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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Sami reels when she hears Allie wrote she wants Nicole to raise her baby ... Phone Will sighs to Lucas that Sonny might never forgive him ... Marlena hugs late visitor Belle, who is appalled by what Eve did. Marlena marvels Claire helped crack the case. Belle wants to see her but she is not there ... Claire holds up a bat and threatens the intruder in the black cloak who has broken into Eric and Nicole's apartment. Allie turns around ... Stylish Nicole has found nothing more in Allie's room. Eric explains security is checking footage. Furious Sami marches up, snaps the guard saw Allie leave in a cab and accuses Nicole ... Kate and Abe enjoyed their working dinner. They both reach for the pub bill ... Bearded Will ends his call with Lucas as solemn Sonny has entered. He is sorry to hear that Arianna was upset about the cancelled adoption ... Marlena reveals reliable Claire is babysitting Holly at Eric's place ... Claire is stunned cat burglar Allie is not with her baby. She came for her passport and blames Sami for ruining Will and Sonny's high hopes ... Eric interrupts hurricane Sami, who brings up Nicole snatching Sydney. She hisses she will not have her grandson ... Kate snatches the bill faster and tells Abe tis her treat. He wonders what her angle is. She teases tis the best of her. When he mentions seeing her tomorrow at work she suggests he come back to her place. He coughs his coffee and Kate clarifies. The contract he needs to see is at her place ... Sonny elaborates. Ari was really upset about the puppy but he promised she would get one. Will deduces she did not mind. Sonny snaps he sure did ... Sami insults Nicole as a snake and storms off. Nicole and Eric are more worried about Allie and decide to read the rest of her letter together. There could be a clue ... Belle believes she and Shawn will better help Claire in Hong Kong. Marlena reveals she is not returning ... Allie calls Will selfish for keeping his silence about Sami. Claire is sympathetic. However, she should not leave her baby. Is Sami raising him? NO. Knock knock! The Sami has landed ...

Abe approves the contract as Kate gets their drinks at DiMera mansion. Lucas walks in and Kate wonders how Will liked his gift ... Sonny is not satisfied with Will's apology. Will does not want him to throw away their love ... Marlena reasons Salem is home to Claire. Belle wants her in Hong kong with herself and Shawn. Marlena patiently points out she wants to live the life of an adult and feels she will do fabulously here, continuing therapy. Claire is a strong young woman ... Claire tells Allie to hide. She ends up behind another door and Claire greets Sami ... Eric reads aloud Allie wants Nicole to raise her baby. Nicole asks what else it says. She praises Nicole as a marvelous mother and Eric is also amazing. The fact that they are wed is the icing on the cake. But she blames Sami for ruining everything ... Allie listens as Claire acts surprised. Sami blames Nicole for turning her daughter against her! She wants to search the apartment. Claire stops her ... Back at DiMera mansion, Lucas updates Kate and Abe is astounded. She suspects Sami made Will keep his silence. Abe suggests an apology would work. Lucas sighs Sonny was kept in the dark and now his and Will's marriage is on the line ... Sonny marvels how wonderful it was when Will was exonerated. Their marriage was a gift again. He accuses hubby of risking everything. Will argues he was trying to get them a child and swears no more secrets ever. Sonny starts to cave, then agrees to forgive for he has made mistakes. He loves Will truly madly deeply. Will feels the same way and they share a moving embrace ...

Belle blames herself for some of Claire's issues. Mama Marlena gives her a pep talk. Belle decides she and Shawn should stay a little longer in Salem to keep an eye on her. Marlena loves the sound of that ... Eric reads the reason Allie wants Nicole to raise her baby. Nicole respects others and listens. Nicole now continues and gushes about Allie praising Eric as a papa. He is a man of guidance not judgment. The couple's compassion and understanding make Allie convinced they would be the best parents. Nicole emotionally wonders whether this was meant to be. Eric has tears in his eyes ... Claire insists no one else has been here all afternoon and wants Holly to keep sleeping. Sami searches the living room and crafty Claire covers the passport with a magazine. Sami warns Nicole will not get her grubby hands on her grandson and stomps away. Allie remembers their last run-in, how the stress from Sami led to her labor. She emerges, mad that Sami is still trying to meddle. She is determined to let Nicole have her baby ... Will and Sonny are happily emotional. Will thanks hubby from the bottom of his heart. Sonny smiles and quotes Adrienne the great. Forgiveness is the highest form of love. Will talks surrogate. Sonny teases too soon. First ... Eric and Nicole read the rest of Allie's letter. She suspected Sami would protest but believed Eric and Nicole would embrace her baby in their lives as they did her. Nicole suspects Sami will snap ...

Claire questions whether leaving is the right move ... Abe assures anxious Lucas that Will and Sonny can overcome. Kate stands up, does not see Sami standing there and blames her for everything. Sami snaps to shut up ... Back at the elegant Kiriakis mansion Sonny smiles they need to adopt ... the dog for their daughter Allie. Will laughs and agrees. Time to check out some animal rescue sites ... Lucas tries to referee. Sami gasps Allie took off and left a note about wanting Nicole to raise her son. She warns Kate not to finance her and takes off before Lucas can stop her ... Belle and Marlena discuss the Allie drama. Belle sympathizes somewhat with Sami trying too hard to protect her child. Marlena suggests the sisters support one another ... Allie realized she was not responsible enough to raise her baby. Nicole can give as good as she gets regarding Sami and Nicole and Eric are the perfect parents. Claire hands her the passport she came for, in addition to all the cash she has. She will also give her food and candy to take on her travels. They hug goodbye ... Puppy hunting Will and Sonny enjoy looking at the dogs available online. They will allow Ari to choose her perfect pooch. Will thanks him again for his forgiveness and his big heart. They kiss in bliss ...

Kate notes Nicole is not the best mother material. Faithful friend Abe defends her. Lucas leaves his daughter a desperate message ... Belle opens the door to go and Sami storms in hyperventilating about Allie and Nicole... Allie listens to Lucas' voice mail imploring her to return home. They love her! Allie asks Claire to give her baby boy a kiss if she is ever his sitter and Claire agrees. She goes for good ... Nicole wants to step up for the baby. Eric fears Sami will try to stop her for she said so. Nicole knows this means war ... Sami rages about Allie being irrational. Belle wants to help find her. Sami begs her as a lawyer to keep Nicole away from her grandson. Marlena gets a bad feeling ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, August 12, 2020