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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Jake wakes up in his grand bed. Gwen smiles in the morning sunlight and kisses him. He solemnly states he has much on his mind. She snaps it betta not be Gabi. Downstairs Gabi works the phone to make up for Jake’s behavior and boasts she is here to help unlike Chad. But when she turns around there stands Chad, who smirks ... Claire leaves Allie an anxious message and asks for a text cos she is concerned. Curious Marlena appears with her coffee ... Down at the station commissioner Rafe sighs to concerned Hope they have no idea where Eve is ... Eve is wearing a dark wig and sunglasses when she visits Vincent. He thinks she is taking a chance being in town but evil Eve wants to witness Ben’s murder of his bride! Meanwhile Ben dreams of kissing Ciara in their blue sheets and squeezing the life out of her slim throat ... Gabi gets sarcastic about Chad not being in Florida. He calls her out on rescheduling the biz meeting, which backfired. Gabi denies it. Upstairs angry Gwen warns Jake that Gabi is using him in the family company war. They should be having champagne poolside instead of being drawn in. He is distracted. She claims Chad is about to ruin Gabi’s plan. He wonders why she would think such a thing since he is in Florida ... Claire covers she was just checking on Ciara and Ben. Marlena assures her they are alright. Eve will not be able to get to them ... Ciara wakes up Ben with a start. He gasps oh God and holds his living loving wife. He had a night terror. About what? ... Chad accuses desperate designer Gabi of making a major mistake dragging Jake to a biz meeting. He and Shin are onto her! He adds he is doing damage control for HIS company and leaves Gabi fuming. Upstairs Gwen stammers to Jake she was just theorizing. He stands up to get dressed for breakfast. He has work to do and leaves her alone in bed ... Hope wishes Rafe would order the NYPD to get cracking. He reminds her tis not his jurisdiction. Hope implies Eve is insane enough to sneak back to Salem ... Eve wants Ben exposed as a natural born killer ... Ben will only say his bad dream was about being in bed with Ciara, who has questions. He replies he does not remember more. He feels safe with his beautiful wife but she wants him to book a session with Marlena right away. She feels his pain ...

Marlena wants a word with Claire, who assumes she is referring to Allie and then realizes she was not. She covers she accidentally broke a mug, hence her anxiety. Marlena explains this is about mama Belle. Claire gasps everything went well with her babysitting. Marlena senses something. Claire brings up Allie ... leaving town without the baby. Marlena knows Sami is upset. Claire adds she came by. Marlena adds here as well. Claire assumes the baby was left in the hospital so Marlena updates her on Allie choosing Nicole and Eric to watch him. She believes she will come back ... Hope begs Rafe for an APB on Eve. He agrees though he thinks it is not necessary. She fears for Ciara’s safety. Rafe stands up and takes her shoulders. He loves Ciara like she was his own daughter and would move heaven and earth for them both. She hugs and thanks him. She knows Ciara was right about Ben being a good man and wishes them happiness. She gushes about the good feeling of being a newlywed but then things fall apart. Rafe agrees with his silence ... Ben has a 9:30 morning appointment. Ciara believes Marlena will fix everything and asks about his dream. It was dark and there was death. She teases you wake up before you die in a dream and reminds him she is here. They kiss in bliss. He needs her now and they make love … Chad comes to Gwen’s room to catch up. She complains about Jake being duped by Gabi. Chad is grateful she called him with the intel cos Gabi was up to something as she suspected. He now owes her a favor ... Downstairs Gabi paces in her tight dress. Jake greets her, pours himself coffee from a silver pot and seeks another meeting with the client cos they connected over sports. He wants to get into Stefan’s suit but Gabi gets mad.

Marlena lets Claire know that Belle is on board with her staying in Salem. Claire is elated. She now hears Sami sought legal help from Belle and frowns. It is Allie’s baby. Marlena must now leave for her early appointment. Claire would love to see Ciara so Marlena will drop her off … Ben nuzzles the neck of his pink bathrobe bride. She reminds him Marlena awaits. He hopes she will be able to shed light on his dark dream ... Rafe wants Hope the first rate detective back on the force. She feels unworthy given her Gina days. Rafe reeeeeeally wants her back ... Disguised Eve turns away when she almost runs into Ciara and Ben at the square. Claire appears and announces she is so happy Ben is alright. He hugs her and emotionally thanks her for revealing it must have been Eve. The cops are gonna find her. Eve listens nearby. Ben also apologizes for not believing Claire. The angelic blonde gushes he and Ciara deserve to be happy. They are indeed. Obsessed Eve growls to herself. She will not let it last long … Back at DiMera mansion animal print material girl Gwen wants Gabi gone. Chad has plans. She pouts to speed it up since she is getting too close to Jake. Chad closes the door and deduces they are not so close given the meeting was a bust. She complains he wanted her less in bed. Chad wonders whether he is into Gabi ... Designer Gabi haughtily tells Jake he does not have what it takes. He urges her to make him the biz shark she needs him to be. She complains about Chad coming back and calling Shin. It does not add up ... Rafe argues Hope always reads his mind. She teases she can read his good heart. The compliments flow like sweet wine. The big guy is touched and anxiously awaits her answer ... Ben is en route to Dr. Marlena. Ciara confides to Claire he had a nightmare. Ben goes on his way. Ciara emotionally thanks angelic Claire, who wants to be close like they used to be. Ciara agrees for they are family and the girls hug ... Elsewhere on her phone wealthy Eve orders vicious Vincent to up the dose so Ben offs Ciara. He better not get help from Marlena either ...

Gwen admires the woman in the mirror. She refuses to let her crazy rival win. Chad suggests she stick to the plan and continue to report to him. Gabi does not suspect she is a spy ... Jake reveals revealing what happened with the bust of a meeting to Gwen, who later claimed Chad was putting an end to Gabi’s plan for power. It sounded like she was already aware he was back. He and Gabi realize she is Chad’s secret spy … Hope says yes and Rafe smiles. He embraces her and puts her badge back on her blouse. He breathily welcomes her back. Their eyes lock with longing ... Back at the square Claire bumps into Eve and recognizes her! Eerie music plays ... Ben enters Marlena’s office but Vincent the sinister snake is sitting in the swivel chair waiting for his subject ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, August 13, 2020