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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Bonnie is in sunglasses and a scarf making her great escape from the Salem Inn. Justin wants a word. She agrees to talk but far away from here ... Late Abe joins Kate at the pub gushing he will be grandfather to twins. She is happy for him and he suggests they celebrate that and Allie's baby news. Kate adds and Viv's demise ... Alas at DiMera mansion Jack and Jen's romantic alone time gets interrupted by raging Gwen, who grabs and guzzles their vino ... Outside the bistro suited Jake boasts he nailed it with the client but Gabi calls it a disaster ... Ben and Ciara are aloooooone in their honeymoon room ... Jack updates appalled Jen on Gwen and Jake taking Lucas' room. Gwen claims she wanted to be closa to the kitchen and assures curious Jen that Chad approved. Jen wonders what that rough night she mentioned was. Gabi stole her boyfriend ... Gabi blasts Jake for his common table manners. He boasts the client liked his jokes. She complains said client turned down dessert and took off. He is certainly no DiMera and she fumes he failed ... Ben insists to concerned Ciara he wants their wedding night. She goes to change into something special. Ben flashes back to the torture. He starts to sweat ... Kate cuts her salad into small pieces and informs dining Abe she is sure. Viv was very dead this time. Abe chuckles. She recalls with rage how she stole Phillip's embryo from her and tried to kill her. After the place crash she was stuck on a fishing vessel for a year ... Bonnie stands with Justin at the park and doubts he has anything nice to say. He announces he wants to help her and she gives him a kiss on the cheek ... Jake shouts at the square. Gabi was the one who dragged him here and he did her a favor! She sarcastically thanks him for ruining her chances. If she does not get control of DiMera he is to blame ... Ben loves seeing his new wife in her black teddy. She opens the closet and wonders where her wedding dress went. Ben flashes back to seeing her in it during his altered state ...

Justin is angry about Adrienne though he is a champion of justice. The contract the publisher gave Bonnie was an injustice he intends to correct ... Jack pleasantly points out he and Jen are not keen on Gabi either. As they stare with dread, Gwen gives them the story on Gabi snatching Jake from her bed before they could make their tape. Jack quips he hates when that happens. Gwen keeps going and complains Gabi wanted Jake's help. Jen asks with what exactly. Gwen knows not ... Gabi will not be dismissed by Chad and tells Jake she needs to be on top to get anything done. Besides Stefano would want her in power. Jake questions that, angrily tugs at his tie and complains about the suit. Gabi screams he is no classy Stefan. Jake counters but he is alive unlike dead as a door nail murderous Stefan ... Ciara calls the front desk, who will contact housekeeping to look into the case of the missing wedding dress. Julie might have taken it for cleaning. She gets back to kissing Ben and the clothes start to come off. He gets groggy and remembers his pain. Then he pushes her away, shouts NO and hyperventilates ... Abe senses Kate secretly misses her formidable foe. Kate is cool as a cucumber and grins she is glad she is dead ... Tipsy Gwen heard Gabi tell Jake she looked like a cheap ho and wants to know what Jack and Jen think. They act on her side. Jack diplomatically suggests she head upstairs to rest instead of letting it get to her. She is grateful, gives back the wine bottle with her lipstick on it and goes ... Gabi lists what she loved about Stefan and gets emotional about missing the love of her life. Jake starts to feel badly but she wants no pity, swears she is a strong woman and storms off ... Ben is sorry. Ciara can see he is still traumatized and teases they will have lots of time to celebrate their love. She gets an idea ...

Back at the pub, Abe asks Kate about the latest polls. His approval rating has increased. She boasts tis because of her. Abe agrees she has done great things. She states her case for a raise. He offers 5 percent. She talks ten. He teases not to push her luck ... Bonnie is overwhelmed. Justin just needs her go ahead. She confesses she has no cash. Good guy Justin will do it regardless for it is the right thing to do. She thanks him and wonders where they begin. First he makes a call to the cheating bastards ... Gabi comes in and interrupts Jack and Jen's kiss. She hisses she is having a bad day and gets a drink. Here comes Gwen for mo wine. She demands to know where Jake is. Gabi knows not and cares less. She sweeps out ... Ben and Ciara enjoy their Chinese food on the bed. He kisses her and is sorry their wedding night was not romantic. She gushes he is back and that makes this the perfect romantic night. They kiss in bliss ... Justin is on the phone threatening to call a press conference to expose the publisher's poor treatment of their authors. Until court! He hangs up. Bonnie cheers ... Back at DiMera mansion Gwen wonders what happened. Jack politely departs with Jen as Jake arrives and she blasts him. He apologizes and admits Gabi asked his help with biz but it was a bust. She pouts. He invites her up to bed so they can make up. She will be there shortly and sends him ahead. Then she gets her phone out and goes into spy mode ...

Gabi pours out her heart to Stefan's framed photo. For a while Jake reminded her of him but then he fell into his common ways. Tis not easy being near someone who seems like him but is not. Jake now comes to her door with the designer suit ... Ben feels like himself again. Ciara holds his hand and sweetly suggests he talk to Marlena. Time for fortune cookies dessert. Ben reads his eerie message about his pleasure becoming pain and pain becoming pleasure. He flashes back to being tortured in front of flashing photos of Ciara in her wedding dress ... Over coffee stylish Kate thanks Abe for the raise. She is pleased about the professional relationship. Abe smiles and suggests they celebrate her raise, Lani's twins and the new great grandson. Kate hopes he is buying. Amused affluent Abe agrees. She purrs perfect and sips her pub coffee … Bonnie likens Justin to Mickey the good man. He calls that high praise ... As Stefano's portrait watches, Gwen calls Chad about Gabi using Jake for a business deal .... Gabi is fatigued and fed up with fighting. Jake just wants to apologize for being insensitive about Stefan. She appreciates it. Exit Jake. The weeping widow breaks down ... Ben fibs the fortune cookie says things do not always go as planned and Ciara giggles. Hers is about the triumph of true love. She kisses him and he kisses her back. Sweet music plays but danger is just around the corner ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, August 11, 2020