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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Claire runs into angry Eve at the square and grabs her by the arm ... At DiMera mansion Jake and Gabi believe Gwen betrayed them both to Chad. Up in her room Gwen mocks Jake and fashionista Gabi’s bad biz dinner. Chad thanks her. They should keep her spying a secret to stay a step ahead in the game ... Jake defends Gwen when Gabi calls her a tramp. She is a one man woman him being the man ... Rafe and Hope look ready to kiss. Here comes smiling Ciara ... Ben finds vicious Vince in Marlena’s office and grabs him by the scruff of the neck. He demands to know where the good doc is. Vince leers they are alone. Time to finish what they started ... Claire warns Eve she will not allow her to harm Ciara, Ben or anybody! Eve pulls her arm back and gets sarcastic with the blonde fire starter ...Rafe stammers he was simply welcoming Hope back to the force. Hope alludes to the damage she did as Gina but Ciara will hear none of it ... Ben growls where did Marlena go! Vince hisses she had an emergency and demands he unhand his suit. Ben demands the details of what he did to him. Vince sneers he continued what Clyde started ... Jake downs his coffee and decides he can believe in Gwen’s devotion. Gabi can prove she was two faced ... Gwen agrees to keep working as Chad’s secret spy so long as he sweetens the deal - with him! She drops her robe ... Rafe believes Hope can crack the case of what happened to Ben. Ciara assumes they are all safe in Salem. Alas the cops know not where exactly Eve and demented Vincent are ... Vince makes Ben sit and obey. Ben remembers his programming, how he was told to end his pain by offing Ciara. He gasps he cannot remember everything. Vince leers he will remember less this time since he will program his will to do as ordered. The order was to off his wife ... Chad sighs at Gwen to please stay dressed. She just wants him to pretend to be passionate in her bed. Chad is not interested. Gwen now spies Gabi at the door and grabs him in a kiss ... Rafe reveals Eve could be in Salem as they speak! Ciara is stunned. Hope thinks she is crazy obsessed with getting revenge on Ben. Rafe asks how Ben is. He has an appointment with Marlena at the moment ... Ben remembers Eve handing him the tie to strangle Ciara, who was really just an image on a monitor on top of a dummy in a wedding dress. But then something happened. He heard her voice begging him not to take her life. Ben confronts Vince, who mocks Ciara’s name and taunts he knows he wants to fight him for her honor. Alas that is not the plan. Ben refuses to ever harm the girl he loves ...

Claire lectures Eve for blowing up the church. Eve counters Claire wanted to burn Ciara in the cabin. Ben offed her beloved Paige and she cares not if her revenge includes collateral damage. Claire gets creeped out. Eve reminds her she did not expose her and urges her to forget they met ... Gabi takes a picture and threatens to send it to Abigail. She taunts Gwen to tell Jake or she shall ... Claire cannot allow Eve to harm anyone. Eve recounts how she considered her a daughter. Claire gets upset about her enabling of her shattered mind. She also knows she framed her for blowing up the church! Eve insists her innocence ... Rafe asks about Ben’s memories. Ciara thinks there is nothing new but Marlena might help. She teases Rafe not to let her mom go now that they are back together and takes her leave. Rafe grins about the good advice and Hope touches her hair ... Vincent argues Ben is a natural born killer and he can reach that side. Ben would rather run from Ciara than harm her. Vincent coldly claims he calls the shots and is going to give his subconscious a dose to get him into the serial killer hall of fame. Ben trembles in terror ... Gabi believes she has the upper hand and smugly goes with her ammunition ... Rafe smiles Ciara liiiiiiked what she saw. Hope stammers they were just friendly. He suggests they are in a better place and she agrees about the comfort level. Rafe realizes she is uneasy and they get to work. Detective Hope is determined to track down Eve and her lowlife flunky that came after her family ... Ben is ominously ordered to give his arm. Vince tells him to strangle his wife next time he sees her but before he jabs him, Ciara comes knocking ...

Eve soap stares. Claire has been on the dark side and knows she needs help. Offing Ben will not help Paige, it will hurt her humanity. It escalates and Eve slaps her. Claire points out Paige would agree. She begs her to accept her help for Paige ... Ben opens the door after a long time and glances back over his shoulder. Ciara wonders what is wrong ... Gwen tells Chad to go before Jake comes storming in. She promises to back him up when he speaks with Abigail. He knows Abigail already knows he only wants her and goes to contact Shin. He decides they are done and doubts it when she warns Jake could still pose a problem. Downstairs Shin and Jake are having a drink. Shin now updates Gabi on the Collins deal ... Eve thinks Claire is crazy to believe she can trust Ben and Ciara, cos they would leave her locked up in a heartbeat. She pushes her and Claire falls with a sprained angle, unable to stop her ...

Hope has files to pour through. Rafe welcomes her back. He woefully stops her at the door and hands her another. Then she stops and suggests they discuss what almost went down. Rafe grins ... Ben numbly notes Marlena had an emergency. He was waiting but would rather be home alone with her. Ciara loves the sound of that and they leave together. Drums of doom play ... As Gwen perches on the bed she points out to confident Chad that Jake even hoodwinked the Philly mafia. Chad gets a call and is shocked to hear the Collins deal closed ... Shin informs Gabi that Collins was keen on Jake’s down to earth style. Jake just knew it! Shin is grateful Gabi brought him to the meeting and will be in touch. Triumphant Jake lets out a laugh and licks his fingers like he did at dinner. He expects Gabi to thank him ... Rafe is happy Hope is herself again and apologizes for being like a guy not a cop. Hope gushes about the guy. However, they should be friends and good cops for the moment. He agrees and he welcomes her back. Exit Hope. Rafe sighs ... Ciara and distracted Ben walk through the square hand in hand. Ciara tells him Rafe and Hope are trying to track down Eve and her minion. He mutters Vincent and notices her necklace. Claire comes running and hyperventilates Eve is here ... Back in her room Eve whispers to Paige’s picture Ben will pay and is disappointed when Vince returns revealing Ciara showed up so he could not drug Ben. However, the programming is a success. The soldier will do as ordered. Eve cannot wait ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, August 14, 2020