. When he adds she hates her Sami slaps him ... Victor has left the room. Justin suggests he was just jet lagged. Bonnie gets it. He has nothing new to report. She brought him a gift in a box. He tries to refuse but she insists. A cowboy hat cos he needs loosening up. She heard he can carry a tune too. He puts it on, thanks her and she adjusts it on his handsome head ... Lucas assures Sami he is alright in spite of her smack. He wants their grandson in Salem. Perhaps he could reside at the DiMera mansion with him and Kate ...

Marlena updates Kate on Belle being dragged in by Sami, who wanted a restraining order to stop Eric and Nicole from taking the baby home. Kate wants the baby with Sami or Lucas. Marlena would prefer Eric and Nicole ... Belle gives brother Eric a hug and goes. Nicole ponders her warning Allie might change her mind. Eric is determined to do best for the baby but knows not how to proceed so Nicole takes him to ... After the loving Sarah is getting dressed. Xander reposes on the bed in his robe and hands her her shoe. Then he gets a text from Victa who is back. He heard CEO Brady wanted to step down and assumes Victa will ask him. Sarah is proud of her man ... Eric and Nicole are surprised to find cowboy Justin with Bonnie the client. He concludes their meeting is done and she departs. Eric teases him about the hat. Nicole is amused. He promises after he helps with her publisher problem their association will end. Nicole now announces they need his help ... Marlena reasons the rights and wishes of Allie should come first. Kate talks abandonment. Marlena talks compassion. Kate praises Marlena the great mom and pal. Ditto. Kate deduces they are on the same side wanting the best for the baby from the best person. At least the adoption list is long. Hopefully the baby will not have to endure the custody hell Will did ... Sami gasps Lucas wants her to give the baby to the creepy DiMera mansion where Kate and crazy Gabi live, whereas she wants to take the baby to beautiful Italia! A frown creases his brow. So long as she stays in Salem he is fine with her having custody. He suggests she stay with Marlena and John until she can find something else here. That's his his final offer ...

Smitten Sarah cannot wait to continue celebrating with Xander after work. He hopes for good news. She assures him he will get what his heart desires and departs ... Nicole holds Eric’s hand in the Kiriakis living room, complaining to Justin about Sami’s unjust restraining order. He asks to see Allie’s letter. They would have a better case if they could reach her. He reasons Sami is a force to be reckoned with but agrees to rep them ... Marlena and Kate admire the baby through the window. Lucas arrives with Sami. Marlena wishes they would all get along and Sami agrees - with no Nicole in the picture. As next of kin after Allie, she announces she and Lucas agreed she can take the little lad to Marlena’s. Sami and Marlena later arrive at the townhouse with the baby. Marlena lectures her for the restraining order and insists she meet Eric and Nicole for a civilized conversation. Sami agrees. Marlena heads to the market for more formula and for some air. Alone, Sami sighs and assures the baby they all love him ... Kate airily assures Lucas he will see Allie again and goes on her way ... Bonnie turns from a shop window, bumps Lucas and acts so over him. He wonders who her next victim is ... Justin admires his cowboy hat and heads upstairs with the big box ... Xander greets Victor at the mansion and announces he and Sarah are trying again. The Greek tycoon is pleased. Xander suspects he summoned him about becoming Titan CEO as earlier offered. Victor cuts him off. Alas he has since changed his mind. Meanwhile Sami opens Marlena’s door to Eric and Nicole and makes a face. Oh oh!


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, August 17, 2020